Fat Burning Workouts: At-Home Cardio #3

Fat burning workouts at-home cardio day 3

Fat Burning Workouts #3

Fat burning workouts require you to move quickly from exercise to exercise. This pyramid workout is amazing if you’re looking to tone your legs and butt. At-Home Cardio Workouts are a great way to stay in shape. Challenge yourself by seeing how fast you can go, with proper form. If you would like to start with day 1 of the fat burning routines, here is the Fat Burning Workouts At-Home Cardio Day 1 routine.

Fat burning workouts at-home cardio day 3

Fat Burning Workouts #3 Routine

This workout program requires that you do 5 rounds. You will do a pyramid set of reps, like so:

  • 5 reps
  • 10 reps
  • 15 reps
  • 10 reps
  • 5 reps

Use weights if you need more resistance than your body weight allows. This workout has a lot of lunge variations, and throws in some pushups to boot. Here’s the Fat Burning workouts at-home cardio #3 routine. Zuzana’s time was 18:18. Try to beat that time, using proper form. Also, you can increase the reps for a harder workout.

fat burning workout at home cardio #3

Fat Burning At-Home Cardio Workout #3 Descriptions

One Leg Lunge

You can use weights for the Lunges if you feel that your body weight is not enough resistance. Leg Lunges are a great way to work your legs. You want to use a bench or other stable object for the leg you’re not working. Try to get your legs to a 90 degree angle. Come straight down, instead of arching over your front ankle.

Push ups / Superman Push ups

Start by doing a standard push up. Do them on your knees if you need to. Then, you will do a superman push up. The superman push up is considered the hardest push up in the world to do. The video below demonstrates the standard superman push up.

However, in this workout you will do a variation that works your core instead. Simply, place your arms out in front of you. Then, raise your torso off the ground as high as you can. This exercise will work your core, in addition to the pushups that work your upper body.

Skater Lunges

For the Skater Lunges, remember to keep your back flat. Have a slight bend in your front knee. Then, you want to jump laterally back and forth. An advanced variation, it to try and jump as high and as far as possible. Land on your opposite leg, and jump back toward starting position.

Split Squat Jumps

Split Squat Jumps are a great way to work the quads, glutes, and hamstrings. With a wide base, sink your weight back into your hips. Jump into the air, and switch your legs. Bring your trailing leg up front, and your lead leg backwards. As you land, make sure to balance your weight properly. Push your hips back downward into the ground, and repeat.

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