The Expendables 3 Workout: Get In Hollywood Shape


The Expendables 3 actors all publicized their go-to workout routines. They go back to these routines each time they need to get in shape for another movie. This includes the:

  • Sylvester Stallone Arms workout
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger Shoulder Workout
  • Randy Couture Total-body Workout
  • Jason Statham Shoulder Workout
  • Terry Crews Arms Workout


These actors all shared the go-to workouts that they used for The Expendables 3, with Muscle & Fitness Magazine:

Sylvester Stallone The Expendables 3 Arms Workout

For the Sylvester Stallone / “Barney Ross” arms workout: AMAP = As Many As Possible

Triceps Rope Pressdown38-10
Overhead Triceps Extension38-10
Close-grip Pushup2AMAP*
Straight-Bar Curl38-10
Cable Curl26-8


Arnold Schwarzenegger The Expendables 3 Shoulder Workout

For the Arnold Schwarzenegger / “Trench” shoulder workout, do the “Lying Lateral Raises” by lying on your side on an incline bench.

Clean and Press120-30
Arnold Press56
Bent-over Lat Raises58-10
Lying Lateral Raises512 each
Cable Lateral Raises512
Alternating DB Front Raises312


Randy Couture The Expendables 3 Total-Body Workout

For the Randy Couture / “Toll Road” Total-body workout: AMAP = As Many As Possible

Weighted Pull Ups310/8/6
Medicine Ball Slam35
Kettlebell Deadlift38/6/4
Mountain Climbers310 secs
Kettlebell Press310/8/6
Medicine Ball Chest Press35
Bent-over Lateral Raises210/8
Alternating Kettlebell Swings210/8
Band Triceps Pressdown2AMAP*


Jason Statham The Expendables 3 Total-Body Workout

For the Jason Statham / “Lee Christmas” shoulders workout start with a warm-up. Do as many sets as you can in 5 minutes of: 3 pullups, 5 pushups, and 7 squats. Then, continue on to the routine, below:

ExerciseSets Reps
Deadlift15 (heavy)
Incline DB Press410
Military Press410
Skull Crusher410
Diamond Pushup410
Lateral Raise410
Triceps Extension410
Ab Wheel Roll-Out510


Terry Crews The Expendables 3 Arms Workout

For the Terry Crews / “Hale Caesar” arms workout, Terry Crews does 21’s on the EZ-bar curl. This means you do 7 bottom-half reps, 7 top-half reps, then 7 full-motion reps. Biceps are a small muscle. Small muscles require less weight, and higher volume, to get worked to the max. So, by doing a higher volume of reps, Terry Crews–and you–can get a better pump.

EZ-bar Curls4217/7/7
Incline DB Press410Superset A
Incline Dumbbell Curls410Superset A
Concentration Curls310(Each arm)


To expand on the previous Expendables movies, Sly added more Hollywood stars to the Expendables cast.

Harrison Ford Joins The Expendables Cast

Harrison Ford joins the Expendables cast for The Expendables 3. Here is a photo of a tweet from Arnold Schwarzenegger, saying he enjoyed working with [director] Patrick Hugh and Harrison Ford.


Mel Gibson Joins The Cast For The Expendables 3

Mel Gibson Joins The Cast For Expendables 3, and looks buff doing so. He plays the villain, so he had to gear up to fight Stallone & Company. Here’s a pic of Mel Gibson while training for The Expendables 3:


Kellan Lutz Joins The Expendables 3 As Young Expendables Leader

Kellan Lutz Joins The Expendables 3 As Leader of the “Young Expendables.” Kellan Lutz says:

I play the leader of the Young Expendables. Sly comes and recruits me. And, I join our team. The older guys are just broken and old, so he comes to the younger, more tactical guys to handle the next mission.


It was a dream come true. They were my heroes growing up. You have Arnold, Sly, Wesley Snipes, Banderas, Ford, Mel Gibson, Jason Statham, Dolph Lundgren. We’re all in one helicopter, yelling for Sly to come at us. I was just like, ‘When will I ever have this opportunity again?’

The Expendables 3 Videos

The Expendables 3 Official Trailer:

The Expendables 3 “Roll-Call” trailer:

Terry Crews does his take on the Expendables 3 Workout Routine:

Ronda Rousey also joined the cast for The Expendables 3. She trained for the movie, while also training for her next UFC fight. Here she is talking about filming The Expendables 3:

Jason Statham almost died while filming The Expendables 3:

Stallone & Arnold Expendables Workout according to the Buff Dudes:

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