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Eva Longoria Workout & Diet: Size Zero Without Much Cardio

Eva Longoria Diet

The Eva Longoria diet is about working out hard so she can eat the things she likes. She also has a guilty pleasure: Chips Ahoy, which she has eaten since she was a child. Eva also admits her love for french fries. But, for the most part the Eva Longoria diet is about eating healthy, with lots of fibrous fruits and vegetables.


Eva Longoria went vegan, because she loves the philosophy behind it. But, she stuck to just salads, and said she almost passed out the first week. Eva Longoria says about her vegan diet:

I didn’t know how to be vegan. I didn’t know about soy or almond butter. I didn’t know that there are great breads. So, I literally stuck to salads.

Eva Longoria once gave up sugar for two months. Eva dishes:

I work hard. I work out almost every day with my personal trainer. I eat really well. I did a diet for two months of no sugar, and I got really fit. I [want] to be conscious about what I’m putting into my body.

Eva is so passionate about food, she even owns a restaurant and has written a famous cookbook. Eva Longoria opened her first restaurant, Beso ( Spanish for kiss) in 2008. She also wrote a fabulous cookbook, Eva’s Kitchen: Cooking With Love For Family and Friends (Get on Amazon).

From interviews and sources, the Eva Longoria diet includes these foods:

  • eggs
  • avocado
  • chicken
  • steamed vegetables
  • fresh fruit
  • plain yogurt
  • leafy greens
  • beans and seeds

Eva Longoria’s trainer also provided this sample diet:


Eva Longoria Diet: Breakfast

The Eva Longoria diet includes eggs for breakfast. Sometimes, she will opt for cereal, or berries, instead.

Eva Longoria Diet: Lunch

The Eva Longoria diet includes grilled chicken breasts, spinach, and avocado. Her salads are made with olive oil and a vinaigrette. Eva also likes to grill asparagus.

Eva Longoria Diet: Dinner

For dinner, Eva Longoria eats chicken with brown rice. Her trainer says he always wants her to eat a good balance of protein and carbohydrates. Eva also says she can cook a mean “Mexican Tortilla Soup.” When she cooks flank steak, Eva rubs it in guacamole and chiles.

eva longoria workout bikini

Eva Longoria Diet: Snacks

For a snack, the Eva Longoria diet uses bananas, nuts, and cottage cheese. Her trainer says not to eat 2 hours before a workout. He wants your body focused on the workout, not digesting too much food. Eva also likes to snack on apples or celery, with almond butter.

When Eva Longoria is on set, she has her food delivered. No, not from some fast food joint. She uses meal services that provide her with healthy food. She says:

I love to cook, but when I’m on set I have food delivery sent there. Before I could afford a food delivery system, I would make my breakfast and lunch. I’d pack some snacks, and put almonds in my purse. I was always prepared because I was always hungry.

Eva Longoria Videos

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Eva Longoria Height, Weight, & Dating

Eva Longoria is 5’2 (157 cm), and she weighs 106 pounds (48 kg). Eva Longoria married Tyler Christopher in 2002, but they divorced in 2004. Eva lost weight for her 2nd wedding with Tony Parker in 2007. They divorced in 2011 because he was cheating. She is now rumored to be dating football player Mark Sanchez (2012) and LA mayor Antonio Villarigosa (2013).


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  1. Wow I find this information very helpful and motivating. Does not only focus on beauty tips, but also on healthy lifestyle. Thanks Eva, you are the best.

  2. Hi Chris,I’d like to know if I can do skipping in place of cardio for this workout and I’d also like to know which size weight should I use for this workout

    Thanks a 1000000000 for ur effort chris ;)

    • Sure, my only concern is if that will get your heart rate up enough. You want to get to at least 120. If you think you can get there, then by all means, do any cardio that you love. Use a weight where you’re fatigued by the last rep (you feel a slight burn/you feel like you can’t do any more, etc.) Thanks!

  3. Hey chris….iv got a HUGE problem,iv got a big bone structure,like my knee caps n shoulders my weight is abt 65kg n I’m 5’55 in height,iv seen the different workouts n I I’ve got a liking to this 1 n the kim kardashian workout,but plz help me in choosing a w0rkout even if its not these two,PLEASE

  4. You’ve picked 2 great workouts. Start with the Eva Longoria workout, as I think it’s a bit easier. Then, graduate to the Kim Kardashian workout when you’re ready. Don’t worry too much about being big boned. A person with a large frame should weigh 10% more than a person with a medium frame. And, a person with a medium frame should weigh 10% more than a person with a small frame. You can find more discussion on being big boned here.

    • She’s great. I have read parts of her book and seen parts of her workouts. There’s a lot of her stuff on youtube, if you want to to check her out there. Her workout videos are pretty cheap, too. I plan on doing more about the stars that work with her in the future. So, plan for that. I just don’t know if it would be valuable to say, “Hey, this star works with Tracy Anderson, so go buy her DVD.” But, that would be my advice to you–to try one of her videos for sure. Let me know if you like it!

  5. I’m reading ders a lot of people complaining that its too much strain for the abs…..or should I just start with eva longorias workout

    • Start with Eva’s. But, also try Tracy’s when you feel your fitness level has increased. Also, if there are abs workouts that feel tough, just take it easy. Maybe skip them altogether at first. Slowly ease your way into any fitness routine. Focus on form and breathing.

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