Dr Oz Fat Burning Tips

Dr Oz fat burning tips range from the right foods to eat, certain spices, and even fat burning supplements. Fat burning supplements are an important aspect of weight loss that most fail to utilize. The Dr Oz Show is full of tips to help you on your path toward a leaner body.

Dr Oz Fat Burning Tips

Dr Oz: 3 Steps to Fat Burning

Dr Oz shared his 3 steps to fat burning. He says these three ways work together. Dr Oz says his 3 steps to fat burning work on.

Here’s the Dr Oz 3 Steps to Fat Burning:

  • Blocking your fat stores.
  • Burning the fat you eat after every meal.
  • Burning the fat you already have on your body.

Meratrim: Fat Burning Supplement

In the journal Obesity, Dr Oz found a powerful combination of fruit & flowers called Meratrim. This powerful, fat burning combination was easily able to help people lose weight. It does so by blocking your fat stores from being able to store as much fat.

Meratrim deprograms your fat cells. It tells them not to not store as much fat around your body. Dr Oz has advice on how to use this powerful fat burning supplement. He also tells you when to take it:

  • 30 minutes before breakfast
  • 30 minutes before dinner
  • 30 minutes of walking per day
  • No more than 2,000 calories per day

Meratrim Fat Burning Supplement Promoted by Dr. Oz For Weight Loss

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The results–even for those who admitted, to not exercising, were–on average:

  • Lost 3 pounds of fat.
  • Lost 3 inches around their waist.
  • Reduced hip size in as little as 8 weeks.
  • Blocked some cells from being able to store fat.

Stop The Blood Sugar Spikes

The second step in consuming fat burning foods is to stop the blood sugar spikes. To do so, Dr Oz had his participants take a spoonful of pomegranate vinegar. He says that pomegranate vinegar has been clinically proven to stop sugar spikes and to burn fat.

Double Your Protein

The third step in the Dr Oz Fat Burning Plan is to “Double your protein at every meal.” Dr Oz showed that people who eat more protein than others have a hotter metabolic furnace. Dr Oz explains how protein increases your metabolism by saying:

Protein, when you eat it, naturally wastes a lot of calories. Eating more protein helps you rapidly get rid of the fat you have on board.

Fat Burning Tips For Your Belly

The Dr Oz Show Fat Burning Episode featured his audience showing off their “belfies,” or “selfies of your belly.” He then revealed his fat burning tips for your belly. Calling it the “Rapid Belly Melt,” Dr. Oz shared his latest fat burning tips. To start the “Rapid Belly Melt,” Dr Oz preached about a supplement called Forskolin, which comes from the mint family.

Fat Burning Tips For Your Belly By Dr. Oz What He Says

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Dr Oz, who calls this product “Lightning in a bottle” talks about why Forskolin promotes fat burning, especially around your belly area in a unique way, because:

While most things try to burn fat from the outside, Forskolin burns fat from the inside.

Dr Oz said that in a 12 week-study, Forskolin was shown to be effective in fat burning, muscle mass, and bone mass. The proper way to take Forskolin for fat burning, according to Dr Oz, is in the morning.

dr oz fat loss tips he suggests healthy weight loss

The Dr Oz prescription of Forskolin for fat loss:

  • 125 mg of Forskolin, in the morning before you eat.
  • Make sure the potency of the formula is 10% Forskolin or greater

Visceral fat, the kind that lurks behind the outside of your body. It is the “toxic” fat. Visceral fat is bad because it chokes your belly, intestines, and other organs. Forskolin aims to target this type of fat.

By burning your fat stores from the inside, you’re on your way to losing weight!

Control Your Blood Sugar

Dr Oz says fat burning comes from being able to control your blood sugar. Dr Oz says you can control your blood sugar with 5 spices. In order to fight hidden fat, we need to fight the sugar and flour latently stored in our body fat.

Dr Oz on how to Control Your Blood Sugar to Lose Weight

Dr Oz says:

These are 5 spices for all of our known history that healers have used for centuries to heal people. Now, doctors like me are finally catching up with what these healers have known for a long time.

The Dr Oz Top 5 Fat Burning Spices:

  • Cinnamon
  • Cloves
  • Oregano
  • Cayenne
  • Turmeric

His directions for consuming these fat burning spices are to make them a part of your meals. Dr Oz says:

Take a 1/2 teaspoon [Each] of these spices every day.  Make it a part of your meal every single day.

Become A Fat Burning Machine

Dr Oz says you can become a fat burning machine. All you need is a tea full of antioxidants. Dr Oz says you can melt away fat with green tea. The antioxidants in green tea are shown to burn fat and prevent disease.

become a  fat burning machine Dr Oz

Dr Oz recommends green tea lemonade, or what he calls a “Green Tea Arnold Palmer.” Why not just green tea? Dr Oz says:

With green tea alone, your body degrades the antioxidants. Add lemon: that will allow you to pull out 6 times for antioxidants.

This concoction will help you become a fat burning machine, while providing an ample amount of the antioxidants that you need.

To make Green Tea Lemonade, Here’s the Recipe:

  • Steep the green tea for at least 20 minutes.
  • Make 2 cups of green tea.
  • Add 1/2 a lemon (at least).
  • Pour the tea hot or cold. (Drink it whatever way you prefer)

green tea lemonade healthy recipe

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