Dirty 30’s Workout

Dirty 30’s are a cardio workout usually comprising of 3 exercises. Done in quick succession, the workout may seem easy at first. But, the more sets you do, the harder it gets. The key is to challenge yourself by attempting to do a high number of reps, in a given amount of time.

Dirty 30s Workout Photo

Dirty 30’s are one of the fat-burning cardio routines used at Gym Jones. This is where superhero workouts come from. This includes the:

Dirty 30’s:

For the Dirty 30’s workout, do the following 3 exercises. Figure out how many reps you can do in 50 secs. Then, you have 1 minute to complete each set of those reps. Use remaining time to rest. Go for at least 3 sets.

(Do these exercises, or any similar, challenging set of exercises)

  • If you don’t have access to a sled, do wind sprints e.g., on a treadmill, instead.
  • If you can’t do Chin-Ups on your own, most gyms have a machine that will assist you.
  • If you’ve never done Turkish Get-Ups, make sure to focus on your form. Once you have the form down, then go ahead and start using a challenging amount of weight.

Dirty 30’s Instructions

1 minute for each station. Find a challenging amount of reps you can do in 50 secs. If you go fast in the following sets, you get rewarded with rest. The only rest you get is if you finish in under 1 minute. If you start to dog it, you lose that rest time. It’s psychological. Like a lot of the exercises you’d expect from a gym called Gym Jones.

Get everything done in 1 min or less. If you move fast, you get to rest. But, it gets harder as you go longer. You may find there This makes it harder to find rest time between sets.