Dance Workout for Dummies

Here’s the “Dance Workout for Dummies.” This dance workout will take you through some basic moves. The goal is to learn some fun, easy dance moves, while fat burning and having fun. At times, Michelle LeMay will show you ways to boost your calorie burn with advanced moves.


The Dance Workout for Dummies is a class for beginners, but everyone can take something away from it. You’ll learn moves starting from the Box Step, all the way to the Mamba. Moving your hips, while adding some arms movement, is central to this dance workout. Making it sexy is always encouraged.

Dance Workout for Dummies Video

The Dance Workout for Dummies starts by showing you how to move your feet, then adds style. It’s full of tips, things to remember, common mistakes, and jargon you need to remember.


Just because they use the moniker, “For Dummies,” doesn’t mean you can’t take your dance moves to the next level. The idea is to start by assuming you know nothing, and taking the dance moves a step at at time.

The Dance Workout for Dummies offers advanced tips for when you’re ready to take it to the next level. For example, when doing the Box Step, you can increase fat burning by adding a jog to your step.


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