Jennifer Lopez Dance Again Workout Video

JLo Workout Video
Here are some Jennifer Lopez Dance Again Workout Videos. There’s a few different choreographs, including a Zumba workout. Use the Dance Again videos as part of your daily cardio routine!


JLo does up to 6 hours of exercise a day. This may seem like a lot, but most of it is by dancing. Get the latest Jennifer Lopez workout here, JLo Workout: How She Gets In 6 Hours A Day.

Dance Again Workout Videos

Here’s the first Jennifer Lopez Dance Again Workout Video. The first dance workout was put together by Hi – Lo Aerobic Choreography.

This dance workout is more advanced, but fun! Here’s the Jennifer Lopez Dance Again Workout Video by Francesca Maria Dance:

Dance Again workout performed by Club FITz. This Jennifer Lopez and Pitbulll song was choreographed into a workout by Lauren Fitz.

Dance Again Lyrics

JLo’s Dance Again Lyrics:

I wanna dance, and love, and dance…again
I wanna dance, and love, and dance…again

Here’s the real Jennifer Lopez Dance Again ft. Pitbull video:

Dance Again Warmup

If you’re looking for a warmup, here you go. Here’s Dance Again used as a warmup. Use it before your next workout:

Inspire yourself to workout, and have fun, by rocking out to JLo’s most popular workouts and songs:

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