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The Colin Kaepernick workout strengthens the quarterback’s body during the off-season. Colin Kaepernick motivates himself to work harder than the competition. He’s always trying to beat his latest max. Kaepernick works out six days a week, for four to five hours a day.
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The San Francisco 49er’s quarterback spends his off-season working out at Proactive Sports Performance in Los Angeles. Other notable athletes that work out there include NFL’s CJ Spiller, Larry Fitzgerald, Clay Matthews, NBA’s Tony Parker and MLB’s Nick Swisher.

Proactive Sports Performance specializes in getting athletes ready for the NFL Combine. See more about Proactive Sports Performance NFL Combine training. Colin Kaepernick’s workout trainer spoke with Train Magazine regarding Colin, saying:

He’s a specimen, but he just doesn’t float on those genetic gifts, so he really pushes himself. When you combine that with [his] talent, you see some things that are really special.


The 5 goals of the Colin Kaepernick workout, according to his trainer are:

  1. Top Goal: Improving Colin Kaepernick as an NFL Quarterback.
  2. Prepare Kaepernick to be better than the rest of the competition.
  3. Maximizing athletic potential with a mix of field work and bands/weights.
  4. Strengthen his body to prevent injury during the grueling NFL season.
  5. Continue to add strength and muscle without sacrificing agility or speed.

Colin Kaepernick Workout Routine

Here’s the Colin Kaepernick Workout Routine, per’s Train Magazine:

DayAM WorkoutPM Workout
MondayField WorkLower Body
TuesdayUpper BodyYoga/Pilates
WednesdayField WorkLower Body
ThursdayUpper BodyMMA/Boxing
FridayHill RunningLower Body
SaturdayUpper BodyRest
Train Magazine

For the Friday workout, they do a “Road Trip Friday” routine. This includes running hills, sand dunes, or other outdoor activities. When asked about a specific workout, Kaepernick’s trainer says that it varies every time to challenge Kaepernick.

This mix up of the workout routine mimics the change in routine. On Fridays during 8 games of the NFL regular season, Kaepernick travels to away games. This Friday workout helps to change up the routine.

The field work they do together is especially important. Colin Kaepernick is trying to get better at avoiding the rusher and taking off quicker when he needs to escape the pocket. His trainer says:

He knows he has linear speed, so we’re working on how he adapts and reacts to someone coming at him. He’s taken a lot of pride in working on those things.


The Colin Kaepernick workout routine is formulated by his trainer, Ryan Capretta. Capretta, the owner/trainer at Proactive Sports Performance, keeps Kaepernick on his toes. His job is to make sure he leaves no stone unturned in preparing Colin Kaepernick for the NFL season. Kaepernick has an intense workout routine. His trainer says:

 He’s there twice a day, six days a week, and Colin will spend anywhere from 4 to 5 hours training. He’s always doing extra. Getting there early, staying late, and he’s very coachable.

Colin Kaepernick Top Exercises


Coin Kaepernick top exercises, according to Train Magazine and his trainer, Ryan Capretta:

  1. Lower Body – Dumbbell Single-leg Deadlifts
  2. Pulling Movements – Rotational Pulldown
  3. Field Work – Bungee-resisted Drills

About the Dumbbell Single-leg Deadlifts, Colin Kaepernick’s trainer, Ryan Capretta, says:

With [the deadlifts], he takes a lot of pride in the form of it, keeping his hips level, overloading with heavy weight and working on balance and stability oat the same time.

Colin Kaepernick does a lot of pushing/pulling on upper and lower body days. This helps to work both sides of the muscles. Often, they incorporate many planes of motion to help work the core. Regarding the Rotational Pulldown, Ryan Capretta says:

I like those types of exercises for him because he is strengthening his back while stabilizing different planes of motion.

For field work, Kaepernick and Capretta do a lot of exercises that focus on improving Colin’s athleticism. They go-to exercise is to use Bungee-resisted drills. Capretta says:

We’re working on athleticism and not just specific movement patterns with this, so he will do a lateral movement right into a burst.

Source: Train Magazine

When Colin is working out, he focuses on doing both pushing and pulling. For example, if he does 6 bench presses at heavy weight, he isn’t going to stop there. His trainer finds a complementary pulling exercise, like dumbbell rows.

The upper body workouts consist of working chest, back and arms. The lower body day works on the core, quads, hamstrings and calves. Both sessions focus on a lot of lateral and rotational movements specific to the quarterback’s needs (like throwing the ball and escaping pocket pressure).

Colin Kaepernick Workout Motivation

Colin Kaepernick’s workout motivation stems from him wanting to be the best. His trainer says that:

[Colin] understands what he has to do to get better and is competitive with other guys and himself. If you tell him his previous numbers, he’s super eager to beat that. Every single workout he pushes himself to the max to get better.


Colin Kaepernick’s Supplements

Colin Kaepernick’s supplements include products from the MusclePharm family. This is because Colin Kaepernick is sponsored by MusclePharm. This family of products includes:

  1. MusclePharm Protein Powder (for building muscles)
  2. MusclePharm Amino 1 (for hydration/recovery)
  3. MusclePharm Assault (pre-workout supplement)

Regarding Colin Kaepernick’s supplements, his trainer says:

He has a clean diet and I know he has his supplements dialed in. He takes that very seriously. With the intensity he trains [at], he knows recovery is very important and he’s very consistent with that.

Talking about the Colin Kaepernick diet, his trainer says:

He doesn’t have an off-day or a day where he doesn’t follow his nutrition. He buys into the whole system and really has a comprehensive approach.


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