Christina Aguilera Diet & Weight Loss

2013 Christina Aguilera Weight Loss

Although Christina Aguilera’s weight has fluctuated over the years, she has always been able to diet to achieve weight loss. In 2013, Christina Aguilera used a tailored workout and diet to achieve her weight loss goals.

Her weight loss stirred controversy that she had gotten liposuction. Christina and her friends slammed those rumors, with one source saying:

Christina did not get lipo. She’s worked hard to change her eating habits, and you can see the results.

A star coach on The Voice, Christina initially had trouble losing weight. Christina Aguilera says that her weight loss struggles were mainly the result of too much stress.


Being stressed out all the time, from everything she had going on in her life, wasn’t helping her health. She realized it was important to take time off for her to focus on her mind, body and soul.

Taking the stress out of her life really helped. Talking about what life with free time is like, to Extra TV, Christina says:

I have these paintball guns, and we’re just blowing off steam. It’s so much fun!

Christina Aguilera dropped many of her celebrity engagements. She also started up daily yoga. This gave her a sense of calm, as she was taught to be mindful about every choice she made.

By taking a break from The Voice, she was able to de-stress, and become more disciplined. Aguilera was more mindful, focused and had a weight loss plan in place. A friend of “Xtina’s” spoke about her weight loss journey to Life & Style saying:

She’s Been very disciplined about it. She was too busy when she was on the voice. now she has the time.

2013: Weight Loss Meal Service

In 2013, Christina Aguilera stepped up her weight loss by using a meal service company. Christina became aware of making better dietary choices, as an important step toward her weight loss goals.


Having only healthy food in her house was another important step in making the right choices. To always make the right choices, Christina Aguilera relied on the meal service to deliver healthy food right to her door.

The Christina Aguilera diet incorporated a company called Fresh Diet. You can check out a sample of Fresh Diet’s meal plan here. Each meal consisted of a low-carb diet, including dinners like chicken and veggies. Christina’s trainer says she ordered the 1,600 calorie-per-day option.

Performing daily yoga, being mindful of her daily activity, and sticking to the meal service, Christina Aguilera lost 40 pounds!

Christina Aguilera Weight Loss Supplements

Christina Aguilera used a couple weight loss supplements to help her lose weight. She took Garcina Cambogia in the morning to increase her energy and burn fat. She says this is what really gave her more energy, though not all scientists may agree.

At night, she would take a probiotic to help her body get rid of toxins and increase her weight loss. Probiotics help you lose weight by growing healthy bacteria to replace the bad kind. Bad bacteria promotes bloating. Good bacteria burns fat while you sleep.

By the time she was ready to return to The Voice, Christina Aguilera had lost 40 pounds!

2013: Return To The Voice

On her return to The Voice in 2013, Christina gushed about yoga being what she needed to find herself some relief. She did yoga every day to de-stress, focus on her breathing, and burn fat. Christina even brought her yoga trainer onto her show.


The stars of Christina’s team got to experience the same yoga routine that she used to get back in shape. Due to her new figure, Christina was the talk of the town when she returned as a coach on the hit NBC show, The Voice.

Taking things day by day, while being confident in her journey, was a new, and important, approach for Christina. For so long, she had felt stressed, and not in control. Once she regained her inner focus, she found it much less likely to cheat on her diet.

2014: Second Baby

With her second baby, Christina Aguilera was more prepared for the challenges that come with motherhood. Aguilera knew she would need a healthy diet to get her figure back in shape.

So, when she became pregnant a 2nd time, Christina Aguilera hired “an army of nutritionists” and a daily yoga instructor to make sure her diet and weight loss was in check.


Christina ate and worked out smarter when her second child came around. She gave birth to her daughter, Summer Rain in August 2014. Christina Aguilera was working out as soon as she knew she was pregnant–only yoga, though, was allowed.

A friend of Christina’s recently spoke to E! News, saying:

Christina made health a priority during her second pregnancy. She is very dedicated to yoga. So much so that she never stops practicing it. She did yoga the entire time she was pregnant.

Most yoga moves can be done while pregnant, so Christina enjoyed doing yoga throughout her pregnancy. Yoga is now Christina Aguilera’s go-to exercise routine.

As she gets older, Christina’s diet and exercise goals get bigger. She tole Life & Style she wants to pose for Playboy next year!


Christina wanted to lose the 40 pounds she gained during her pregnancy in the 2 months that followed. OK Magazine reports that she’s using an 1,800 calorie per day diet. Christina’s diet is still high-protein, low-carb, consisting mostly of chicken and veggies. A source told E! News:

Her target is to have her pre-pregnancy body back by her Dec. 18 Birthday. Running after max is also helping her burn some extra calories. There’s never a quiet moment. max is very Active.

Speaking to US Weekly and Life & Style, Christina Aguilera confirmed she has already reached her goal of losing 40 pounds. It only took her 8 weeks to there.

Most of the weight loss came from working out, and sticking to her 1,800 calorie diet. Breastfeeding also helps her burn up to 500 calories per day. In an interview with Access Hollywood, Christina talked about losing weight by breastfeeding, saying:

I think they say that when you’re breastfeeding, your weight kind of slims down. It’s a little easier. It’s like a workout within itself. It’s very tiring and you find yourself snacking more often.



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