Chris Evans Workout: How Captain America Gets Fit

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Chris Evans Workout | Wednesday

Chris Evans’ workout routine for Wednesday includes:

  • Plyometric Circuit Training
  • Heavy Legs Training

Plyometric Cardio Circuit

8 reps each / 3 sets: Rest one minute once you complete a circuit. Then, do another set. Rest one minute. Finish the last set.

Video Demonstrations


On the stiff-legged deadlifts, go light on the weight. Use dumbbells or “small” barbells, if your gym has access to them. Simon Waterson explains the Captain America plyometric routine:

I also use a lot of plyometrics into strength exercises, like squat thrusts into pull-ups. I use something like a metabolic deadlift—a deadlift into a squat thrust, into a press-up, back into a deadlift. Then you can adapt that. I always put a blend of exercises together and use two back-to-back, like a deadlift into a plyometric, or pull-up into a plyometric.

Heavy Legs Workout

Chris Evans would do the plyometric cardio circuit, followed by a heavy legs workout:

Chris Evans Wednesday Workout

Back Squats410-12
Barbell Deadlifts410-12
Seated Leg Presses410-12
Single Leg Calf Raise410-12 each leg(superset with previous exercise)
Hamstring Curls410-12
Walking Lunge with Twist410-12
Close Stance Lunges410-12
Weighted Step-ups410-12

For plyometric circuit training, Evans does one set of each exercise until he’s done one set of everything. Circuit training helps get the blood flowing throughout your entire body. In turn, this helps to burn fat.

For heavy weight training, Chris Evans does all sets listed for each exercise, before moving onto the next exercise. For weight training, you focus on doing all the sets of an exercise together. This allows your blood to assist the muscles used in the movement.

Video Demonstrations:

Chris Evans hates legs day. Even Captain America has a weakness. His trainer says that most of his clients (especially men) hate legs day because:

If you are doing it properly it is the most painful session there is. Legs never hurt just for a day afterwards–it always lasts into the week. But your legs and glutes are the biggest and strongest muscles in your body so you must train them hard to get bigger and leaner everywhere else. So many men ignore legs because they want big arms, but pushing your lower body to the limit will transform your upper body faster than anything else thanks to a big growth-hormone response.

So, it’s important to remember that even if you hate legs day, you aren’t alone. But, it’s totally important to fight through the pain. Your reward is an natural, and increased growth-hormone response.

Chris Evans Workout | Thursday

Chris Evans’ workout routine for Thursday includes:

  • Uphill or Speed Cardio
  • Plyometric Circuit Training
  • Abs Workout

To start, you have your choice of:

  1. 45 minutes of uphill treadmill (very steep incline with 4.0 speed), or
  2. 10-15 minutes of speed intervals (where you sprint as fast as you can for 1 minute, followed by recovery for another minute), then:

Plyometric Cardio Circuit

8 reps each / 3 sets: Rest one minute once you complete a circuit

Video Demonstrations:


Simon Waterson explains the Wood Choppers:

Within that routine, I would have maybe a high and low pulley woodchop when a cable’s at the top or bottom and you’re pulling down or bringing up a cable and twisting, so it’s mimicking what you would have to do if you were throwing an object. I wasn’t getting a five-kilo plate and getting him to throw it down the gym. That would have ended in tears. Not cool.

Video Demonstrations:

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    • Hey! This is for Captain America 2: Winter Solider. Though, he used the same trainer (Simon Waterson) for both. Before that, Chris Evans worked out with Steve Zim. Some of those exercises are included later in the workout.

    • Chris Evans and his trainer never mentioned exactly what weights they used. Since this is circuit training, you want to concentrate more on intensity and form. Start with lighter weights to make sure you have the form down. Once you’ve mastered form, try to get faster (more intense) each week. If it seems too easy, you know you can always increase the weights to make it more challenging.

  1. Hi! Great article….can I use this workout when I am bulking or not? I am 181 and I want to be 195 in a like 3-4 months, is this workout good? Because I always though bulking is low reps heavy weight…just want to make sure…


    • Bulking can be done at this rep range just fine. (Low reps 0-6 is best for strength; 6-10 for bulking; 8-12+ for definition) You still want to use heavy weight. If you’re doing all the reps without a struggle, you definitely want to jump up in weight. Just remember the key to bulking is having the best nutrition.

      The book I’m currently reading, Nutrient Timing: The Future of Sports Nutrition takes this a step further with the crucial point that: When you consume protein is the key. Making sure you eat protein at the time your body needs it the most will help you the most. The crucial period is during and right after a strength workout. They recommend a drink with 20-26g of highly digestible carbs (glucose, sucrose, maltodextrin) and 5-6g of whey protein before a workout. During the anabolic phase (0-45 mins) post-workout, consume another shake with 40-50g of high glycemic carbs and 13-15g of protein. Have a 3rd shake up to 4 hours after a workout (this time consisting of just whey–or a bit of a casein–without much sugar).

      When you start consuming protein in the right amounts and at the time, the results will come. Aim for 40-48% carbs, 20-26% protein and 33% fat. Check out The Rock Workout & Diet for a bigger picture on what kinds of food to eat.

  2. Hey Chris.

    You’re doing a great work with all these workout articles. This one is awesome especially.

    Keep up the good work.


  3. great article man!

    I have a question…i am always reading things online…just like the guy says above (momo), I am also bulking…i really loved your reply. But i am reading so many different Captain America workouts online, is this like the blueprint version? Since you referenced his trainer and this close to what he did or just an example?

    Also, can I do the workout like everyday, five days a week? I sleep alot, and I feel like if i do do back and arms monday, the legs tuesday, the chest and arms again wednesday, the legs again thursday, and then arms and chest friday, I will get great results. But I can stick to this plan too.

    Finally, how do I deal with my weaker left side? Its very weaaak!

    Thanks, eric

    • Yes, this workout is the real deal. It is based on what his trainer said in an interview with GQ Magazine. Waterson also trained Pierce Brosnan, and other James Bond actors. Be wary of people who create “Here’s what to do to look like Captain America Workouts.”

      Go ahead, tailor the workout plan to your routine/schedule. It’s all about finding what works for you..and then the diet stuff becomes the all-important step from there. #FeedThoseMuscles Also, like Captain America trainer Waterson says, they used Saturday to “work on whatever they felt still needed to be done.” So, use that day how you see fit. No one knows your muscles better than you!

      When one side of the body is weaker than the other, use DB’s instead of barbells. Although some of your perceived weakness may by psychosomatic, using dumbbells will force your weaker side to improve quickly.

  4. hi chris sorry you help me a question apparently says that this routine that followed chris evans helped him gain muscle mass but my question is how did it with both cardio followed? I researched and cardio burns muscle and other arguments about evans to achieve have the body of america captain I avoid cardio there are other similar routines that say the same about the cardio the I leave aside to increase their muscle mass please I want give me your answer much, help me thanks

    • Hi,

      It can be confusing with all the information out there. The key is to decide on your goals, and prioritize that aspect. Want to get bigger? Lift first, and finish with cardio. Want to lose weight? Do cardio first and finish with a circuit workout. Of course, most people want to do both: get bigger while losing weight. So, you have to ask yourself if you just want to get big, or if you want a slimmer physique, as well.

      That's where things get tricky. Read the quotes from Chris Evan's trainer in the article, and you'll see what they did to tackle both aspects. Chris Evans skipped cardio at first, because muscle-building was his primary goal. Then, he realized that he was too big, and didn't look like the superhero he wanted to be. Evans' trainer talks about adding sprints, because there were scenes where he would have to run a lot during the movie. That's when his trainer decided to add the HIIT cardio, and to burn fat by utilizing cardio/metabolic circuits.

      Remember the key is to use nutrition to help you get where you want to be. Read the above post on how important nutrient timing is to your workout. If you're consuming protein/carbs before and after your workout, you don't have to worry about avoiding cardio. Getting protein and carbs, at the right time, is much more important when it comes to getting bigger. Adding HIIT cardio to your routine can be a major benefit, because of the Afterburn effect. When you use a HIIT workout, the Afterburn effect causes your body to burn calories for up to 24 after working out. That's why you'll see a lot of celebrity trainers using HIIT cardio to get their clients in shape for their movie roles.

  5. So do I need to put a rest day between Sunday and Monday if I work some of the same body parts on those days, or is the arm work not too rough on Monday?

    • Chris Evans usually rests on Saturday. On Sunday, his trainer would "fatigue" any part of his body that still needed it. If you do some work on Sunday, it's fine to go ahead with Monday's workout.

      Just make sure that they're different exercises, rather than repeating a workout twice. It's about balance. You don't want to do the same workout twice. On Sunday, decide which body part needs more work. If it's back/arms, then you'd want to do a different workout the next day.

  6. Hi Chris,
    Great Workout! But I had a few questions. I am usually really busy during the daytime (University) so I intend to do most of my working out in the early hours of the morning (4am – 6am) and some extra cardio at night/afternoon (5pm or 7pm). What would I need to change in the diet to accommodate for this? And would I need to change much of the workout for this?

    • Hi,

      No need to change the workout. But, you will have to focus on your diet. The key to muscle building is having protein in your system while you're lifting, and more after the workout. The key book (most recommended by trainers) in this field is "Nutrient Timing" if you're interested in learning more.

      Make sure that you eat before lifting (something like whey protein and simple carbs). Or, you can research taking BCAA's (The Wolverine's trainer had Hugh Jackman take these). After working out, get a protein shake in within 30 minutes of working out. The goal is to get bigger, so you don't want to waste your efforts by lacking proper nutrition. Good Luck!

  7. I've just finished doing the Joe Maganiello workout for 2 months and decided to try something new. My question for this workout is for the weightlifting portion is it done in a circuit or do you complete all 4 sets before moving to the next exercise? Thank you for your help!!! All of this info is greatly appreciated!!!

    • For plyometric circuit training, do one set of each exercise, then move onto the next exercise. The circuit training helps get the blood flowing throughout your entire body. In turn, this helps to burn fat. Of course, fat-burning plyometrics are best done with protein in your system, or you might end up burning muscle, too.

      For heavy weight training, do all 4 sets of that exercise. For bigger muscles, you always want to do it that way. You want your blood to stay in the region you're training. Chris Evans rests for at least a minute between exercises, before moving onto the next set.

      You can apply what you've learned about Joe Manganiello's workout, namely the circuit training, to this workout, if you want. It's all about making things your own. The key is in your goals. Do you want to get bigger? Then, stick to the way Chris Evans does it. If you want to get cut like Manganiello, you can turn the entire workout into circuit training.

  8. One question, do you know if chris evans took his whey protein with only water? and why he did not eat a lot of carbs if he wanted to gain mass?

    • My guess is that he took a normal protein drink (one of the popular brands). This type would not be just whey protein and water, but rather would include simple sugars. Don't worry about consuming simple sugars right after your workout. Your body isn't likely to turn these sugars to fat. Instead, studies show that whey protein with simple sugars is the best & fastest way to help muscles recover from a workout.

      Chris Evans ate a lot of carbs, but did not eat starchy carbs after 2 PM. This is to signal to his body the kind of physique he is looking for. He replenishes his glucose supply in the morning, to keep his metabolism going. In the evening, he's more focused on protein, so that his body doesn't turn excess carbs to fat.

      • uhm, very nice, i want to gain mass, not define. but i think, with this routine i can´t gain much of mass , because he make a lot of cardio a hiit training… Thanks men.

        • Sounds good…You can do this workout with less HIIT if your goal is to gain mass. For this, I suggest The Rock Workout: How Dwayne Johnson Gets His Pump. If you're looking for the best mass-gaining workout routine, that's the way to go.

          Gaining mass comes from the intensity of your workout, but more importantly your diet. I know we all hear this a lot. If you read The Rock workout, you'll see how his meals plans fuel his muscle growth. He eats a ton, even going up to 2g. of protein/per pound of lean bodyweight. (1.8g of protein per lb. is good enough for us)

  9. Hi,

    Is there an update in Chris evans’ workout in avengers 2 age of ultron?
    Also, should i do dropsets, like i am bulking and i dont know how i should be lifting like increase weight after each set or lower weight and drop?
    I am skinny but i look athletic with almost toned muscles and that is annoying because i am not gaining masss!

    • The key to getting bigger is eating protein/carbs before & after each workout. You can have the best workout in the world, but it’s not going to get you there. The secret is in realizing lifting weights only allows your body (to reach a state where it has the possibility) to transform itself. To actually get bigger, your muscles need protein/carbs readily available. Only with that signal, will your body go into muscle-building mode. Most of the protein shake brands out there have the correct ratio. So, make sure you’re getting that crucial nutrition for bigger muscles.

      Research shows that 3-4 sets at 8-12 reps is optimal for size gains. So, for dropsets vs. increases, stick with mostly increases in weight. Add in dropsets occasionally when you want to add in some muscle confusion. Thanks for asking for a Chris Evans workout update. I’ll look for the Chris Evans Avengers 2 Age of Ultron workout, and see if there’s one for you!

    • Yes, we get the workouts straight from the trainer. It’s highly likely they switched stuff up from workout to workout. So should all of us. All these exercises were listed by Chris Evans trainer for Captain America.

  10. Hey Chris, thanks so much for posting your workouts, are there any updates on Chris Evans workout? Im hoping for the most current/accurate of Chris Evans workout

  11. Hey Chris, thanks so much for posting your workouts, are there any updates on Chris Evans workout? Im hoping for the most current/accurate of Chris Evans workout

  12. Hi everyone,
    I found the official interview from Chris trainer regarding the captain America Workout and I found something different, the circuit training is different it looks like he did more exercices than what you wrote, Rep range is more between 3 sets to 6 to 8 reps with many different angles. The first day is focused only on back traps and arms and no shoulders. A lot of Deadlift….
    And for the last day chest shoulders arms, you need to add exercices like median and Lateral rotations.

    If necessary I can send you the link coming from his official website

  13. Hello Chris. Quick question for the 2nd day on the abs workout the exercise 1 Ab Crunches and
    2 Upper Body Crunches seem to be the same thing. Can you explain the difference?

  14. Hey just found your site and it’s great! Very informative
    I do have a question about this captain america routine. Any idea what kind of weight they used for the push press on Tuesday and Thursday? Just curious if the shoulders get enough rest to grow with lifting on Monday and Fridays and then hitting them again Tues/Thursday to a lesser extent but still working them none the less.


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