Child Pose: Yoga Exercise For Hips, Thighs and Ankles

child pose yoga

Child Pose

Child Pose, or balasana (bala-child) (sana-pose), is a yoga exercise that stretches the hips, thighs and ankles. Besides stretching your back, this pose also calms your nerves and relieves stress. This has a similar feel to being in fetal position, hence the name.

In child pose, though, you are supporting yourself on your legs. This exercise often done as part of Bikram, or hot, yoga. This is a resting pose, so it should be very easy to do. You should also feel relaxation throughout the spinal column.

child pose yoga

To do the Child Pose Exercise:

  1. Kneel down on the floor or mat.
  2. With your head facing toward the ground, touch your toes.
  3. While sitting on your heels, make sure your knees are as wide as your hips.
  4. Lay your torso against your thighs, with hands alongside your body as well.
  5. Pull your shoulders toward the floor, in a resting position for 30 seconds.

Child Pose Detailed

Beginners forget to breathe throughout the exercise. With child pose, you want to focus on breathing as you rest in the child position. This is very similar to fetal position, only you are on your legs instead of your back.

Advanced variations of the Child Pose include stretching your arms forward. This will lift your butt slightly, and causing more of a focus on your core. Go forward as far as you can, stretching your back, then return to standard child  pose.

Popular Tree Pose Yoga Workout

  • The Kendra Wilkinson workout uses the Child pose twice per week during her hot yoga workouts. She uses a traditional, boot camp style workout on the other days.

Child Pose Yoga Workout Video

Here is a video explanation of the Child Pose:

Here’s another video where the trainer shows you how to go from the Cat Cow pose into the Child Pose. This is done to help relieve back tension.

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