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Chest and Triceps Workout: Some Lats Too

chest and triceps workout

Chest and Triceps Workout

The Chest and Triceps Workout is the bread and butter of most workout routines. This is especially so in workouts for men, who are focused on a big chest and ripped triceps. Here’s a quick chest and triceps workout, with some lats, too.

It’s narrated by the comical Hodge Twins. They are all about muscle building and lean muscle gains:

  • 3 sets bench-press 6-20 reps (to failure each set)
  • 3 sets pec dec flys 6-18 reps
  • 3 supersets of pushups
  • 3 sets triceps pushdowns 6-14 reps
  • 3 sets chin ups to failure

You may want to build up your way to the bench press failure sets. The first few weeks of doing this Chest and Triceps workout, try going for a set amount of repetitions. Then after that, designate a week or two where you go to failure. If you have a spotter, you can even do drop sets and negatives.

This switches it up to where you are maximizing your fast-twitch muscle fibers potential.Fast-twitch muscles are the ones you use for bodybuilding, while slow-twitch are more for endurance training. Maximizing your fast-twitch fibers will increase your muscle size and strength.

chest and triceps workout

It’s uncommon to do lats the same day as chest. But, if you are stressed for time, or didn’t work your back hard enough, go ahead and do it. Usually, you want to devote a single day to chest and triceps workouts, and another for back and biceps. This is the way that most bodybuilders separate their workouts. But, as the Hodge Twins always say, do whatever you wanna do, just make sure that it works for you.

Chest and Triceps workouts are great for building strength and muscle. Make sure you use proper technique and posture. With bench press, make sure to have a spotter. You should hold the bar with your arms about shoulder length apart. A narrower grip will work your triceps more, while a wider grip will work your shoulders more. Thus, on a chest and triceps day, you may want to use a narrower grip.

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