Charlie Hunnam Workout: Sons of Anarchy

The Charlie Hunnam Workout is what he uses to get in shape and develop abs for his television show, Sons of Anarchy. On the TV show Sons of Anarchy, Charlie Hunnam plays the character Jackson “Jax” Teller, leader of the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club. Charlie Hunnam does 4 main exercises, plus some abs work, for each of his workouts.


To play the part, the Charlie Hunnam workout is about becoming a lean, mean motorcycle riding machine. The workout is not necessarily about getting bigger, but mostly about getting cut. Hunnam relies on a good diet and lots of abs work to help ensure his body is chiseled and ready for a shirtless scene. On Sons of Anarchy, such a scene can come at a moment’s notice.


Charlie Hunnam Workout Routine

The Charlie Hunnam Workout Routine is more basic than most workouts. That doesn’t make it easy. Hunnam says his workout really gets his endorphins going. Provided in the December issue of Men’s Health, here is Charlie Hunnam’s workout routine:


Push Ups625150
Abs20 minCycleDifferent Exercises

You want to make sure that you’re going at a fast pace to work up a sweat. He says he does this workout 3-4 times per week. Charlie Hunnam explains his workout routine in this way:

I go into the gym and do 75 pull-ups, 75 dips, 150 squats, 150 push ups, and then 20 minutes of ab work. Done. It takes an hour. I’m in and out. I sweat the whole time.


Hunnam says that abs play a crucial part of any workout routine. For him, he has about 20 different abs exercises that he cycles through. Hunnam explains his abs workouts:

I’ll do crunches, side crunches, leg lifts. I’ve probably got 20 different ab exercises that I cycle through regularly. I work my abs three or four times per week.


Charlie Hunnam says that working out for the roles is not just about improving his physical appearance. Rather, he says that it is a mental thing that really drives him. Without working out, Hunnam admits he often finds himself in a ‘darker place.’

I work out more for the mental than the physical aspect. I can get slightly dark when I’m not keeping a routine. It’s all about feeling healthy and energetic.

Charlie Hunnam On Body Image

On body image, Charlie Hunnam isn’t afraid to take his shirt off. The 34-year-old British actor has been living in the States for 16 years, making his way into the industry after waiting for his proper due. Charlie Hunnam’s height is 186cm, or 5′ 10″, and his weight is 82kg, or 181 pounds.


With The Sons of Anarchy, Charlie Hunnam surely made a name for himself. The 7th season premiere of Charlie Hunnam’s show drew the 2nd-highest ratings on cable TV, with only the Walking Dead ever achieving higher.

Still, Hunnam admits that there is a pretty lofty standard for body image on TV. Charlie Hunnam says:

Brad Pitt [messed] it up for everyone because in Fight Club he looked so incredible. He raised the bar to this very lofty place of what is now expected of a guy who is going to take their shirt off in the film. It was this amazing opportunity for me, so I just said screw you if you’re tired.

Charlie Hunnam On Fifty Shades of Grey

Charlie Hunnam is famous for leaving the Fifty Shades of Grey role. After signing on to Universal, he backed out five weeks later. He says that the transition from a tough motorcycle outlaw to Christian Grey would have been too much:

Hunnam talks to Men’s Health about the role:

I was going to finish playing a psychopath who’d just lost his wife and five days later I’d be on the set playing Christian Grey. I was like, this is going to be a $&#%ing disaster.


Charlie Hunnam says he needs time to prepare mentally for each role. Besides reading the lines, his workout helps him achieve perspective. He likes to do one thing at a time. Hunnam says:

It was the opposite of how I’ve tied to ground my career, not stretch myself too thin, and always do my homework.

Charlie Hunnam Workout Rules

Charlie Hunnam says he has a few workout rules he lives by. He doesn’t use a trainer, so he has come up with his own workout routine and workout rules to live by.


  1. Chase Your Endorphins– Always make sure your workout is fun, and that you’re going at a quick pace. If you have a workout you hate, your not apt the enjoy it. At some point, you’re likely to stop going unless you enjoy what you do.
  2. Respect Your Core– Hunnam always finishes his workouts with 20 minutes of core exercise. Your core is important in keeping the rest of your body in proper alignment. Most of your body movement is actually powered by your core, so respect it. Plus, the ladies love it, when you can show off your abs, too!
  3. Eating Right– Charlie Hunnam says that his most important workout rule is to eat right. For him, this means sticking to nature and avoiding packaged goods.


About his most important workout rule, eating right, Charlie Hunnam says:

Good-quality travel and good-quality food are the two luxuries that I never any guilt indulging in. I just try to avoid anything $#$%ed up by man too much.

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