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Deadpool Workout Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds Deadpool Workout Routine and Diet

The Deadpool Workout shapes Ryan Reynolds into the superhero he plays in the Deadpool movie. The Deadpool workout focuses on 1-2 body parts a day. To get in superhero shape, Ryan Reynolds uses just about every piece of equipment in the gym. Reynolds uses split training to get bigger for his role as Deadpool.

Deadpool Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds @vancityreynolds Instagrams himself alongside his trainer for the movie, Deadpool. Ryan Reynolds works out with Don Saladino (@donsaldino). Reynolds jokes about his own body image, and mentions his trainer, who:

Enjoys standing next to these two incredibly life-like Deadpool statues.

Ryan Reynolds with his Deadpool trainer Don Saladino
Ryan Reynolds With His Trainer For Deadpool, Don Saladino.

Deadpool Workout Routine

The Deadpool workout routine focuses on one, big body part per day. There is often a secondary muscle group worked, as well. The weekly split is Chest on Monday, Legs on Tuesday, Cardio on Wednesday, Shoulders on Thursday and Back on Friday. Abs are done twice per week.

Chest & Biceps Workout

After a foam rolling warm up, Ryan Reynolds would do a Chest & Biceps workout. Biceps are always a part of Chest day. Sometimes Reynolds and his trainer would work biceps in again, later in the week.

(Monday Workout): Click Links For Exercise Descriptions.

Ryan Reynolds Trainer showing how to do Bench Press
Ryan Reynolds Trainer showing you how to do Bench Press.

Reynolds says they would sometimes add a superset to the chest workout. Instead of doing just Incline Chest Flys, they would put 2 exercises together. Reynolds would do Incline Chest Flys + Cable Flys (4 x 10-12 reps each) with no rest, until 1 set of each was done.

Legs & Abs Workout

After a Lateral Jumps and High-Knees warm up, Ryan Reynolds does a Legs & Abs workout. Reynolds would also add cardio at the end of each workout, on days where he had time.

(Tuesday Workout): Click Links For Exercise Descriptions.

Ryan Reynolds Deadpool Workout Squats(See the Rest of the Ryan Reynolds Deadpool Workout on the Next Page)

How Carrie Underwood Stays Fit

Carrie Underwood being interviewed

Carrie Underwood stays fit any way she can. She shares some of these ways in her latest Instagram posts. In one of the most amazing ones, she picks up her son and uses him as a weight for squats! The country singer also showed off simple workout moves, using only a towel. To stay fit, it’s fair to say Carrie Underwood gets in a workout any way she can.

Carrie Underwood Stays Fit

After giving birth to baby Isaiah, Carrie Underwood stays fit with the following philosophy:

Sometimes you have to work your baby into your workout, but that’s OK because the world is your playground.

Carrie Underwood Running With Baby Isaiah

Carrie Underwood Stays Fit With Bodyweight Workouts

Carrie Underwood stays fit with bodyweight workouts. Sometimes, this simply requires a towel and a hard floor. Other times, she just needs her baby child, or a mechanical bull, if one presents itself.

Carrie Underwood Bodyweight Workout

Valerie Waters created a tool called the Val Slide for “bigger butt” and “slim hips” style workouts. Carrie Underwood demonstrates the towel workout made famous by celebrity trainer Valerie Waters.

About doing squats, with her 10 month-old son, the country singer says:

Sometimes we just have to make it work!

When things are more organized, the country singer works out with a trainer. Carrie Underwood’s personal trainer, Erin Oprea, says diet and exercise are the crucial parts to losing weight. Whether it’s post-pregnancy baby weight, or you just have some pounds to lose, she says:

I’ll show you how to get in shape. Exercise is first. But, Nutrition is key. Put the two together and you’re going to be ready for high heels!

Before jumping on a mechanical Bull, she screams:

Yee Haw!

Carrie Underwood Diet

To stay fit, Carrie Underwood’s diet is mostly vegan. That doesn’t mean she doesn’t prepare her family tasty treats. Here’s her recipe for Overnight Oats (via Instagram):

Overnight Oats recipe

  • 1/2C oatmeal
  • 1/2C unsweetened vanilla almond milk
  • 2tbs almond slices
  • 1/2tbs chia seeds, pumpkin pie spice, and blueberries

Mix together and leave in the fridge overnight! Drizzle with a little maple syrup or agave in the morning.

Carrie Underwood being interviewedCarrie Underwood says her baby Isaiah impacts more than just her fitness routine. She says Isaiah also affects her glam routine:

Sometimes, getting ready takes a little bit longer. You just stop and see him, and want to love him!

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Kim Kardashian Arms & Abs Routine

Here’s the Kim Kardashian Arms & Abs Routine.  She typically uses this as her Tuesday & Thursday workout. The other days are spent focusing on her legs and butt. Her circuit workout is designed by personal trainer, Gunnar Peterson. He first shared her workout in his book: The Workout, Secrets of Hollywood’s A-Lister’s.

kim-kardashian-workout-bikiniKim Kardashian’s workout chart shows you how to do her routine. Print out a copy, and take it to the gym with you. Whether you’re looking for the Kim Kardashian Arms & Abs routine, workout motivation, or simply a workout routine you can stick to, this is it!

Kim Kardashian Hair And Face

Detailed Tutorial:

Here’s a detailed tutorial of how to do each exercise in the Kim Kardashian Arms & Abs Routine:

For more details & information on Kim Kardashian and her workout, see The Kim Kardashian Workout: How To Make Your Butt Look Bigger.

kim kardashian arms

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Kim Kardashian Workout Chart

Kim Kardashian Face

The Kim Kardashian Workout Chart shows you her exact routine. Print out a copy, and take it to the gym with you. Whether you’re looking for motivation, or simply a workout routine you can stick to, this is it!

In order to tone her legs and butt, Kim Kardashian’s workout starts with lower body exercises. Kim K’s workout is designed by celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson. He put together this list of exercises, on the workout chart below. Create the “Kim Kardashian Butt Effect” for yourself, by using her routine.

Kim Kardashian Workout Chart Summary

Here’s the Kim Kardashian Workout Chart Summary. It includes details on how to do each exercise in her routine.  The workout consists of: Wide Squats, Side Lunges, Lunge & Twists, Skater Lunges, Hamstring Curls, Dumbbell Rows, Bicep Curls, Ab Crunches and Mountain Climbers.

Instead of doing 3 sets of each exercise (like you would in a normal workout), this is different. The idea is to quickly do just 1 set of everything, without taking a break. When you’re done with 1 set of each exercise, then you can rest for 1 minute.

(You may need more time starting out. Just get to the point where you can have a normal conversation without breathing heavy). When you’ve caught your breath, repeat the workout 2-3 more times.

The Circuit:

Do one set of each exercise, then rest one minute. Repeating the circuit 2-3 more times makes this a killer, total-body workout. Gunnar Peterson has clients finish their workouts with cardio. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), he says, is the best for fat-burning. After having babies, it was important for Kim Kardashian to get back to her normal weight quickly. She used HIIT cardio to burn the weight off fast.

Kim Kardashian Pregnant in White Dress

Good Form Makes All The Difference

Good form makes all the difference when it comes to having a great body. Here are some strategies Kim employs to maximize her workouts:

Wide Squats– Kim does squats with a wide stance. She also points her toes outward. These 2 key form adjustments help Kim work her butt more, and her legs less. She wants the focus on her butt.

Side Lunges– By taking the strain off her hamstrings, she keeps her legs long and lean. Side lunges are another exercise where your stance determines what part of your lower body gets worked.

Lunge & Twist– Again, Gunnar Peterson wants to put the emphasis on working Kim Kardashian’s butt. To do so, he makes sure she takes long strides. The longer the stride, the more likely you are to work your glutes.

Mountain Climbers– Remember to count 12 reps for each leg. Otherwise, you’ll end up only doing half!

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John Krasinski Gets Navy SEAL Ripped For 13 Hours

John Krasinski face
John Krasinski gets Navy SEAL ripped for his latest movie, 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Bengazi. The goal of his workout is to become a tough, military figure. His current image doesn’t strike fear in many people (except Dwight Schrute). Known as Nice Guy Jim Halpert from The Office, a Navy SEAL character doesn’t immediately fit his profile. So, John Krasinski had to get in shape quickly for his new role.

To get ripped, John Krasinski worked out with trainer Jason Walsh of RISE Nation. Bradley Cooper is another celebrity who works out with Jason Walsh. The result? He was able to gain 25 pounds of muscle in 4 months, and cover the January Issue of Men’s Health:

John Krasinski Men's Health Workout Cover Photo

John Krasinski Workout Routine

John Krasinski’s Workout Routine Summary:

  • 90 Minutes of Cardio (Morning)
  • 60 Minutes of Cardio (Afternoon)
  • 60 Minutes of Weight Training (Afternoon)
  • Weights-Abs-Metabolic Routine
  • 4-5 times a Week

Only having 16 weeks to transform his body, Jim from The Office knew his workout routine was going to be tough. Luckily, he had the weekends off. Also, he was allowed to take one day off during the week.

John Krasinski gave Men’s Health the “jist” of what each workout looked like. It’s a Weights-Abs-Metabolic Routine. Here are the primary exercises John Krasinski used.

Exercise Sets
Bench PressSee Below
Seated DB PressSee Below
Dumbbell RowsSee Below
Pull UpsSee Below
1 Variable ExerciseSee Below

The “redundancy” of the workout routine is what Jason Walsh prefers to call “high-frequency.” It’s the best type of workout for tall, or thin people, who have a hard time gaining weight. Only the last exercise of the workout changes each day. Krasinski says the last exercise changes between:

  • Deadlifts
  • Incline Press
  • Squats
  • Lunges

The routine uses a pyramid style of lifting. The goal is to go heavier in weight, but do less reps, each week. The aim is to use a heavier starting point the next month. The theory behind the pyramid technique is progressive load. After 4 weeks your body adapts to a heavier load. Being able to lift more, means stronger muscle tissue formation, leading to bigger muscle gains.

Week 13 sets of 12Base
Week 24 sets of 12Slightly Heavier
Week 34 sets of 8Even Heavier
Week 45 sets of 6Heaviest

Follow up each workout up with a core routine and metabolic activity. Core routines are different sets of abs exercises done each day. Metabolic activity included box jumps, sled pulling, kettlebells, rope pulling and (more below).

Metabolic Training (How John Krasinski Finished Each Workout To Burn Fat)

Metabolic Training detail on how John Krasinski worked out to burn fat

When asked what exercise he hates, John Krasinski says:

One exercise I hate is anything with legs. If your triceps or biceps go, and you can’t lift the shampoo bottle in the shower…that’s funny! But, not being able to sit down at the table…that’s not funny!

Starting Out: Ditching “Jim Halpert”

It all started when the first words from his trainer, Jason Walsh, who hadn’t seen him in months, said:

Oh My God, what did you do?

Krasinski didn’t have much of a response. In fact, he says:

I didn’t know what I wanted, until Jason told me what it was. I realized the goal was to look like the guys you’d want to saving you if you were in trouble.

Ditching the Jim Halpert character is what he really wanted. He had to become the real-life Navy SEAL Jack Silva. Getting rid of his fictional character’s persona was his workout goal. This meant adhering to a set workout schedule that included a lot of metabolic activity.

Priority One was building up a strong foundation again. We accomplished this the usual way with heavy squats, presses, pulls and rows.

John Krasinski Workout Transformation from Jim HalpertKrasinski has been working out at Rise Nation. A popular gym in Hollywood, many celebrities work out there, especially with trainer Jason Walsh. But just because it was a popular gym, didn’t mean the workout were easy:

I’ve gotta be honest. Those were brutal times. We did tons of metabolic work, dragging sleds and all the stuff I’ve seen NFL players do.

The goal was to pack 25 pounds of muscle on John’s 6’3″ frame. They also had to reduce his body fat. Walsh first measured his body fat at 26%, 5x what would be allowed for a shirtless scene in a movie. For 13 Hours, John got down to almost 5% body fat during the shirtless scenes.

So, how did they accomplish both adding muscle while burning fat?

Building A Solid Base: Key To Adding 25 Pounds

This was the key to Krasinski’s body transformation. Building a solid base of core exercises develops thicker muscle. With enough cardio, this muscle will show over time. Starting out, John says he wasn’t feeling very healthy:

I had shoulder and back pain. in fact, I couldn’t even do one pull-up!

His trainer wanted to build on a solid foundation. To develop dense muscle tissue, Walsh had him do the same 3 exercises at the start of every workout. Pull-ups were one of these high-frequency exercises Krasinski did constantly. Focusing on compound exercises, they built a solid base. Doing a lot of cardio, allowed him to show the 25 pounds he gained for the movie, 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Bengazi.

Jim Halpert John Krasinski Adds 25 pounds for 13 Hours

When asked about the result of doing these repetitive, total-body workout movements John says:

Getting stronger every day is thrilling! To be able to do 20 pull-ups every day…That was amazing.

John started out not being able to do a pull-up. By the end of 4 months, he was able to do 20 each day. Jason Walsh shared a “how-to” with Men’s Health, on how to get better at pull-ups.

John Krasinski Workout Routine Pull Ups Chart

John Krasinski Diet

While enjoying a trip to Cabo San Lucas, John Krasinski realized his real life was too much life fictional Jim’s. He was enjoying all-you-can-eat buffets his TV character would probably love. But, in the real world, he wanted to pursue a tougher, more masculine set of roles. Much like Chris Pratt changed his body, John Krasinski wanted to follow suit.

When he found out he got the 13 Hours role, the first thing he did was pig out. Krasinski admits he didn’t have much nutritional knowledge. To gain weight, he tried eating as much Mexican food as he could. John Krasinski talks about his diet:

I went for it. Oh, it’ll all turn into muscle. I didn’t really understand the science.

When Jason Walsh got control of his diet things changed. Krasinski realized what types of food are good for the body. Timing is also important. It’s important to replenish your body with carbs and protein right after a workout. If you don’t, you’re likely to see those gains erased because your body doesn’t have what it needs to grow new muscle tissue.

John Krasinski Diet

John Krasinki’s Advice

John Krasinski gave some advice when interviewed by Men’s Health. His advice:

One thing you’ve got to when you’re on the Men’s Health Cover: Ask for the ‘Chris Hemsworth Filter.’ Whatever they do to make him look the way he does on the cover…Do it to me!

In a general sense, when asked what to would tell himself to do “10 years ago.”

Don’t be afraid to reach out and grab the life that you want. There’s so many ways you can express yourself.

Matt Bomer Workout & Diet: Get A Ripped Body

Matt Bomer’s workout shows you how to get a ripped body. Starring in Magic Mike XXLAmerican Horror Story and White Collar, Bomer has to stay in amazing shape. For Magic Mike, Bomer knew he had to find the right trainer, in order to bulk up his upper body.

After all, he was going to have to compete with the physiques of Channing Tatum and Joe Manganiello. So, Matt Bomer tapped personal trainer Ryan Farhoudi for help. Farhoudi provides Bomer’s workout routine, along with his “Time under Tension” philosophy in the latest issue of Men’s Fitness.

Matt Bomer Workout Mens Fitness Cover Article

Matt Bomer Workout Routine

The Matt Bomer workout routine focuses on something called “Time under Tension.” The goal here is to maximize how much time your muscles strain, under a heavy load. 

The emphasis is time under tension.

Matt Bomer Workout Routine for Upper Body - Chest, Arms, ShouldersSpend as much time as you can under the tension of the weight. To do this, go much slower than your used to. Control the weight, never let it control you. Bomer’s trainer, Ryan Farhoudi says:

I say slow down more than anything else. Get into that burn and you’ll grow.

Matt Bomer Workout RoutineNotice that you 1 “A-B-C” and 2 “A-B-C” as a superset. Do one set of each exercise, then immediately go onto the next exercise in the superset. Rest after all 3 exercises are done, and repeat it all again.

It’s all about feeling that burn, if you really want to grow. Bomer’s workout is full of back-to-back supersets, much like fellow actor Joe Manganiello’s workout. This technique will bring you on your way to having a ripped body. It worked for Matt Bomer, now it’s time for you!

Matt Bomer Abs Under A White T-ShirtMatt Bomer’s greatest challenge was Magic Mike. But, he adds American Horror Story also provided motivation to be in great shape.

Matt Bomer Diet

Matt Bomer says his diet is 80% of how he gets ripped. Food is fuel, not pleasure. When he has to get in shape for a role his job is to eat right. His philosophy on dieting starts with always combining protein and carbs. He talks about the role of protein, and how it slows down your body’s absorption of calories. It’s bad to just eat straight carbohydrates. Doing so, leads to a rapid burn, and your body will accumulate fat. Explaining to Men’s Fitness, he says combining food groups is key:

If you mix a protein with a starch, it’s going to significantly increase the time it takes for your body to break it down.

Matt Bomer’s diet includes:

  • Most meals combine a starch, protein and a vegetable.
  • Fruit is eaten alone, 30 minutes before or after a meal.
  • High Protein, but No Bread (Turkey Burger’s without the bun).
  • Lots of Green Vegetables, Chicken & Sweet Potatoes.

During filming, Bomer says he had:

To be naked tomorrow at 9am for a love scene with LadY Gaga. So, maybe it’s not a good time right now, to eat french fries!

How Jennifer Lopez Stays So Young

JLo Face How She Stays Young
Ever wondered, “How Jennifer Lopez Stays So Young?” We all want to know! Luckily, Jennifer Lopez recently dished out some of her “Fountain-Of-Youth” secrets. In the January issue of US WEEKLY, Jennifer Lopez shares her beauty, fitness, and diet advice.

How Jennifer Lopez Stays So Young on cover of US WeeklyJennifer Lopez says looking, and feeling, young starts by making the right choices. While many celebrities are out partying, JLo avoids drinking alcohol and caffeine entirely. When not at home, she’s working on her next project, a Las Vegas residency performance. Jennifer Lopez’ new show is Vegas is entitled, “All I Have,” and starts in January.

Summary: Jennifer Lopez Secrets For Staying Young

Jennifer Lopez’ secrets for staying young, and looking ageless, include:

  • No Alcohol or Caffeine, Ever!
  • Keeping Busy, but staying grounded with meditation.
  • Spending time with her kids, quite the balancing act.
  • Staying active/busy with many different roles
  • Only wearing makeup when she has to (working).
  • A low-calorie diet, high in protein and healthy carbs.
  • Surrounding herself with a great staff, and a variety of workout trainers.

Balancing Act

Jennifer Lopez says her life is a balancing act between being a mother, singer, TV star and performer. With so many things to do, staying active is easy to for her to do. But, there are many pitfalls along the way. As busy as she is, stress can take it’s toll. The 46-year-old, mother of two (Max and Emme), just finished wrapping up a TV show, Shades of Blue.

Jennifer Lopez with her kids is a balancing actWhen not finding the next American Idol, Jennifer Lopez loves spending time at home with her kids. As every mother knows, parenting can have it’s ups and downs. She loves every moment with them, often sharing the latest musical hit. They often practice their dance moves together. Jennifer Lopez’ advice if you want to stay young, when it comes to parenting, is simple:

You have to put your foot down.

Transcendental Meditation

Jennifer Lopez says dealing with all the stress is tough, but she has found ways to cope with it all. JLo learned Transcendental Meditation to help channel her emotions, and keep her stress levels in check. In January 2016, she told US WEEKLY:

I learned Transcendental Meditation this year because it’s overwhelming at times. Doing all of the things I do, at once.

Jennifer Lopez goes on to say that she’s always looking for things that keep her focused. By meditating for 20 minutes, 2x a day, JLo feels she is being grounded. Despite her busy schedule, transcendental meditation keeps her on the right path. With JLo’s multiple full-time jobs, she has found it even more important to gain a sense of inner peace. She says this new perspective is crucial to her success.

How JLo Stays Young

JLo stays so young by sticking to her routine. To add a challenge, her routine is always in flux. Since she was young, JLo has maintained an awesome figure by working out harder than the next person. Back in the nineties, JLo was a Fly Girl. Even then, she talks about her workout routine, and how everyone thought she was crazy. From there, to put it simply, JLo never stopped moving to her own beat. She told US WEEKLY:

It’s a whole rounded regimen…It’s working out, it’s dancing, it’s meditating. At the end of the day, it’s about just being happy, being with my kids…All of that helps balance out, so work doesn’t feel so crazy.

Jennifer Lopez Body Wearing White Gown Dress

Jennifer Lopez also says sleep is really important to her.

I love to get a good 9 or 10 hours sleep. But, I can never get that. So, 7 or 8 is mandatory. Otherwise, I just don’t feel right. I start feeling crazy, I get emotional and I feel tired all of the time.

JLo told US WEEKLY her daily makeup routine (when not performing) is super low-key, not anything special. Jennifer Lopez says that staying young involves giving your skin a break.

I just wash and moisturize, because I wear so much makeup when I’m working. I don’t like to wear makeup at all when I’m off. I’ve never been one to take in a lot of sun, which is why my skin has maintained itself.

Staying Young With A High-Quality Diet

Jennifer Lopez says her main secret for staying young is a high-quality diet. JLo uses a low-calorie diet, high in protein and healthy carbs. Here’s a sample she provided to US WEEKLY:

  • Breakfast is a protein shake, often with quinoa milk or water (90 cal).
  • Lunch is a salad and fresh fish. JLo likes to add a lot of veggies to spruce up her meal.
  • Dinner is meat with more veggies and a high-quality carbohydrate like quinoa.

JLo Diet Staying Young With Protein Shakes, Salads, QuinoaJLo notes that helping your kids to eat right means eating right, yourself. You have to set a good example. Jennifer Lopez told US WEEKLY that she is proud of teaching her kids to eat green vegetables, including:

  • Asparagus
  • Brussels Sprouts
  • Broccoli
  • Kale

Remaining Ageless With A Variety Of Help

Jennifer Lopez says the key to remaining ageless comes from using a variety of help. There are so many pitfalls, you simply can’t do it alone. She uses a variety of workout trainers. This helps keep her workouts fresh, and up-to-date on the latest trends. JLo’s trainers include Tracy Anderson (Gwyneth Paltrow’s dance/weights instructor), Bob Roth (meditation guru) and David Kirsch (Kate Upton’s trainer).

JLo workout trainers tracy anderson, bob roth, and david kirsch

Through it all, Jennifer Lopez has learned that if you want to stay young:

Make sure to have a great support staff and take moments to have gratitude for what you have.

JLo Face How She Stays Young

After all, no one lives forever. It’s just about enjoying life, and living it to the fullest. In the end, it’s “Your Memories That Make You Rich.” So, always remember to stop once in a while, just to take it all in.

JLo Quote on Secret of Success

Adele Fitness Woes: Something We Can Relate To

Adele Face Close-Up WIth Makeup
Adele’s latest fitness woes are something we can all relate to. Adele recently shared a photo, showing how hard of a time she was having while working out. Just like the rest of us, the #1 hit singer showcases a harsh reality: Getting in shape isn’t easy.

Based on Adele’s 2016 photo, she’s in desperate need of some workout motivation. Starting a New Year’s Resolution is the most popular reason to get back in the gym. But, this strategy seldom works in the long run. You need to find something that truly motivates you. Adele entitled this Instagram picture:

Adele Fitness Woes At The Gym. She's in need of some workout motivation.

Getting Ready…

Workout Motivation: Trick Your Brain

There’s often a mental hurdle we have to overcome in order to work out. We have to trick our brains into working out. Your brain’s (DNA) has deviously spent thousands of years looking for the easiest way to get something done. It’s always looks for the easiest way out of a situation.

Your brain has an uncanny ability to convince you to take the easiest way out. It will always bring you to the couch  So, workout motivation is needed to combat this. You need to find a reason to get off the couch. It will help you to stick to your routine in the long run. Here are some proven strategies for tricking your brain into working out.

Adele’s Fitness Needs | Workout Motivation

When it comes to going to the gym, we all need some workout motivation. So, lets find some workout motivation for Adele’s fitness needs. These affirmations help overcome any mental hurdles you may have.

commitment workout motivation for Adele

umph workout motivation try and triumph

Neila Rey Fitness Motivation Quote On Giving Up. See What Happens

Everyday Ways To Work Out Find Your MotivationWhen it comes to going to the gym, we all need workout motivation. Find Your Mantra. Empower Yourself By Sticking To Your Routine.

5 Minute Rule

The “5 Minute Rule” is one of the easiest methods. It involves tricking the brain into thinking there’s only going to be minimal effort. You tell yourself:

I’m only gonna work out for 5 minutes.

When it comes to the 5 minute mark, you’ll likely be motivated to continue. It’s always the initial push (“getting there”) that’s really tough. You have to just get yourself to the gym. Once you’re there, have the mindset to just go for 5 minutes. Most likely, you’ll find it isn’t so bad. If everything seems a “go,” continue exercising for a longer period of time! The “5 Minute Rule” works for diet & weight loss motivation, too:

Reward Yourself

Reward yourself after your workout. The more positives you associate with  your routine, the more you’ll want to exercise. It’s important to eat a good meal after every workout. This is the time your body is primed for fuel. If you’re going to eat something sweet, post-workout is the best time to do so.

Studies have shown your body is much less likely to store fat right after a workout. Instead, your body converts glucose into replenishing fuel. Whether you eat something sweet, or not, there are plenty of reasons to exercise.

50 Reasons To Exercise List of Reasons

If Adele Goes To The Gym, So Can You. You Just Need To Find The Right Workout Motivation. Don’t Let Your Brain Trick You. Find Lasting Inspiration, and Get In There!

Adele Face Close-Up WIth Makeup

Candice Swanepoel Body Workout

Candice Swanepoel Beautiful Face
The Candice Swanepoel Body Workout combines the two routines she uses to get a Victoria’s Secret body. The first of the workouts is a routine by Victoria’s Secret personal trainer, Justin Gelband. The second is a ballerina workout created by Mary Helen Bowers (Ballet Beautiful).

Candice Swanepoel Body Workout: How To Become A Victoria's Secret Model "Angel"

Victoria’s Secret Model Candice Swanepoel starts with a full body routine. To get a lot done, in a short amount of time, her trainer works both her arms and legs. Then, Candice transitions into a Ballerina workout. This workouts helps give her an elegant, feminine posture, and gets her the long and lean legs a model requires.

Part 1: Full Body Workout Routine

Candice Swanepoel’s Full Body Workout routine starts with exercises to tone her arms and legs. This is a workout for women, designed to lengthen your body. See the Candice Swanepoel workout for the complete Victoria’s Secret model workout.

Candice Swanepoel Arms After Her Full Body Workout Routine

10-15 reps per exercise:

  • Right arm punch
  • Left arm punch
  • Lunge Kicks
  • Staggered Lunge (each leg)
  • Star Stretch
  • Plank with Leg Lift
  • Hamstring/Hip Stretch
  • Tricep Stretch

Candice holds small ankle weights (Get on Amazon) while doing many of her exercises. So, when doing Lunge Kicks the ankle weights tone her legs. Added resistance increases her results. When doing “Staggered Lunges,” Candice Swanepoel holds those same weights in her hands.

Candace Swanepoel Body Victoria's Secret ModelThis type of multi-tasking allows the busy Victoria’s Secret Model to do a full body workout in less time. While toning her legs, she also works her arms (biceps and triceps). Swanepoel’s trainer has her change the motions/angles of some exercises.

Candice Swanepoel Body Workout Stretching on a Pink Mat

This allows her body to work on the different areas of her legs and butt. When talking about the “Plank with Leg Lift,” Candice’s trainer says:

The coolest part of this exercise is changing levels. So, you can lift it on a diagonal. Then, you can bring your leg down a little bit, and start close to the floor. Utilizing the back of your leg, you’re working the higher part of your butt.

Candice Swanepoel says about doing many of these exercises/stretching:

The good thing about these exercises, is that if you’ve worked all day, you don’t have to stand up. You just lie down and do the work. That’s important to me.

After finishing their workout, Justin Gelband says:

Please, take your time. Feel the motions. Feel the movement. Breath, control, slow your motions.

Part 2: Ballet Workout For Legs

To tone her legs and butt, Candice Swanepoel does a Plié workout with Mary Helen Bowers. Bowers is famous for shaping Natalie Portman’s body in Black Swan. Candice’s trainer says to do this workouts 3-4 days a week for best results.

2 sets, of 8 reps, for each exercise:

  • Plié – (Knee Bend)
  • Relevé – (Bend with Arm Move)
  • Plié Tendus – (Bend and Stretch)

The Plié is the center of “Ballet Beautiful” Workout. Plié means ‘bend’ or ‘bending.’ Thus, the Plié involves Candice Swanepoel doing a graceful, smooth bending of her knees. For the Plié, Mary Helen Bowers says:

As you bend the knees, lift that stomach, you work on those thighs, inside-back of the leg, and pulling in the stomach.

Candice Swanepoel Workout Body Plie Squat

For the Relevé (Bend on Balls of Feet with Arms), Mary Helen Bowers says:

Bend the knees, lift the arm up, on the balls of your feet. The deeper you bend, the harder it is on the legs, and the more you’ll notice the change in your body. These are excellent  calves, thighs..all through the legs.

Candice Swanepoel Workout Ballerina RelevéCandice Swanepeol Body Relevé

When doing the Plié Tendus (Bend and Stretch), the goal is to:

Bend the knees and stretch both legs long, down and up. Start with the legs and end with the stomach. Extend through the legs. This one is more full body. You’re using the abs, toning the thighs, using the calves and just stretching out nice and long.

Ballet Workout For Legs (Bend and Stretch) by Candice Swanepoel

Candice Swanepoel Ballerina Workout For Toned Legs Plié TendusFor a longer ballet workout, here’s Mary Helen Bowers performing her standard “Ballet Beautiful” routine:

Looking for more Celebrity Workouts For Women? Get The Best Female Workouts Here!

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Lindsey Vonn Workout: How She Gets Fit

The Lindsey Vonn workout is all about gaining lower body strength. Health Magazine interviewed Lindsey recently, and got all the exercises she uses. When asked how she gets fit and avoid injury, Lindsay Vonn says it’s all about legs and butt training.

Lindsey Vonn Workout How She Gets in Shape

Training for the 2018 Winter Olympics, Lindsey Vonn is determined to set new personal bests. Despite an ankle injury, she isn’t going to let it hold her down. Her key to avoiding injury? A workout that builds up her lower body strength, and a plan for getting better.

Lindsey Vonn Workout Routine

The Olympic gold medal winning skier says she does everything she can to stay in shape. As a 4-time World Cup Champion in skiing, her focus is on lower body. Lindsey Vonn’s workout routine focuses on her legs, hips and butt. Here it is, as featured in Health Magazine.


Lindsey Vonn Exercises

Lindsey Vonn’s workout use these exercises:

Lindsey Vonn Lower Body Exercises
With her workout, Lindsey Vonn says her ankle injury in completely healed. Although the 31-year-old champion tries to avoid the spotlight, she can’t help it. After a 3-year romance with Tiger Woods, the paparazzi is everywhere. Still, Lindsey has the focus to concentrate on her workout routine and hitting the slopes.

Lindsey Vonn Body Quotes

When asked about the Red Carpet, Lindsey says:

I’m like twice the size of anyone there, in both height and weight. I’m 5’10” but, I’m definitely quite a bit heavier than everyone else.

Despite her height being 5’10” and weighing in at 170 pounds, Lindsay feels:

Like the odd man out sometimes, but that’s even more reason to show girls you don’t have to be a size 2 to be beautiful. Any size is beautiful as long as you’re confident about your body.

Lindsey Vonn Body Image Confidence Quote


Asked about her breakup with Tiger Woods, and how it’s affected her workout:

I think it’s just given me more time to spend on myself. That’s what happens with most breakups. You really look at yourself and figure out what makes you happy. I’m focusing on my job, my skiing, and I’ve been working really hard.

Asked about her ankle injury (she broke her ankle), Lindsey Vonn says:

When I got hurt it was honestly a blessing in disguise, because it gave me the opportunity to take a break. I’m a planner, so when I get injured, I need a plan and a timeline. We map out the next however many months, weeks, days, and figure out what needs to be done.

When Health Magazine asked if she’s ever experienced any body issues, Lindsey says:

Before I was 17, I was incredibly skinny. I was made fun of and called ‘chicken’ and ‘chicken wings.’ I was super tall and probably weighed 30 pounds less than I do now.

About Lindsey’s weight gain, which came after her teenage years, she says:

I gained more than 30 pounds of weight because my metabolism slowed down. I’m normal size, but when I started to do fashion shoots, I felt too big.

Lindsey Vonn Face Close Up of her eyesLindsey Vonn Diet

When asked about her diet, Lindsey Vonn says:

The most important thing is to eat healthy. When I’m eating super clean and splurge on something really sugary, I feel it. Like I’m going to vomit.

This leads to her giving the following advice to women:

Eat what your body wants, and try to be as active as you can. Get into a routine, and the more you can stick to that routine, the easier it’ll be to stay fit and healthy.
I’ve got a nutritionist, and I’m just doing everything I can to be in shape for this season. And, it’s paying off!

Lindsey Vonn Body Legs Butt Workout

Lindsey Vonn’s workout gets her lower body in shape. If you like her plan, Share It Now!

Michael B. Jordan Workout Plan For Creed

Michael B Jordan Face
The Michael B. Jordan workout plan for Creed combined boxing, weight training and cardio circuits. Men’s Health and Men’s Fitness both interviewed Jordan to get his details. Jordan stars in the most popular “Rocky” franchise movie, since Rocky IV. Michael B. Jordan talks about how his workout plan changed his life.

Michael B Jordan Workout Mens Fitness

Jordan told Men’s Fitness he works out at Mansion Fitness in West Hollywood. Michael B. Jordan says he trains with (former boxer) Corey Calliet. His trainer talks about Jordan’s transformation into Adonis “Donnie” Johnson Creed (the son of Apollo Creed), saying:

The moment we knew we succeeded in the transformation was when Sly Stallone came in, checked him out and was like, WOW!

Starring in Friday Night Lights and The Wire required a decent body. Playing a superhero in Chronicle demanded an even better physique. But, taking over the Rocky franchise was the ultimate fitness test. It meant getting to a whole new level.

Michael B. Jordan Workout Routine

Michael B. Jordan’s trainer took his workouts to a whole new level by mixing boxing workouts, with a traditional 3-Day Split. To become the son of Apollo Creed, transforming Jordan’s body was a tall order.

Michael B. Jordan’s workout routine was up to the task. In fact, Jordan gained 24 pounds for the role. In order to get in the best shape of his life for Creed, Jordan says:

We worked out all-day, every day for 4 to 5 months. Now, it’s down to 3 hours, split between lifting and cardio.

Michael B Jordan Creed Workout Routine Boxing

Chest & Triceps Routine

Michael B. Jordan’s Chest & Triceps routine starts by jogging 1 mile at a moderate pace. Men’s Fitness reports he then progresses into the chest and tricep exercises of his routine.

Treadmill / Jogging1 MileModerate Pace
Incline Bench Press310"Incline" or "Flat"
Dumbbell Flys312Squeeze at Top
Pushups1010-1xPyramid Style
Triceps Cable Pushdown312-15
Triceps Dumbbell Kickback312-15
Floor Dips312-15
Box Jumps220"30 sec rest"

Jordan had to stay dedicated to his daily routine. The entire 3-hour routine also included boxing, plyometrics, interval training and jump-roping. Your workout routine will get better over time, he says, as he talks about the benefits of sticking with your plan:

When things started getting a little easier, and you’re suddenly benching 225 pounds 10 times, and it ain’t nothing. Then, you start giving hugs to girls and they’re feeling you up. You start to think: This is all right!

Michael B Jordan Creed Showing Off Massive Chest Shoulders Biceps

Back & Biceps Routine

Michael B. Jordan was doing the Back & Biceps routine, the day Men’s Fitness came to interview him. After doing a set of Lat pulldowns, he said:

You gotta come correct. You can’t come half-a**ed. I put the hard work in.

Treadmill / Intervals1 Mile1 Min/1 MinSprint/Recover
Dumbbell Rows312Each Side
Lateral Pulldowns312Close-Grip
Bent-over Rows312Bent-Knee
Biceps Curls412Start Light
Hammer Curls312Go heavy
Barbell Curl312"Standing"
Speed Rope31 Min/30 secSpeed/Recover
Double Crunches325

Noting Jordan’s work ethic, fellow cast member Sylvester Stallone (Rocky Balboa) says:

I’ve done this a few times. and, I think he was in better shape than I ever was!

Michael B Jordan Body Creed

Legs & Shoulder Routine

Michael B. Jordan’s Legs & Shoulder Routine:

Treadmill / Jogging1 MileModerate Pace
Leg Presses312
Walking Lunge330 SecEach Leg
Leg Extensions312Each Leg
Goblet Squat312
DB Shoulder Press312
Lateral Raise315
Box Jumps22030 sec rest
Bicycle Crunches325Abs
Bench Side Crunches325Abs

Michael B. Jordan’s trainer would mix in speed boxing moves while weight training. For example, after a heavy legs set they would put on the gloves and pads. In these sets, the goal is for Jordan to start slow. But, he quickly picks up speed.

This adds a cardio element into the middle of his workout plan. This mix of lifting/intervals is the best way to burn fat. Gaining muscle from heavy lifting is the primary goal. But, they always found time to get in some extra cardio. This helped chisel Michael B. Jordan’s body.

Michael B. Jordan Workout Tips

Michael B. Jordan’s workout tips include:

  • Lift Heavy
  • More Intensity
  • Wear What Motivates You
  • Find the Right Trainer

Lift Heavy

Despite having a personal trainer trying to push him, Jordan always wants to go harder. Jordan says about his trainer:

I like to tell him the weight is too light. Before I’m done with the rep count, he’s already getting me a heavier weight.

More Intensity

While it’s normally the other way around, Michael B. Jordan challenges his trainer. Getting his trainer to turn up the heat, Jordan demands more out of his own body.

Wear What Motivates You

If you look like a scrub, you’re bound to workout like one. But, the right gear will give you an advantage. Michael B. Jordan loves Nike apparel. Wearing the right workout gear motivates him to get to the gym, and perform at a high level. He’s also mastered the art of the hoodie while working out:

I tried all sorts of things. But, I like the hoodie because when you’re done, you get to take it off. It’s sort of an unveiling.

Find the Right Trainer

If you’re not getting the results you need, find the right trainer. For years, Michael B. Jordan wasn’t getting the results he wanted. Then, he met Corey Calliet (@Mrcalliet), and the rest is history. Jordan says:

Everybody’s trainer has their own little key. But, none of those worked for me. Until, I met this guy.

Boxing Circuits

Michael B. Jordan and his trainer would do a ton of boxing circuits to stay in shape and train for the movie. Here’s a video highlighting the bob-and-weave drill exercise:

Here’s the Mitt Drill routine:

For a more advanced version, check out Manny Pacquiao’s version of the Mitt Drill.

Pain is Temporary Pride is Forever

Boxing Circuit: 3 sets of each exercise (1 minute of rest after each entire set). Do one exercise, then move to the next.

Michael B. Jordan (via Instagram) talks about his journey, and gives the following workout advice to everyone:

Sometimes, you can’t see the destination. But, you do find out what you’re made of along the way. @MrCalliet has been sculpting me since the first day I walked into the gym. Tomorrow isn’t promised, and today is the youngest you will be for the rest of your life.

Michael B. Jordan Diet

Michael B. Jordan says his diet allowed for some cheat meals. This helped him maintain a strict diet the rest of the time. While some trainers go overboard in demanding 100% CONSISTENCY, Jordan credits his trainer with coming up with a diet he could live by.

Michael B Jordan chest abs

DietProteinCarb 1Carb 2Fat
Meal 16 Egg whites50g oats/rice2 Whole Eggs
Meal 2Protein Shake30g oats/rice(Recovery Drink)
Meal 312 oz. Chicken/Fish50g oats/rice1 cup veggies
Meal 412 oz. Chicken/Fish1 sweet potato1 cup veggies
Meal 5Protein Shake30g oats/rice(Recovery Drink)
Meal 612 oz. Chicken/Fish1 sweet potato1 cup veggiesNuts, Olive Oil

Being strict, but bearable in allowing some off-days, was the key to Jordan’s diet for Creed. Jordan’s trainer allowed a meal plan with 1 cheat day per week. He was allowed to eat whatever he wanted from Saturday evening to Sunday evening. Michael B. Jordan told Men’s Fitness:

My cheat days were incredible. French toast in the morning, Philly cheese steaks in the afternoon, Pizza for diner. I did cheat days right!

(Being in Philadelphia, Jordan says he got to eat a lot of Philly Cheese Steaks during his cheat day.)

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Michael B Jordan Face

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The Best Workout: 10-20-30 Training

best workout Woman jumping
The “Best Workout” is the one you’re likely to keep doing. It has to be fun to do, while providing the intensity needed to lose weight. Research has found the 10-20-30 Workout best fits this criteria. To find the best workout for your body, consider these two things: 1) It has to have enough intensity, while also 2) being a routine you can enjoy. The New York Times featured the workout as a way to get fit and also have fun.

Best Workout 10-20-30 Training

Best Workout Summary

  • The Best Workout has to be fun; a routine you’ll want to keep doing.
  • It has to be scientifically proven to burn fat and lose weight.
  • The challenge is to find a cardio routine that’s intense, but also fun.
  • 10-20-30 Workout has the most evidence supporting this criteria.

10-20-30 Workout

The 10-20-30 Workout, also known as “1-2-3 Workout” is best for burning fat and losing weight. Researchers pit different routines against each other, looking to see which has the best results. The 2014 study shows participants had the best results, and stuck to the program longer, than any other tested.

10-30-30 workout woman running on road in gym clothes

The 1-2-3 Workout results in weight loss from HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) cardio. You only have to sprint for 10 seconds. Go as fast as you can. Then, slow down to a moderate speed for 20 seconds. The last 30 seconds is performed at an easy, comfortable pace. After the 30 seconds, you’ve finished the first interval.

the first 10 seconds should be an all-out sprint. Focus on trying to cover as much ground as possible. The next 20 seconds, should be moderately hard. During the last 30 seconds, you should feel relaxed.

While sprinting, think about “covering as much ground as possible.” Regard the rest of your time as the “reward” phase. Continue to do the same 1-minute interval, for a total of 5 rounds. Imagine the workout as a “10-second challenge” followed by a simple “reward phase” for doing the sprint.

Here’s a chart of what the 10-20-30 Workout looks like:

Sprint10 SecCover as much ground as possible.
Moderate20 SecBe able to carry on a conversation.
Easy30 SecSlow, Comfortable Pace.
Repeat5 Sets Rest after 5 intervals.
Rest2 Min(or less)
Repeat5 SetsTotal = 10 Intervals

Start each interval with the 10-second, all-out sprint. After 5 minutes of intervals, rest for up to 2 minutes. While resting, it’s good to walk at a slow pace or stand in place. (Do what you can, depending on your fitness level.)

Cater the “1-2-3 Workout” to your favorite type of exercise. Whether you like to run, walk, skate, hike, swim, pick whatever you’re going to enjoy doing. The key to it all lies in creating high-intensity intervals, with a proper reward phase.

10-30-30 Workout woman training on a treadmill

If you’re up for it, repeat the 1-2-3 workout for a 3rd or 4th set. With a warm up, this changes the workout into a 20-to-30-minute routine. Remember, the key is in doing a workout that is intense, yet enjoyable. Find a way to keep this workout fun!

How It Works

The 10-20-30 routine works by using interval training to provide intensity. The brief period of intensity is always followed by a reward. After just 10 seconds of high-intensity interval training, you moderate toward a lower speed.

HIIT routines mimic our “Paleo” ancestors activity, who were hunting, or being chased, to stay alive. The 10-20-30 workout may seem easy. But, that’s also the point. You want a workout you can stick with. The more intense a routine is, the more likely you want to quit.

best workout Woman jumping

The challenge is to find a way to make cardio intense, but also fun. The goal of any workout plan is consistency. The best workout plan is the one making you want to continue. Your workout routine is only as good as the period of time as you stick to doing it.

Researchers at the Institute of Exercise & Sports Science (University of Copenhagen) found that HIIT training is the most effective form of exercise. But, grueling cardio workouts tend to be cast away over time. The mind has a way of convincing oneself not to pursue vigorous exercise. That’s why the easy 1-2-3 workout format functions so well.

This is especially true over longer periods of time. Unless there is a tangible, immediate reward, your body finds ways to get you to quit. This is where the 10-20-30 interval training becomes special. This type of interval training improves the body’s internal reward system. HIIT training, like 10-20-30, is best used twice a week. Mixing a variety of other cardio/strength training during the week is recommended.

Re-Think Your Workout

Re-think your workout. Does a 45 minute session of steady-state cardio really help you? Research suggests this is optimal for patients with heart disease, but HIIT is better for everybody else.

Woman body on treadmill cardio training tank top and shorts

Short bursts of cardio, followed by rest, is the key to improving the body’s reward system. Research shows HIIT cardio workouts also burn the most fat. This is true in workouts designed for both men and women. Participants in the study were both male and female.

Best Workout man running

Further, the study showed that when a workout contains quick bouts of cardio (intervals), participants continue exercising over longer periods of time. Whether you’re starting a New Year’s resolution, or looking for workout motivation, the consistency of your routine is important to keep in mind.

The Denmark study found that 10-20-30 training increases performance and lowers blood pressure. Participants in the 10-20-30 study were able to train in less time, and see more noticeable results. Most importantly, all participants were continuing to use the workout after 2 months.

Runners in the study improved performance, beating their 1500m times, 5K records and VO2Max. This was despite reducing their training by 50%. The 10-20-30 workout proves to be effective and fun at the same time. The result is being able to: Train Smarter; Not Harder!

Train Smarter Not Harder Workout Motivation Motto

Lea Michele Workout: Toned Abs & Legs

Lea Michele beauty hair
Women’s Health says the Lea Michele workout is a combination of hiking, hot yoga and Pilates. Her workout is designed to get her the toned abs & legs she desires. Instead of working out with a personal trainer, Lea Michelle says she likes to exercise with her friends.

Together, Lea and her friends motivate each other to work out and stay in shape. Eating right is always the most important part of Lea’s routine. Women’s Health caught up with Lea Michele to get the scoop on her workout.

Lea Michele beauty hair

Lea Michele Goes Hiking

Lea Michele says going hiking in the trails around Los Angeles is one of her favorite ways to work out. This is one of the typical ways she is able to exercise, while still hanging out with friends. Motivating each other, Lea Michelle says Becca Tobin (Kitty) is one her favorite workout buddies.

About her hiking workouts, Lea Michelle told Women’s Health:

Hiking Lea Michele Women's Health article

We go hiking all the time. I hike on trails about four times a week. I love being outside!

Here is a pic of Lea Michele, hiking with her besty Becca Tobin at “The Ranch” in Malibu:

Lea Michelle hiking with Becca Tobin Malibu

Lea Michele Does Hot Yoga

Lea Michele also does hot yoga with her friend, Becca Tobin. She says that doing hot yoga is:

The greatest combination of mediation, detox and a fantastic workout.

Here’s a popular Hot Yoga workout you can try at home.

Pilates Workouts

Lea Michele uses Pilates workouts. She says they’re especially useful to tone your legs and abs. She often goes to Romney Pilates with Emma Roberts from Scream Queens. Done by celebrities such as Miley Cyrus, Pilates help cinch the abs and waist. Lea Michele shows off her Pilates results here.

Lea Michele Abs Waist Pilates

Lea Michele’s Pilates workouts use these exercises:

Emma Roberts and Lea Michele from Scream Queens do Pilates

Want to tone your butt and obliques, too?

Add Cassey Ho’s Pilates routine to your workout:

Lea Michele Workout Quotes

Lea Michele’s workout quotes from Women’s Health:

Lea Michele Workout Quotes Women's HealthLea Michele has always been a health nut. At home, she eats vegan, because she has the time she needs to prepare everything the way she likes. On the road, it’s harder to find those vegan options. So, her diet becomes mostly vegetarian.

When she’s looking for a treat, Lea Michele nibbles on cheese. She also drinks wine. Most of the time, she focuses on quality ingredients, and food that’s going to fuel her.

Lea Michele Workout in Women's Health

Lea Michele’s workout combines hiking, hot yoga and Pilates to stay fit. If you like how she stays in shape, Share It Now!

Stevie Johnson Workout: Chargers

Stevie Johnson

Stevie Johnson’s workout prepares him to be the premier pass catcher for the San Diego Chargers. His off-season workouts are focused on staying in shape and improving his hand-eye coordination. To prepare for the NFL as a Wide Receiver, Stevie Johnson uses several exercises.

Stevie Johnson NFL Wide ReceiverPlaying for the Buffalo Bills, San Francisco 49ers and San Diego Chargers, Johnson’s focus has always been on getting better. His top 3 exercises include:

  • Knee Tucks into Spiderman Lunges
  • Tennis Ball – Toss & Catch
  • Tennis Ball – Drop & Catch

Stevie Johnson Workout

During the season, Stevie Johnson works out with teammates Malcom Floyd, Dontrelle Inman, Danny Woodhead, Melvin Gordon, Antonio Gates, Tyrell Williams, Javontee Herndon and Donald Brown.

Stevie Johnson Workout NFLIn the off-season, the Stevie Johnson workout is done separate from the team. Johnson’s aim continues to be improving his conditioning and hand-eye coordination.

Walking Knee Tucks

The Walking Knee Tucks is a great warm up for any NFL player. Stevie Johnson uses them to get loose, and really stretch his joints. Then, he sits down into a hamstring stretch position called Spiderman Lunges. You walk along as you do this exercise. All in all, these 2 exercises are some of the best stretches a player can do.

Knee Tucks into Spiderman Lunges

Tennis Ball – Toss & Catch

The Tennis Ball – Toss & Catch improves Stevie Johnson’s hand-eye coordination and focus. This is performed with 2 tennis balls and a partner. This is great for all NFL skill positions. Start 5 yards apart, and yell which hand the player has to use to catch the ball. This can get confusing, which helps the player focus on catching with one hand.

Tennis Ball - Toss & Catch ExerciseStevie Johnson says:

This is something I do every pre and post practice. It gets me focused. It gets you focused on which hand to catch it with. It will get you mentally aware.

Tennis Ball – Drop & Catch

The Tennis Ball – Drop & Catch is what Stevie Johnson continues to use for hand-eye coordination and focus. This drill is harder than the previous one. Here, you have to catch 2 balls instead of one.

The Chargers Wide Receiver says:

This drill teaches you to think on the run. Everything we do out here, you’ve got to run the routes. You have to read the defense on the run. So, this drill is teaching you to read-and-react.

Tennis Ball - Drop & Catch Exercise

Stevie Johnson Stats

Here are Stevie Johnson’s stats while playing for the Buffalo Bills and Sand Francisco 49ers. They include 89 games, 336 receptions, 4,267 receiving yards and 31 touchdowns!

Stevie Johnson Stats Bills 49ers Chargers

Antonio Brown Workout: How To Get Faster

3-time Pro Bowler Antonio Brown has a great workout. It’s designed to solve every NFL receiver’s biggest need: “How to get faster on the football field.” Antonio Brown’s trainer says the key to getting faster is spending time in the weight room. Together, they especially work on lower body strength training.

Antonio Brown Pittsburgh Steelers Wide Receiver In gaining lower body strength, the focus is almost always on the hamstrings and glutes. As a result, Antonio Brown is now the Pittsburgh Steelers single season record holder in receptions, receiving yards, touchdowns and all-purpose yards. Antonio Brown says his top #3 exercises in the weight room are:

  • Lateral Step-Up Jump (Explosive)
  • Box Squat (Power)
  • Barbell Lunge (Strength)

Lateral Step-Up Jump

The Lateral Step-Up Jump helps Antonio Brown with his explosiveness. This exercise helps a wide receiver when getting off the line of scrimmage, making his breaks and jumping to catch the ball. Brown says it doesn’t matter how speedy you are, if you can’t explode quickly.

Brown’s trainer says to start by putting one foot on the platform, and exploding upwards. Drive first through your heel, but push off your toe, while jumping laterally. Land on the opposite foot, and make sure to slow down, so you can focus on exploding into the next rep.

Lateral Step-Up Jump by Antonio BrownReps: Do 3 sets of 8-10 reps (side to side = one rep).

Antonio Brown talks about the Lateral Step-Up by saying:

This exercise helps increase your overall explosiveness. It helps you to be explosive laterally, explosive agility when you move, and explosive when you jump to catch the ball.

Box Squat

The Box Squat key to developing the posterior chain. This chain consists of the glutes, hamstrings and lower back. This helps Antonio Brown gain the power and strength he needs for quick bursts of speed.

Wide-Receiver-Box-SquatAntonio’s trainer says the key to his exercise is to drive through your heels. By putting the weight on your heels, you’re able to really work your glutes.

Antonio Brown Workout Box SquatDo 3 sets of 8-10 reps. Antonio Brown says:

This helps with your strength and endurance. You got to be able to give full effort every play. Maximum effort and full speed. You’ve gotta lift a lot of weight to be powerful, and have a lot of endurance.

Antonio Brown Workout Box Squat Exercise

Walking Lunges with Barbell

Antonio Brown does Walking Lunges with Barbell to strengthen his core and lower body. This exercise also helps to increase the Wide Receiver’s hip and hamstring flexibility. His trainer, Dave Rienzi, says the key is to take big steps.

Antonio Brown Walking Lunges with BarbellDon’t stop. Be fluid throughout the exercise. Doing Walking Lunges allows you to isolate each leg individually. Hamstring isolation is important for a Wide Receiver. In a NFL game, Brow often has to break off the strength of only one leg.

Antonio Brown says:

This drill emphasizes your running technique. Being able to explode and drive high off the ground. It helps the posterior chain. It helps you accelerate on the field and helps how you move while running.

Antonio Brown Workout

During the season, Antonio Brown works with his Pittsburgh Steelers teammates. They include Wide Receivers Markus Wheaton, Martavis Bryant, Darrius Heyward-Bey, Jacoby Jones and Sammie Coates. Tight Ends Heath Miller, Matt Spaeth and Jesse James also get into the route running action.

Antonio Brown Workout With his TrainerAntonio Brown’s NFL off-season workout is done with trainers Dave Rienzi, as well as, Travell Gaines. This is when they do the exercises mentioned above. Brown says it’s important to have the same ritual in the off-season, as he does during the season. His goal is to be as disciplined in the off-season, as he is during the NFL season. Brown says:

the strong your legs are, the more force you generate, the faster you’ll be, the more explosive you will be. The stronger you are, the better your chance to jump up and get that football.

Here’s more on Antonio Brown’s workout in 2013:

Antonio Brown Stats

Antonio Brown’s stats include 6 years with the Pittsburgh Steelers. He’s recorded a Steeler-record 483 catches, 6,569 yards, 110 yards rushing and 35 touchdowns.

Antonio Brown Stats Pittsburgh Steelers

And, a fitness tip from Antonio Brown:

Antonio Brown Fitness Tip Be What You Dream To Be