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Amber Heard Workout – Training For Mera in Aquaman


When Amber Heard got the call from Zach Snyder to play alongside Jason Momoa in Aquaman, she had some concerns. Would it be a strong character?

Amber Heard Workout for Aquaman included sword training.

A human rights activist, Amber Heard won’t just play any role. So, Snyder had to promise Heard that Mera would be a strong role. Only then did she accept the job playing Princess Mera in Aquaman.

To get Princess Mera’s superpowers for Aquaman, Amber Heard had to train hard for several hours each day.

For Aquaman, I did six months of rigorous training. It was a lot of weight and strength training, as well as martial arts training. By the end, I was working out for 5 hours each day.

Amber Heard in Shape Magazine

Amber Heard Workout

Amber Heard’s workout was all about preparing her for the fight scenes in
Aquaman. She also had to look the part of a seasoned, underwater champion.

When talking about all her training, Amber Heard says her workout was:

Kicking A$$ and taking names…and by ‘names’ I mean taking a lot of breaks #Aquaman #FightTraining

In terms of how much time she spent working out each day, Amber Heard says she spent a few hours on her routine each day. The focus on Amber Heard’s workout was more about injury prevention, well-being, and energy levels. She thanks her trainer for making her training feel like just minutes.

Sword training made up a large portion of the Amber Heard workout for Aquaman. This served a dual purpose of getting her to look super-fit, but also prepare her for fight scenes.

Again, here, we see how Amber Heard’s fight training served the dual purpose of getting her in shape/training for the action scenes. Here she credits @87elevenaction and @jonvalera for helping her with fight training.

While sword training in May 2017, Amber Heard remembered to wish fans of the Star Wars universe a “May the Fourth Be With You.” She was also showing off her arms and legs.

In addition to her fight scenes, Amber Heard also infused Tai Chi style workouts into her routine (where she was pretending to be at the Met Gala to make time fly.

Of course, her hard work paid off. Not only for the movie Aquaman. Here she is at the Met Gala.

Amber Heard not only got to share the filming of the Aquaman movie, but also her workout studio with Jason Momoa. Here, Jason Momoa left his shoes in the way! See the Jason Momoa Workout for Aquaman.

Amber Heard Legs (On Vacation in Cape)

Fitness By Fortitude

Amber Heard took to Instagram to talk about her trainer for Aquaman. She says she used Fitness By Fortitude. They’re known for their secrecy. So, it’s tough to identify her particular routines.

What we do have is Amber Heard’s Instagram (above), and the Fitness by Fortitude website run by celebrity trainer, Stuart Walton. The Fitness by Fortitude website contains information about their workout philosophy.

Their goals are to help actors with transformations while also focusing on injury prevention. Transforming into a superhero, like Princess Mera, requires both aesthetic and psychological transformation.

Amber Heard working out with fellow Aquaman co-star Black Manta (@yahya) #BlackManta vs. #Mera

Here, we can see Amber Heard’s workout included sled pulling. This is a crazy metabolic workout that gets you toned while providing heart-pumping cardio at the same time.

Here is Amber Heard’s trainer Stuart Walton’s guide to fitness. He stresses detachment from the outside world. Especially, the internet and TV while training, in order to focus on health and well-being.

In his guide, Amber Heard’s Aquaman trainer has a few recommendations everyone can follow for the time when you’re not in a gym:

  • Turning off all electronic devices an hour before bed
  • Hanging blackout curtains (so you sleep in complete darkness)
  • Using a foam roller for at least 10 minutes each day

Amber Heard says she takes a different tone to working out when not training for a movie. She told Shape Magazine:

But when I’m not preparing for a movie, I have more freedom, and I incorporate my workout into my life, so that I enjoy it more and it doesn’t feel like an obligation.

Amber Heard Diet

In regard to Amber Heard’s diet, she loves to cook. She doesn’t feel much shame in splurging from time to time, either. Heard told Shape Magazine:

What’s the point of looking good, if you don’t feel good?

Amber Heard didn’t mention much about her diet for Aquaman. She’s more devoted to sharing what she can when not training for movies.

Her favorite foods include Tex-Mex, red wine and chocolate. Her specialty meal in the kitchen is her Fried Chicken Sandwiches recipe.

Amber Heard Making Fried Chicken Sandwiches (and look at her fridge)

Amber’s outlook on food, working out and perspective on life:

If you’re not going to enjoy life, there’s no point in eating a certain way. And working out. And doing all the things actors do to manipulate how we look. And how the world looks at us.

Amber Heard in Shape Magazine

Born and raised in Texas, she likes to go big when it comes to eating. From Tacos Tejana style to Stove-top chicken frying, she likes to enjoy herself. She’s also big on drinking wine.

Wine and Tacos

Her dream house must include two things. 1) A chandelier she can swing from. 2) A wine cellar with a bed she can sleep in. (Source: Instagram)

Much like Jason Momoa, Amber Heard’s diet contained a lot of fish. Here she is focused on wine, while one see salmon and shrimp on the table. A bit different from Jason Momoa’s favorite, Aku.

Amber Heard and Jason Momoa

Aquaman Workout: How Jason Momoa Gets Ripped

Aquaman Face Jason Momoa

The Aquaman workout shows how Jason Momoa gets ripped. Jason Momoa uses the Gym Jones method to get in shape. Gerard Butler used the same workout for 300. Henry Cavill used the Gym Jones method for Superman. This is because all three actors have the same director/producer, Zack Snyder.

Aquaman Workout Jason Momoa Arms Holding StaffSnyder likes his superheroes working with Mark Twight using the Gym Jones method. At Twight’s gym, the focus centers on functional strength. This means doing the types of exercises that mimic what a superhero would do. If a superhero is going around saving people, then the workout needs to reflect that.

Aquaman Jason Momoa ChestMomoa stars as “Aquaman” in Batman v. Superman (2016)Justice League (2017) and the self-titled Aquaman movie (2018). Amber Heard co-stars as Mera. Jason Momoa talked about his fitness routine to Men’s Health saying:

You put on a lot of weight quickly. You also burn a lot of fat. Pick a heavy weight and it will get you shredded and build a lot of muscle.

Aquaman-Workout-Jason-Momoa-exercise-Man-Makers-for-lats-shoulders-and-coreJason Momoa needed to look like he had the strength of a superhero from Atlantis. Thus, The Aquaman workout had to include a lot of functional moves. Getting ready for Aquaman meant a fitness routine of at least 2 hours a day, 5-6 days per week.The actor’s attitude about this type of workout is summed up well by something Jason Momoa said on his Instagram:

Ready to crush it. Time to climb. Insane sessions Pushed to my limits and then there’s always more, Mahalo.  pushing & getting ready to bleed for your art.

Aquaman-Jason-Momoa-Arms-Lats-training-functional-strenghtJason Momoa mentions his trainer, Mark Twight, in an Instagram while doing ropes exercises. Twight is responsible for the hard bodies you see in 300, Batman v. Superman and Aquaman. Jason Momoa says:

Working my a$$ of with @wfmft crushing it on Saturday. Your an amazing artist teacher and dear friend. It’s been along fucking road I can see the end Thanks for pushing me and help putting humpty back together again

Aquaman Workout Jason Momoa Six-packIn Momoa’s Instagram, @WFMFT is Jason Momoa’s trainer (Mark Twight’s) Twitter handle. Momoa’s co-star was on the other end of this rope. On his Instagram, @Hotlantayoga, talks about their secrets to a good body. For the Justice League workout, they focused on working hard, resting and repeating. He talks about it, and working out with Momoa, saying:

I’m here to give you the magic formula. Slay the monster. Rest. Repeat. Hahahahaa!! No shortcuts! So much work but the results are worth it. Thanks J for the opportunity, it’s my honor to be at the other end of the rope.

Jason Momoa’s character is half-human, half-supernatural. Playing the role of Arthur Curry, his dad is a human and his mom is the Atlantean Queen, Atlanna. This is from whom Aquaman gets his abilty to breath under water, as well as, supernatural strength, agility and speed. He used the Gym Jones method, with trainer Mark Twight, to get in functional shape.

Jason Momoa and his Trainer Mark Twight

Jason Momoa Body Six-pack Abs

The Aquaman Workout shows Jason Momoa doing shoulder work to build up his physique.

Jason Momoa Arms

Jason Momoa build his arms for Aquaman by doing a lot of rock climbing. He supplemented all this climbing with exercises in the gym to build his arms. He didn’t really focus on arms exclusively. Rather, he used total body moves that incorporated his arms into the routine.

Jason Momoa Chest flexing in Gym with his Wife Showing Off His ArmsRock Climing is Jason Momoa’s favorite exercise. Here’s a video Momoa posted–while climbing–to Instagram in 2016.

A video posted by Jason Momoa (@prideofgypsies) on

Jason Momoa Back Exercises for Aquaman

Jason Momoa had to strengthen his back, not only for Aquaman, but to be able to do all the rock climbing he was doing for cardio. To do so, he did several exercises with his trainer Mark Twight. Here is Jason Momoa’s Instagram showing his trainer doing the weighted front-handed pullups.

Here is Jason Momoa doing the same exercise (via his Instagram):

To supplement his rock climbing workouts, Jason Momoa would also do one-handed overhead pulldowns. He would try to do as many as he can with one arm, then switch to the other. This is the Gym Jones method. You try to reach exhaustion as much as you can. This ensures you’re working out as hard as you possibly can.


Also, this shows how Jason Momoa’s workout is considered a functional workout. His one-handed overhead pulldowns mimic rock climbing. By strengthening himself in the gym, he’s able to perform better outside, on the mountain. Here is Jason Momoa’s Instagram showing his one-handed overhead pulldown back exercise:

A video posted by Jason Momoa (@prideofgypsies) on

Here’s a pic from Momoa’s Instagram showing him doing “Front Levers” exercise:


Jason Momoa Abs/Core Exercises for Aquaman

Jason Momoa doesn’t do a lot of exercises that focus specifically on his abs/core.

Jason Momoa Abs Aquaman WorkoutInstead, he uses a lot of total body movements. These exercises utilize the functional strength he needs to play Aquaman. After all, Momoa knows burning fat is key to a great six-pack.

Aquaman’s trainer Mark Twight likes to talk about will. His workouts are just as much mental, as they are physical. Here’s a full video that strings together all of Jason Momoa’s workouts for Aquaman.

Jason Momoa Aquaman Workout Routine

Jason Momoa’s workout routine featured some crazy rep counts. Here, Momoa cries about having to do 10 reps, then 9, then 8 reps…all the way down to 1. Then…1 rep, 2 reps, 3 reps…all the way back up to 10.

Jason Momoa Gym Jones Workout Routine For Aquaman

When asked about his Aquaman workout routine, Jason Momoa says:

You’ve got to have it both ways. Balance. I’m an early riser, I work out really hard. I push myself, and I get the job done. Then, at the end of the day, there’s a Guinness waiting for me.

Henry-Cavill-Jason-Momoa-Justice-League-Superman-AquamanMuch like The Rock, Superman and many other superheros, Jason Momoa is an early riser. He goes on to explain how his workout routine while filming was even extra-grueling:

Doing Conan, those were 15-hour days. You’re doing stunts all day long. And, you have to wake up at 5 AM, just to lift before filming. Same thing with Justice league. people think it’s easy.

Aquaman Jason Momoa Arms Guitar

Jason Momoa Diet

Jason Momoa Diet for AquamanJason Momoa’s diet for Aquaman is the standard superhero diet, with a twist. It consisted of eating a lot lean proteins and leafy green vegetables. The difference is simply that Momoa cannot live without Guinness. When asked about his diet for Aquaman, Momoa says:

Steady diet. Lots of meat veggies and Guinness Just a little. You need iron to lift steel. Right???

Jason Momoa, and his wife Lisa Bonet, focus on eating healthy when they’re together. When apart, she says it’s harder to keep him focused. But, when Momoa has a big movie coming up like Justice League or Aquaman, that’s all the motivation he needs.

Jason Momoa Diet Quote For Aquaman GuinnessWhen USA Today interviewed him about his workout and diet for Aquaman, Jason Momoa says all he needed to do was:

Just eat my meat, drink my Guinness and lift some heavy weights. Train hard, train hard, train hard.

When pressed to see if he really drinks while getting in shape he told Men’s Health:

Eat as much lean meat and green veggies as I can, and save the calories for Guinness.

Jason-Momoa-Diet-for-Aquaman-Fresh-FishWhen asked about his favorite lean meat, Jason Momoa says he opts for eating ocean fish. Especially when he can catch it himself! Momoa says his favorite is:

Pure and Fresh Aku.

When he’s doing 2-hour workouts in the gym, plus rock climbing for just as long, Momoa must add extra calories in his diet. Training for Aquaman was fun, yet grueling. His diet was a method not only to gain muscle, but to replenish energy for the next workout.

Aquaman showing off his favorite lean protein & workout food:

Dried Aku Aquaman favorite food dietGetting in Shape for Conan

Back when he was filming for Conan, his trainer said the greatest obstacle was “getting 25 pounds of muscle on a guy with such an athletic frame.” To get in shape for Conan, Momoa says he had to eat a lot of chicken and vegetables. At the time, Momoa spoke to Ask Men, saying:

I’d eat a chicken breast and hit the weights for 1 to 2 hours. I’d also eat peanut butter and honey if I needed the energy. After lifting, it was another chicken breast. That was all before doing 2 hours of cardio and stunt training.

Aquaman Diet

Even though he was working out on all cylinders and eating a lot of protein, Momoa says you have to find the perfect balance. For Momoa, the Aquaman diet meant working hard but also getting to play hard.

We did that six days a week. It was hardcore, and I would push myself to the absolute limit. But, it was so that I could cheat a little at the end of the day.

Asked about his goals for Aquaman, Jason Momoa says in a Ask Men interview:

I’ve got to get really shredded. I can’t drink as much beer as I normally would like to! For Game of Thrones, Kahl Drogo was great. All I did was lift, eat pizza and drink Guinness. Now, I have to watch my girlish figure.

So, he definitely had to cut back for Aquaman. Yet, he did drink Guinness as seen in (Jason Momoa) Instagram photos throughout 2016-2017.

Jason Momoa Aquaman Body

Jason Momoa showing off his sense of humor about how he looks different from the original Aquaman.


Jason Momoa Height & Weight

Jason Momoa’s Height is 6’4″, and his weight is 214 lbs. For Conan, he was able to get up to 235 pounds. Momoa looks to have gotten even bigger for Aquaman with his workout, but no data has been given.  He is 37 years old, and of Hawaiian / Polynesian background. Jason Momoa’s married to Lisa Bonet (2007), and they share 2 kids.


Kylie Jenner Diet: How to Get in Bathing Suit Shape

The Kylie Jenner diet shows you how to get in bathing suit shape. Kylie Jenner has one big diet secret, which she learned from her older sister Kendall. It’s drinking Fit Tea Detox to lose weight. Seeing the modeling success her sister is achieving, Kylie decided to follow her sister’s diet. So, Kylie now drinks tea because it has worked so well for Kendall. In fact, Detox Tea is a hit with both the Jenner, and the Kardashian, families.

Kylie Jenner Diet for Getting in Bathing Suit Shape

On Instagram, Kylie says:

Couldn’t leave the house without my Fit Tea Detox.

Fit Detox Tea

The purpose of detox tea, in general, is to clean out the liver and colon. These are the body’s two filtering organs. Fit Tea has an added benefit–of burning fat! That’s why the Kardashians & Jenners love this brand.

Kylie Jenner's Fit Tea Diet Detox

Kylie On Carbs

Whether she’s gearing up for a photo shoot or just a killer selfie, Kylie cuts back on carbs. Even when she’s cutting back, Kylie looks for ways to eat food she likes. So, she opts for foods high in fiber that taste good. High fiber foods allow you to eat things that taste good, but with less calories. Fibrous foods don’t turn into fat. Carbs, without much fiber, do.

Tea, Grapes And Rice Diet

Kylie introduced the tea, grapes and rice diet to the world in 2015. Kylie has gone on the record (Instagram) saying she loves these 3 things: Fit Tea, Grapes and Rice. Fit Tea is used to detox and lose weight. Grapes are high in natural sugar, but the fiber from the skin slows digestion down. Rice, especially the Yellow kind Kylie buys, is full of fiber.

Kylie Jenner diet picture of her drinking water

But, Yellow rice? Yep. That’s the only kind of rice Kylie says she’s in to:

I’m into yellow rice. You cook it for 15 minutes and it tastes good.

Junk Food

When not on a diet, Kylie has professed all over social media that she loves junk food. While her sister Kendall is known for having a sweet tooth, Kylie says:

I have a weakness for french fries.

Kylie Jenner Diet Snapchat

Based on Kylie Jenner’s Snapchat, here’s what her diet looks like. Via posts from her Snapchat @Kylizzlemynizzl, what Kylie eats includes:


For breakfast, Kylie eats avocado toast, oatmeal, bagels and waffles. She posts pictures of all these foods, including Avocado Toast with Chicken strips (healthy fat + carb + protein) here:

Kylie Jenner Breakfast Diet Avocado Toast

Like most of us, Kylie admits to secretly loving bacon. Actually, she can’t stop professing her love for it, especially during breakfast.

What’s For Lunch?

In a recent Glamour interview, Kylie says her favorite go-to lunch is:

Organic Juice and Kale Salad. And, I can’t leave the house without my Fit Tea Detox.

Kylie also touts her favorite brand, Fit Tea, as her drink of choice. Even at lunch time, she’s drinking tea. On Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kylie Jenner was also seen drinking Lyfe tea. She also loves salad, with her favorite being a Chicken and Green Been Salad.

Kylie says she can’t go a day without one thing: “Pressed Juices.” From organic-pressed juice to smoothies, she loves it all. For lunch, “King Kylie” also loves to eat Mexican food, especially tacos and guacamole.

Kylie Jenner Diet Lunch She Eats Mexican Food


For Dinner, Kylie eats a lot of healthy, home-cooked meals. She Instagrams or Snapchats a lot of these meals. Her go-to staples are: Chicken, fish, veggies and rice. One meal was Lemon Bacon Arugula Pasta. In this Snapchat, Kylie says she ate: Shrimp Fried Rice, Asparagus and Teriyaki Chicken.

Kylie Jenner Diet: the food she eats

Kylie Jenner’s diet has to keep up with her on-the-go attitude. Burgers are one of her favorite foods. But her absolute favorite: French Fries. Here’s a pic from her recent lip-kit launch party. It shows burgers, but there were French Fries on her plate, too!

Kylie Jenner Dinner Eats Burgers

She often posts meals from two popular L.A. sushi restaurants: Sugar Fish and Mr. Chao. Fresh fish, seaweed wraps and vegetables is the way to go!

Kylie Jenner Weight Gain

Kylie Jenner gained 15 pounds in 2015. After going to the doctor, she found out her weight gain was due to an allergy. Kylie Jenner found out she is lactose intolerant. To resolve this, she now drinks almond and soy milk, instead of cow’s milk. From time to time, Kylie still likes to eat cheese though!

Kylie Jenner Weight Gain Picture

To lose weight, she avoids dairy entirely. Kylie frets at the idea she can’t eat cheese when trying to lose weight. Still, to be successful at losing weight, she has to cut out dairy completely. This allows Kylie’s body to reduce inflammation. Inflammation causes your body to hold onto as much water weight as it can. Without dairy, Kylie is able to get into bathing suit shape!

Sister Khloe’s Allergy

Kylie’s sister, Khloe, also found out about a food allergy. Khloe is allergic to coconut oil. Kylie says:

She had been using it to cook everything!

After dropping coconut oil from her diet, due to the allergy, Khloe lost 15 pounds quickly. Signs of a tree nut allergy, where coconut allergies are derived from, include abdominal cramps, nausea, itching of the mouth/nose/throat and shortness of breath.

Kylie Jenner Weight Loss

Kylie Jenner weighs 125 pounds or 56 kg. When Kylie gained weight in 2015, she got up to 140 pounds, or 63 kg. This was due to her lactose dietary allergy, and relationship stress. With a better diet (above) and her workout, Kylie Jenner lost weight and got back down to 125 pounds (56 kg).

kylie jenner body weight

Kylie Jenner Height

Kylie Jenner’s height is 5′ 6″ or 168 cm, making her 4 inches shorter than her sister Kendall. Thus, she’s knows as the shorter, but curvier, of the sisters. Sometimes they wear similar outfits, like when celebrating their 19 and 20th birthdays. Other times, Kylie snaps pictures of her own, showing off her curves, like in this bathing suit.

Kylie Jenner taking a picture in a bathing suit

Jason Bourne Workout: How Matt Damon Got Fit

Jason Bourne Movie Matt Damon

The Jason Bourne workout shows how Matt Damon got fit. For the movie, Matt Damon wanted to get bigger than ever before. Being chased by the CIA, Damon tapped personal trainer Jason Walsh to get in shape for the role. In fact, Matt Damon worked out with his trainer for three movies. Spanning 18 months, Matt Damon worked out with Walsh for Jason Bourne, The Martian and The Great Wall.

Damon started with bodyweight exercises to build a strong base. By the time the movie Jason Bourne was filming, Matt Damon was bench pressing 250 pounds! Not only that, Matt Damon could also put Ben Affleck into a headlock at will. In Jason Bourne (2016), Matt Damon is a lot more muscular than ever before.

Jason Bourne Workout Shirtless Matt Damon Fight Scene

This was all due to the training he got from Jason Walsh. Celebrity trainer Jason Walsh is one of the most famous trainers in Hollywood. Based @ Rise Nation in L.A., Jason Walsh is the mastermind behind the fitness routines of many movie stars. For more examples of his method, check out the Bradley Cooper, John Krasinski, Ashley Green and Jessica Biel Workouts.

Matt Damon with his personal trainer Jason Walsh

Jason Bourne Workout Routine

The Jason Bourne workout routine started as a mostly bodyweight routine. Matt Damon started by doing daily bodyweight workouts of:

  • 3 x 100 pushups
  • 3 x 25 Pull Ups
  • 2 x 25 Squats
  • 2 x 25 Pistol Squats
  • 2 x 25 Squat-Jumps
  • 4 x 25 Crunches

The Key: Total Body Workouts

After developing a strong core, it was time for the real fun to begin! Matt Damon’s workout for Jason Bourne was intended to get him ripped and chiseled. Instead of focusing on one muscle group per day, like chest or upper body, his trainer prefers total body workouts. The advantage here is that incorporating more muscles requires more oxygen, and burns more calories. This helped Matt Damon to bulk up while burning fat. These total body workouts included:

Matt Damon Workout showing off his chest and abs.

For arms, Jason Walsh says you start with compound movements before focusing, as he says it’s:

All about getting good at doing as assortment of pushups and pull-ups. Along with these exercises, you can start to do more focused routines.

Matt Damon Looking Ripped Photo Taken in 2016

About the Jason Bourne workout routine, his trainer says Matt Damon put in a ton of effort. In fact, his trainer says:

A lot of people don’t know what it’s like to work that hard and work that long. We had been working out for a year-and-a-half straight. He worked his @ss off. I’m really proud of him.

Jason Bourne Workout – Cardio

The Jason Bourne workout includes cardio. Matt Damon especially did cardio to prepare for his shirtless scenes. the Matt Damon workout features something called the VersaClimber. Jason Walsh loves to put all his celebrities on this machine. He loves it because it’s a total body, cardio workout. More importantly, the VersaClimber burns a ton of calories! Here is Matt Damon and his trainer working out in Los Angeles:

On the VersaClimber, Matt Damon was give quick challenges, like trying to see how fast he could ‘climb’ 100 feet. They would do 12 total sets (see Instagram caption above). To burn fat, the team also did a bunch of 1 minute HIIT sprints, followed by 30 secs rest. (Repeat 10-15 times). Or, they would do Tabata training (8 rounds of 30 seconds on / 30 seconds rest).


Jason Walsh says the VersaClimber is the centerpiece of any cardio workout he uses because:

The climber allows you to utilize both the upper and lower body. So, they’re working together, recruiting more muscle, more oxygen and burning more calories than any other product on the market.

When not working with celebrities, Jason Walsh performs 30-minute classes in New York and L.A. In Los Angeles, he turns the room pitch black, so all you can see are the Hollywood Hills.

Matt Damon Diet For Jason Bourne

Matt Damon’s diet for Jason Bourne was limited to 2,000 calories per day. To get cut for shooting the movie, Matt Damon was closely monitored as he limited his water intake. This was just for a few days of filming his shirtless scenes. His trainer, Jason Walsh, instructs him saying:

You start off drinking quite a bit of water the week leading up to the shooting. Then, you start to cut back around 2 days before a specific shot. So, on that day, you don’t have a lot of water in your system.

Cheat Meal

When the Jason Bourne movie was finished filming, Matt Damon was finally able to have a cheat meal. He says he opted for the thing he was craving the most. A Large Pizza. And, judging from his workout routine, Damon definitely deserved it!

Matt Damon Body in Elysium

Margot Robbie Workout For Suicide Squad

Margot Robbie harley quinn

Margot Robbie’s workout for ‘Suicide Squad’ got her in shape to play Harley Quinn. The 26-year-old knew the role would require her to look good, especially in tight clothing. Margot Robbie’s workout routine consisted of high-intensity cardio sessions and weight training. Robbie tapped personal trainer Andie Hecker for help. Together, they shaped her into playing the bubblegum-smacking, ‘anti-hero’ known as Harley Quinn.

Robbie’s trainer, Andie Hecker, is famous for working with Victoria’s Secret models. Her clients include Victoria’s Secret Model Miranda Kerr and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Personal trainer Andie Hecker put together a 2-3 hour workout. To turn the Harley Quinn actress into an angelic super-villain. Knowing that Margo Robbie’s body was going to be on full display Andie Hecker told OK! Magazine what the Margot Robbie Workout looks like.

Margo Robbie as Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad

Ditching the traditional cardio machines, Margot Robbie uses 1 hour (HIIT) high-intensity cardio circuits. She combines her cardio with “Crazy 8” strength routines and gun-handling choreography. Having a ballet background, trainer Andie Hecker incorporates rebounders and balance balls into her workouts for women. The goal of these fast-paced workouts is to lose weight while having fun. By constantly changing things up, you tax your body harder while keeping things fun.

Margot Robbie actress playing Harley Quinn Suicide Squad

Margo Robbie says they tried multiple costumes, but really loves what they ended up with.

We tried on every variation of costume. I cannot emphasize enough how many outfits and how many variations of Harley Quinn we tried. I really love where we ended up…Maybe in the sequels, we’ll go with the court jester one. I think there’s a world of possibilities.

Margot Robbie Cardio Routine

The Margot Robbie Workout Routine consists of multiple rounds of cardio circuits. Her trainer told the LA Times and Harper’s Bazaar it includes some of the following exercises:

Margot Robbie Harley Quinn Face Focus Picture

The challenge is to go from one exercise to the next exercise without rest. When you’re done with 1 circuit you get to finally rest for 1 minute. Then, repeat the circuit 3-4 more times. Along with these circuits, Robbie also does the “Ballet Bodies” and other Pilates workouts that her trainer has helped make famous.

Margo Robbie says:

If I’m in L.A., I go see Andie Hecker. She used to be a ballerina, and she incorporates ballet techniques with Pilates. Though I live in London, I end up in L.A. all the time for work.

Personal trainer and owner of Ballet Bodies, Andie Hecker talks about Margot Robbie’s work ethic, saying:

She’s a machine when it comes to jumping. Other people would drop off, but she kept going. It’s challenging to keep up that level of intensity, but Margot Robbie just powered through it!

Margot Robbie Workout Routine

The Margot Robbie workout routine was developed to transform the glamorous beauty. Her new physique had to fit a bubble-gum-chewing, bat-swinging villain. Knowing she’d be wearing short shorts, Margot Robbie also told her trainer she wanted a bigger butt. Robbie knew strength training was required to accomplish these goals. Also, she did most of the Harley Quinn stunts in Suicide Squad without a stunt double.

Margot Robbie Butt and Legs as Harley Quinn

When moving to L.A., Margot Robbie almost won a role as one of Charlie’s Angels. After winning the role of Harley Quinn, she knew it meant it was finally time to prove herself. So, Margot Robbie developed a strength routine to attain her workout goals. Robbie says she enjoys playing the unapologetic, anti-hero, but needed a workout to go along with it. As a super-villain, she wanted to improve her stature with an arms workout.

Margot Robbie became a fan of the Crazy 8 Routine. This is where you do 8 different exercises back-to-back. It’s often used by bodybuilders, who need to get in shape fast. Robbie had the Crazy 8 Routine tailored to her, she says:

So, I wouldn’t turn into The Hulk by the end of the filming.

They did so by decreasing her weight, and increasing the number of reps. This helps keep a woman’s body long and lean. Her trainer spoke with OK! Magazine about what the Crazy 8 strength routine included:

  • Bodyweight Squats
  • Weighted Arabesques
  • Tricep Extensions
  • Lateral Raises
  • Lateral Circles
  • Bicep Curls
  • Tabletop Crunches
  • Clamshells

Do 1 set of each exercise. Rest one minute. Then, repeat the circuit 2-3x more times.

Margot Robbie Exercise Reps/Descriptions

Bodyweight Squats: Robbie started out with 4 sets of 20 bodyweight squats. Over time, she even added weight by holding a dumbbell between her legs. Other days, she would do wall squats while sitting on a Bosu Ball.

Weighted Arabesques: Margot Robbie would do 4 sets of 20 reps per side. Her trainer says she does this exercise while wearing a 5 pound ankle weight. These leg kicks helps tone your legs and butt. Don’t fret over the word ‘arabesque.’ It just means keep your leg straight throughout the exercise.

Tricep Extensions: Using a dumbbell, Robbie would do 3-4 sets of 25 reps per arm behind her back. If you prefer a triceps machine, you can do both arms at once. Personal trainer, Andie Hecker, says Margot Robbie used a 5 pound dumbbell for this exercise. Lift your arm high into the air, then slowly let the weight fall behind you. Feel the burn as you tone your arms.

Margot Robbie Workout For Suicide Squad

Lateral Raises: Lift both arms straight out from your torso, to above your shoulders. Robbie does 30 reps with 3-5 pound weights.

Lateral Circles: Once you’ve done 30 lateral raises, it’s time to do lateral circles. Robbie does 20 circles going forward, and another 20 reps going backwards.

Bicep Curls: When playing a villain, you’ve got to add bicep curls to your routine. To keep her arms long and lean, Robbie stuck to her 5 pound dumbbell for 20 reps, each arm.

When asked about her motivation, and where she looked to for inspiration to play Harley Quinn, Margot Robbie told Hello Magazine about her 7-year-old nephew:

I kind of drew from my nephew. The mischievousness that I think Harley needs came from him.

Tabletop Crunches: ‘Tabletop’ is simply a variation where you raise your legs like a tabletop. The kicker is you then extend your legs to that your shins point upwards. Aim at least to ‘make a tabletop.’ But, go even higher, toward the ceiling if you can. This will work the lower abs especially. Perform as many as you can, up to 25 reps. Using a Pilates reformer, Margo has the option of adding resistance to this exercise.

Clamshells: Margo Robbie would finish her workout with 25 reps of this inner and outer thigh exercise. She would use a Pilates Reformer to work both areas. In your gym, the Leg Abductor machine is another alternative to doing Clamshells. If you don’t have a Pilates Reformer, but want to work your inner and outer thighs, take a look at Natalie Portman’s Black Swan trainer.

Margo Robbie Diet

Margo Robbie says she hates to diet. So, she does so in moderation. She cuts back a bit while filming, but the 5’6″ 26-year-old Australian really just relies on exercise. She told OK! Magazine:

I get miserable if I don’t eat. I can’t just have a salad every day, and a half a glass of wine every other day. I won’t do it!

Margot Robbie body in a swimsuit talks about her diet

Much like Kendall Jenner’s diet, Margo Robbie is a fan of drinking tea. Robbie told Harper’s Bazaar (Sept 2016) that:

I probably drink 10 cups of tea a day. in our family, a cup of tea is the answer to everything.

Not going to deprive herself of a good meal, Robbie tells Harper’s Bazaar about her favorite breakfast:

my favorite breakfast is avocado on toast and bacon.

So, when it comes to Margo Robbie’s diet…it doesn’t exist, at least in terms of depriving herself of anything. Instead, she’s a total fan of eating what she wants and burning off those calories in the gym. Although she has been spotted jogging, and even surfing (she’s Australian), Margo Robbie says her favorite:

If i have time, i like dance classes. It doesn’t feel like exercise to me.

Suicide Squad with Harley Quinn

Get That V-Shape: The Rock’s Back Workout


Get That V-Shape with The Rock’s Back Workout. Dwayne Johnson shares his workout routines on Twitter and Instagram. His back and abs routine is typically done on Thursdays. The Rock says his workouts vary. It all depends on the movie role he is going to play. In 2016, Johnson used this back & abs workout to get in shape for Ballers, Baywatch, Fast & Furious 8 and Rampage.

To get a massive V-Shaped back, The Rock gives his Instagram followers 2 pieces of advice. Johnson says the secret to big lats is high volume (high reps), plus going heavy.

Get That V-Shape

The Rock tries to get in 4 sets of 15 reps for each exercise. Even at this high rep range, Johnson tries to go as heavy as he can. Because your back is such a huge group of muscles, it needs a lot of reps. Still, getting that V-Shape comes form lifting as much as you possibly can. (Remember: Only use safe technique).

The Rock’s Back Workout & Abs Routine

The Rock’s Back Workout delivers a V-Shaped body. Here’s The Rock’s Back & Abs Routine:

V-Shape Workout Variations

In a crowded gym, you may not always have access to the machines/equipment you need. Since it’s vital to get in the reps/exercises, here are some V-Shape Workout variations. Use variations if someone’s on the machine you need, or to add some variety to your back workout.


If you can’t do Pull-Ups using your own weight, there is usually a dip machine available. It doubles as a pull-up machine. So, that is your best bet in a standard gym. You can also ask a buddy to “hold your legs.” The best point is at the shin. This will provide the support you need. And if you’re having trouble getting all the reps done, remember one important thing: The Rock thinks of Pull-Ups as merely a warm-up. The real workout is just about to begin.

Lat Pulldowns

Lat Pull-Downs are a great way to work the largest area of your back. They’re a real sculptor. When it comes to alternatives, there are few exercises that work just as good. This is because Lat Pulldowns allow you to work with such a heavy amount of weight.

Still, Barbell Pullovers / Lying Chest Overhead Extensions / Battle Rope Snakes work the area as well. Pull-Ups, above, and One-Arm DB Rows, below, are two alternatives. Add more reps/weight to these exercises if you can. The Rock shows you how to get a V-Shape with this Instagram post of Seated Rows.

Get A V-Shape Like The Rock

T-Bar Rows

If you don’t have access to a T-Bar, or want to change this exercise up a bit, there are some variations. T-Bar rows affect the lower back. So, lower back exercise alternatives include: Good Mornings / Barbell Deadlifts / Barbell Good Mornings / Bent-Over Rows.

Heavy BB Shrugs

Heavy BB Shrugs can also be done using a cable, pulley or dumbbells. The key to this exercise, which works the traps, is safety. Make sure to feel the burn in your traps. Don’t look straight down, or too high up. Instead, try to keep your eyes forward. Some alternatives for traps include: Dumbbell Shrugs (not pictured) / Cable Shrugs / Lying Plate Resistance / Bent-Over Rear-Delt Raises / Smith Machine Presses (reverse your grip as much as you can).

The Rock Baywatch

In 2016, The Rock used Hany Rambod as his trainer. Rambod is famous for training many weightlifting champions. The Rock had to get in shape for all the movies he was going to be a part of. The Rock talks about his trainer on Instagram:

In the case of training for these roles – I appreciate my strength and conditioning coach @hanyrambod’s sharp attention to detail and structuring the balance of hard core training with smart diet and conditioning. My daily 4am wake ups are a hard core bi$ch, but any success worth you and I working extremely hard for will always be worth having in the end. Especially if you want to be the #1 top dog in your business.

For Baywatch, The Rock worked on many parts of his body, including his traps. Here’s The Rock on the set of Baywatch, pictured here with Zac Efron.

The Rock Baywatch

On Instagram, The Rock talks about Baywatch and his 2016 schedule:

Our 2016 shooting schedule is a grueling 12months straight of filming (Ballers, Baywatch, Fast & Furious 8 and the big one, Rampage) it requires me putting together a team of professionals from all areas of business who bring their own expertise to the table.

The Rock Abs Baywatch

Showing off his abs in this pic, The Rock on Instagram, says:

King of the beach. While secretly my mind says ‘I’d really love tequila and a fruity snack.’ This look will be plastered all over the world. #Baywatch.

To Help You Get V-Shaped, Print/Download The Rock Back & Abs Workout Here: The Rock Back & Abs Workout.

This workout shows you how to get a V-Shape. See the rest of the Workouts in this series here:

Monday – Dwayne Johnson Chest Workout

Tuesday – The Rock’s Legs Workout

Wednesday – The Rock’s ‘Get Massive Arms’ Workout

Get V Shape Like The Rock

Get Massive Arms: Rock’s Bicep & Tricep Workout

Get Massive Arms with The Rock’s bicep and tricep workout. The Rock believes the key to getting bigger arms is doing lots of repetitions. This allows the blood to pool in your biceps and triceps. When the blood pools your body is able to repair after strength training and get stronger. They call this massive arm swelling…The PUMP!

Get massive arms like the rock

The Rock’s Bicep & Tricep Workout

The Rock’s Bicep & Tricep workout starts with a few warm-up sets. He then transitions into doing 3 x of 8-12 reps of each exercise. Do at least 8 reps. Get closer to 12 if you find it pretty easy. The Rock Arms Workout Routine is about doing lots of reps to “Get the Pump.” It’s how Dwayne Johnson gets huge arms.

So, here is the Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s Bicep and Tricep Workout:

Wednesday – Get Massive Arms

Same Workout As Above – Click Links For Details & Explanations

  1. Barbell Bicep Curls (warm-up, so stay light)
  2. Preacher Curls (preacher or machine curls)
  3. Dumbbell Hammer Curls
  4. Cable Curls (Wide Grip)
  5. Seated Bicep Curls
  6. Overhead Tricep Extensions
  7. Triceps Push-downs (Normal Grip) and Triceps Push-downs (Narrow Grip)
  8. Skull Crushers (Lying Tricep Extensions)
  9. Tricep Dips

Note: For #7, time permitting do 3 sets of both. If you’re limited on time, or relatively new to working out alternate each workout. Each exercise works a slightly different part of your tricep muscle.

How to Get Huge Arms

Bicep & Tricep Alternatives

The Rock sometimes switches things up to work different areas of his arms. His Instagram account reveals some of these arms exercise variations. Here are some of the bicep & tricep alternatives The Rock uses:

Reverse Curls

The Rock showed Instagram he gets massive arms by replacing Hammer Curls with Reverse Curls. Both variations maximize the width of your entire biceps muscle. But, reverse curls do this by taking the pressure off your main biceps muscle. Instead, they work many of the support/supplementary areas.

The Rock Biceps Exercise: The Reverse CurlWorking different angles and variations helps work the lesser used muscles. This helps you get bigger arms in a comprehensive fashion.

Spider Curls

In the Hercules Workout The Rock uses here, Johnson uses Spider Curls. These were an especially famous bodybuilding exercise in the 80’s. They’re less popular today, but still worth a try when you’ve got the pump. To get massive arms, the more variations and exercises the better.

Standing Bicep Curls

No surprise here. Instead of doing seated bicep curls, The Rock switches them up with the standing version. This means you would want to start your workout with a few sets of very light, seated curls.

The Rock Strength Training Doing A Biceps Workout For Huge Arms

Lying Tricep Extensions

Here, The Rock shows he sometimes uses Lying Tricep Extensions instead of Overhead Tricep Extensions. There isn’t much difference, other than the benefit of lifting from various angles. Different angles work slightly different areas of each muscle. This helps you get bigger over time.

The Rock Arms Exercise for his triceps

Cable Overhead Tricep Extensions

Finally, The Rock uses Cable Overhead Tricep Extensions. This replaces the Skull Crushers used in his traditional workout. Cables offer you a longer range of motion, helping you elongate your triceps muscle.

The Rock shows off his Biceps Triceps Workout Arms

The Rock also adds on Instagram (from football player Walter Payton):

When you’re good at something, you’ll tell everyone. When you’re great, they’ll tell you.

Secret To Getting Huge Arms

The secret to getting huge arms is doing a lot of isolation movements on ‘Arms’ Day. Dwayne Johnson uses George Farrah’s method of high reps for arms. This is where you start out with one set at much lighter weight. Although not included in the infographic (for the sake of simplicity), The Rock will actually do a warmup set for each arms exercise.

So, to get huge arms like The Rock, you want to “Get the Pump” in your biceps and triceps:

Add an extra set to each exercise. Make it much lighter than normal. To “Get the Pump” do 15 reps, and feel the blood enter your biceps/triceps. Then, do 3 more sets in the 8-12 rep range. If you don’t have time to do this for every arms exercise, at least do it for the 1st bicep and 1st tricep exercises of each workout routine.

The Rock Arms while lifting weights in Under Armour Gear.
The Secret To Huge Arms: Start With A Light Set Each Exercise.

The Rock’s trainer, George Farah, says this is secret behind getting hugs arms. The idea behind this method is you don’t want to tire your arms out quickly. Your biceps and triceps are small muscles. The mistake is to go heavy when lifting arms. When you do this mistake (lifting too heavy), your small arm muscles give out too quick.

So, the key to getting massive arms lies in getting as much blood as you can to that region. The light set primes your body. Getting the blood there quickly, allows you to maximize your arms workout. Just because you start light, doesn’t mean you take it easy.

Go for intensity, maintain the pump. You should feel the burn. But, if you feel you’re much weaker after the first couple exercises, you may be lifting too heavy.

The Rock Fast & Furious 8 Body

Posing for a Fast & Furious 8 promo, The Rock talks about his body on Instagram, saying:

Freight trains don’t fit in muscle cars. So they express their dominance with a warm and inviting smile.

The Rock Biceps Flexing Arms Workout

Start your week off strong, be productive early, kick ass and carry that momentum thru.

Dwayne Johnson Weight

When not bulking up, Dwayne Johnson told Instagram he weighs 240 pounds (109 kg). In fact, for Baywatch, The Rock weighed in at 238 pounds. However, he’s almost always pumping iron to get bigger than this for his television roles.

The Rock’s goal for Fast & Furious 8 is to get a huge chest & massive biceps and triceps. For Fast & Furious 8, he gained 20 pounds of muscle. So, Dwayne Johnson weighs 260 pounds (118 kg) when jacked up.

The Rock Workout Quotes

The Rock says strength training is his ‘anchor’ in his life:

You always want to protect the thing that allows you to do what you do. In this case, my “thing” to protect is my training. Regardless of what time zone I’m in, or getting pulled in a thousand different directions or how little sleep I’ve gotten – I’ll always find a way to train, get after it and push thru. Training is my anchor – it centers me and allows me to then work a full 12-14 day of business. Find your anchor. Protect your anchor.

On Instagram, The Rock talked about his weight and strength training. Dwayne Johnson had to get a lot leaner for Baywatch. The Rock looks leaner in the Baywatch picture with Zac Efron.

The Rock Baywatch Looks Leaner With Zac Efron

The plus side: Getting lean helps sculpt and define your arms. Noting the difference between playing Mitch Buchannon and Luke Hobbs:

Mitch Buchannon to Luke Hobbs.. .I came in at 238lbs of lean, mean, rated R comedy machine. Plus, I had to be leaner cause we had to look at my boy @zacefron’s insanely ripped 28 pack abs every day.. *yawn.
For Fast & Furious 8, I’m stepping on set 260lbs of the meanest, strongest and most highly funny & entertaining $hit talkin’ version of Hobbs the franchise has ever seen.

The down side: The Rock didn’t spend as much time getting massive arms. But, that changed once he transitioned from Baywatch to Fast & Furious 8.

Get Massive Arms With The Rock

The Rock Diet for Fast & Furious 8

Talking about his diet for Fast & Furious 8, The Rock says the key to getting massive arms is your diet. He told Instagram:

The 6,000 calorie per day diet, training and focus is hard core. When you see Fast8, it’ll all make sense. And when you see where we’re going with the character in the future it’ll really make sense – and you guys’ll reaaaaallly dig it.

The Rock Flexing Huge Arms

This workout shows you how to get massive arms. See the rest of the Workouts in this series here:

Monday – Dwayne Johnson Chest Workout

Tuesday – The Rock’s Legs Workout

Thursday – Get That V-Shape With The Rock’s Back Workout

The Rock Legs Workout: Get A Huge Lower Body

The Rock Leg Abductors

The Rock Legs Workout delivers a massive lower body. Dwayne Johnson first revealed this workout while getting in shape for Hercules. Fresh off filming for Baywatch, this is The Rock’s routine for developing huge quads, hamstrings and calves. The Rock uses a higher rep range when doing leg workouts. This is the key to helping him get a huge lower body.

For Leg Extensions, Seated Leg Press and Walking Lunges, he uses 20 repetitions. For Hack Squats, Romanian Deadlifts, Lying Leg Curls and Leg Abductors, Dwayne Johnson uses 12 reps. To finish his legs workout, The Rock works his calves with both standing and seated calf raises. For these two final calves exercises, The Rock does at least 25 reps per set.

The Rock Legs Workout Routine

Here’s The Rock Legs Workout Routine in a format you can print and take to the gym with you. It was put together directly from tweets The Rock provided while he was training for the movie, Hercules.

The Rock provided this superhero workout to his fans on Twitter and Instagram while training for the movie, Hercules. He may also have used a similar workout for Baywatch.

To Print/Download/View Image On Phone:

Here’s a Link To Download a Printable Copy: The Rock Legs Workout (Download Here) Legs Workout Routine – Printable File!

Tuesday – Legs Day

    1. Leg Extensions  (4 x 20 reps)
    2. Seated Leg Presses (4 x 20; Superset Leg Presses with exercise #3 (below) to work the hamstrings and quads, back to back)
    3. Weighted Walking Lunges (4 sets with dumbbells, note: 20x each leg)
    4. Hack Squat Machine (4 sets x 12 reps)
    5. Romanian Deadlifts (4 sets of 12 reps)
    6. Lying Leg Curls (4 sets x 12 reps)
    7. Leg Abductor (4 sets of 12 reps)
    8. Standing Calf Raises (3 sets x 25 reps)
  1. Seated Calf Raises (3 sets x 25 reps)

Leg Exercise Tutorials: The Rock Legs Routine will help you get huge legs. Two things needed to deliver massive growth are diet and technique. You must consume a lot of calories before and after each workout. Your technique must also ensure that you focus on working the correct muscle group. Muscle Building Workouts are all about diet and technique.

Please take a look at these tutorials to ensure you’re working at maximum efficiency. Doing so will deliver the huge legs you’re looking for. The more muscular your legs, the faster your metabolism will be. In turn, the better your metabolism the more fat burning you will accomplish. This will help to show off your gains!

Seated Machine Leg Extensions

  1. Sit on the seated leg extension machine, placing your legs under the pad with your feet pointed forward. The pad should rest comfortably on your lower shin. Adjust the brace to make sure you’re comfortable. This is the starting position.
  2. Focus on using your quads to complete the exercise. Fully extend your legs, close as you can to 90 degrees, or as far as the machine allows. Don’t go past 90 degrees.
  3. Exhale as you perform the extension, using both legs to drive the machine. Hold for a count of 1 second, then return to starting position.
  4. Inhale, as you are return to starting position. Rest for 60 seconds between sets. If you don’t rest enough, you won’t be able to push your muscles to the max.
  5. Repeat, until you finish your desired number of reps. The Rock Legs workout routine incorporates 4 sets of 20 reps. Before filming, The Rock says he increases this to 4 x 25 reps before filming Baywatch and other movies.

Don’t have access to a seated leg press machine?

As a substitute, use these other exercises, working the same primary muscle group:

  • Box Jumps
  • Barbell/Dumbbell Squats
  • Explosive Leaps

Seated Leg Press

  1. Sit down on the leg press machine, placing your legs on the ledge directly in front of your body. This is starting position. Your feet should be shoulder width apart, with toes generally pointed slightly outward.
  2. Push all the way up until your legs are almost fully extended, but refrain from locking your knees. Your torso and legs should be at a 90degree angle to each other. This is the start position.
  3. Inhaling, slowly lower the platform until your upper and lower legs form a 90-degree angle.
  4. Exhale as you return to starting position. Drive through with the heels of your feet, engaging your quads as the focus of the exercise.
  5. Repeat until you’ve reached your goal/target/required number of reps. The Rock Legs workout routine incorporates 4 sets of 20 reps.
  6. If you’re up for a challenge, do what Dwayne Johnson does. He says he ‘supersets’ Seated Leg Press with Walking Lunges. This means you do one set of Leg Press, then immediately do one set of Walking Lunges. Finally, rest and repeat.

Don’t have access to a seated leg press machine? Then, use one of these exercises, which focus on the same primary muscle group:

  • Frog Jumps
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Swiss Ball Ab Pike Press

Leg Abductors

  1. Set up an abductor machine by selecting and appropriate weight and adjusting the seat and leg pads to a comfortable position.
  2. If fitted, grasp the handles on each side of the machine.
  3. Keep your entire upper body straight and stationary with your back pressed firmly against the back rest. This is the start position.
  4. While exhaling, press against the legs pads of the machine with your legs, by slowly spreading them.
  5. When you feel a slight stretching in your abductors, hold for one second, before squeezing them as you do so.
  6. In a controlled movement, return to the start position, inhaling as you do so.
  7. Repeat for your desired amount of repetitions. The Rock Legs workout routine incorporates 4 sets of 12 reps.

Don’t have access to a leg abductor machine? Then, use one of these exercises, which focus on the same primary muscle group:

  • Barbell Snatch
  • Single Leg Glute Bridge
  • Hip Extension with Leg Lift

The Rock Leg Abductors

The Rock Calves Workout

The Rock is famous for having exceptional calves. The capstone to getting a huge lower body is working your calves. Dwayne Johnson revealed on Twitter and Instagram what he does to sculpt his calves. Johnson says to get them in shape with the following two exercises: Standing Calf Raises and Seated Calf Raises.

Although he normally does 3 x 25 reps, he increases this to 5 sets of 75 reps right before filming a movie. Like he does here:

The Rock Calves working out doing standing calf raises

Standing Calf Raises

  1. Use a Standing Calf Raise machine, or simply place an elevated step 2-3 inches high in front of you.
  2. For added resistance, hold a dumbbell in each hand to perform standing dumbbell calf raises.
  3. Place your toes and the balls of your feet on the step. The higher the elevation, the harder the exercise / workout.
  4. Avoid placing the arches of your feet on the step. Instead, keep your arches and heels flat on the ground. This is starting position.
  5. Now, raise your the back portion of your feet as high as you can. Use the balls of your feet, along with your toes, to gain elevation.
  6. Repeat for your desired number of repetitions. The Rock Legs workout routine incorporates 3 sets of 25 reps.
  7. In the weeks before shooting a movie, he increases the intensity by doing more reps and sets.

While filming Hercules, The Rock says he increased his number of reps over time. In fact, he told Twitter he got up to 5 sets of 75 reps (just days before filming a Hercules movie fight scene).

Seated Calf Raises

  1. Start the Calf Raise exercise by getting into the seated calf raise machine.
  2. Position your upper thighs along the upper part of the pad.
  3. Place your feet on the foot plate. Focus on using the balls of your feet to drive your power during the exercise. This is starting position.
  4. Make sure to use as much weight as you can. No need babying your calves.
  5. Raise your heels, as if you were about to stand up on your toes. Continue until you feel a stretch in your legs. Feel the weight drive up using just your calf muscle, especially focusing on lower calves.
  6. Hold at the apex for just a slight moment, before returning to starting position.
  7. Repeat for your desired number of repetitions. The Rock does 3 sets of 25 reps at a minimum.
  8. In the weeks before shooting a movie, he increases the intensity by doing more reps and sets. (5 x 50-75 reps for Hercules)

The Rock’s Leg Workout Routine Intensity

Normally, The Rock’s leg workout routine is only performed on Tuesdays. On Twitter, Johnson said Hercules must have huge legs from the 7 Labors he had to complete. Therefore, The Rock’s goals were to have huge legs. If that’s also your goal, consider doing this workout twice (2x) per week.

The Rock upped his routine, while filming Hercules by doing this workout on Tuesdays, and again on Saturdays. Intensity is the most important thing. Whether you choose to work your legs once or twice a week, the important thing is to make sure you go as hard as you can. Maintain proper technique and a high-calorie diet (especially post-workout), too.

The Rock Legs Ripped - Dwayne Johnson showing off how to get a huge lower body

This workout shows you how to get huge legs. See the rest of the workouts in this series here:

Monday – Dwayne Johnson Chest Workout

Wednesday – The Rock’s ‘Get Massive Arms’ Workout

Thursday – Get That V-Shape With The Rock’s Back Workout

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Dwayne Johnson Chest Workout


The Dwayne Johnson chest workout builds The Rock’s massive upper body. Johnson detailed his workout routine for the movie Pain & Gain via Twitter and Instagram. The Rock’s trainer, George Farah, also talked about the exercises they did together. The Rock’s chest workout is illustrated below.

For Pain & Gain, Dwayne Johnson wanted to be bigger than ever. So, The Rock works his largest muscles 2x per week. The Rock combines his chest workout, with a shoulder workout plan, as part of this bi-weekly routine. There’s a lot of synergy between the chest and shoulders. Many of the exercises The Rock does for chest, also work out his shoulder muscles.

The Rock Workout Philosophy

After Dwayne Johnson finishes his big chest exercises, “The Rock” finishes by focusing on his shoulders. The philosophy behind The Rock workout is to use power moves to work your biggest muscles. Then, you focus on the smaller muscles with more reps and sets. Big muscles require explosive, compound lifts. Smaller muscles need more reps to reach bigger gains.

Advanced: The Rock’s Chest Routine in Detail

If you’re an advanced lifter, you may consider doing all the sets/reps Dwayne Johnson did at his peak. (The Rock actually did more sets than listed above). See The Rock Workout: How Dwayne Johnson Gets His Pump for more details on his workout.

Dumbbell Incline press4Pyramid45 secsBoth Arms
Dumbbell Incline press2Pyramid45 secs Alternating
Chest Flys with Dumbbells4Pyramid45 secs Flat Bench
Dumbbell Bench press4Pyramid45 secsBoth Arms
Dumbbell Bench press2Pyramid45 secsAlternating
Seated Overhead Press4Pyramid45 secs Dumbbells
Dumbbell Front Raises4Pyramid45 secs
Dumbbell Side Raises4Pyramid45 secs
Bent-Over Lateral Raises4Pyramid45 secs
Cable Flys4Failure00 secsSuperset SSet #1
Dips Until Failure4Failure45 secs Superset SSet #2

After doing 4 sets, The Rock does an additional 2 more sets. For these sets, he alternates each dumbbell. This allows him to eek out as much lifting power as he can. Still, proper form is advised. Don’t put your back into it, or alter your posture in any negative way. The Rock also uses a Pyramid routine. This is where he goes up in weight each set.

Note: The Rock uses dumbbells for a lot of his chest exercises. The illustration includes barbells for a couple exercises, as they’re easier to come by in the gym. If you have access to dumbbells, they’re the way to go. Dumbbells ensure both arms contribute equal strength. Most people are right-handed, thus their right side may be a big stronger. Using dumbbells forces your body to correct any imbalance in strength.

The Rock Chest & Shoulder Workout

Also, here’s a list of The Rock’s full workout routine, below. The Rock’s Chest & Shoulder workout routine is typically performed twice per week. He would do this routine on Monday, and again on Thursday. Here is The Rock’s Chest & Shoulder Workout:

Here’s a Link To Download This Printable PDF: Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Chest Shoulder Workout.

Monday / Thursday – Chest & Shoulder Day

Pyramid Routine

The Rock says he sometimes incorporates a Pyramid routine to change up his workout. This is where you start out with high reps and low weight. You go up in weight, and down in reps, each week.

So, the first week do:

  • 12 reps at light weight
  • 2nd week, 10 reps at a medium weight
  • 3rd week, 8 reps at an even heavier weight
  • 4th week, 6 reps at a really heavy weight

In the next month, you reset back to Week 1 of the pyramid routine.  Hopefully, you’re able to use a higher amount of weight (as your baseline). Using heavier weight at the start proves you’re making strength gains.

Each week you go higher up in weight, while maintaining proper form. The Rock gets all the way to where he only doing six reps at the end of each month. Then, he goes back to the standard reps or increases his baseline (1st week) reps and does another Pyramid routine.

Diet & Intensity

Note: This is too many sets for most people. The Rock’s diet is insane. His genetics allow him to lift at an ultra-beast mode level. Unless you’ve been training for a long time, you don’t want to do this much. The Rock’s diet allow him to train with such intensity. Instead, use the sets/reps in the illustration, as shown above.

For the last two exercises, you do supersets. This is where you do both exercises without any rest in between. The idea is to fully exhaust your chest & shoulder muscles. Do 12 reps of standing cable flys. Then, immediately do as many bar dips as you can do. Repeat for three total supersets.

This workout shows you how to get a massive chest. See the rest of the workouts in this series here:

Tuesday – The Rock’s Legs Workout

Wednesday – The Rock’s ‘Get Massive Arms’ Workout

Thursday – Get That V-Shape With The Rock’s Back Workout

Brad Pitt Fight Club Body: How To Get It

Brad Pitt’s Fight Club body is one of the most revered physiques of all-time. Running an underground fight club, Brad Pitt was in the best shape of his life. Use Pitt’s workout routine to get in the best shape of your life. Here’s how Brad Pitt transformed his body to play ‘Tyler Durden’ in the movie Fight Club.

Monday – Chest Routine

Training for the movie, Brad Pitt would spend each day focused on one body part. The workout charts are sourced from his interviews with Men’s Health UK. Each workout chart shows the routine he used for that day. Brad Pitt starts with Monday, his chest day. If you’re interested in learning about the correct form needed for each exercise, click the links to learn:

Tuesday – Back Routine

On Tuesday, Brad Pitt’s routine focused on his back. For each day, the instructions remain the same. Regarding how much weight to lift: find a weight where you can complete at least 15 reps. You should be fatigued at this point, and need to rest for 30-60 seconds before continuing. If you find the 15 reps to be too easy, you’re not lifting enough weight. Make sure to go up in weight, (heavier) the next set.

Brad Pitt rested for 60 seconds between sets, to allow his muscles to recover. If each set feels a lot harder, then you know you’re not resting long enough. On the contrary, you’re resting too long when you lose “the pump.” (The pump is what weightlifters call it when blood flows into the muscles you’re working). If you rest too long, you begin to lose this support, as less oxygen can get to the muscles you’re working.

Wednesday – Shoulders Routine

Thursday – Arms Routine

For arms, Brad Pitt used a Nautilus curl machine. If you don’t have access to that equipment, simply substitute the exercise with E-Z Bar Curls (inner grip) as shown. Then, move onto the 2nd exercise (switching to an outer grip) and using cables, to change the resistance method. Using multiple grips helps work all your biceps muscles, making them grow bigger over time.

Friday – Cardio Routine

  • Treadmill for 45+ minutes at 65%-75% maximum heart rate

Brad Pitt only did cardio once a week. Yet, cardio is listed at the end of each routine. This is because everyone requires a different amount of cardio to achieve a lean body. Pitt found that he only needed one cardio workout per week. This is atypical. Most people will need to add more cardio to their workouts to lose weight. So, it’s advised to do 15-20 mins of HIIT cardio at the end of your workout routine.

Brad Pitt Fight Club Routine

Because he had a hard time adding muscle, Brad Pitt’s Fight Club routine spent each day on only one body part. He found working multiple body parts per day was counter-productive, because of his body style. If you have a hard time adding muscle, then Brad Pitt’s Fight Club routine is the type you should be using.

Getting A Brad Pitt Body

As you can see, you don’t have to spend a ton of time in the gym each day. You don’t have to train like a maniac. It’s more important to obsess over what you eat. Any excess calories will make it harder to get a body like Brad Pitt. See here for more on the Brad Pitt Fight Club Workout & Diet.

Brad Pitt Fight Club Body

If you find it easy to gain body weight both muscle and/or fat (“easy gainers”), then it may be harder to achieve a body like Brad Pitt’s. You will have to reduce your caloric intake to match his body’s metabolism. Getting a Brad Pitt body will also require more cardio for “easy gainers. See the Brad Pitt Fight Club Workout & Diet: Tyler Durden Routine for more details on this.

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Gal Gadot Wonder Woman Workout

Wonder Woman Face

The Gal Gadot Wonder Woman Workout got her body in fighting shape for the Batman v. Superman movie. To get fit, Gal Gadot used the same team as BvS’ Superman Henry Cavill. Gal Gadot’s trainers are Mark Twight and Thomas Bradley of Gym Jones. Her trainers say the goal behind the Wonder Woman Workout was to sculpt her into a believable character.

Gal Gadot Wonder Woman BvS

A former fashion model, Gal Gadot transformed into a stronger woman. She achieved a body capable of performing the action sequences as seen in the movie. Standing in front of Batman (Ben Affleck workout) and Superman (Henry Cavill workout) was no small feat. Here’s the Gal Gadot Wonder Woman workout and diet illustrating how she got her body.

Gal Gadot Wonder Woman Workout Summary

  • Workout – A beauty queen at 18, and a model for most of her life, Gal Gadot has developed a long and lean body. As Wonder Woman, she had to tone up in a strong, but sexy way. The role of Wonder Woman was action packed, so her workout used lots of cardio mixed with weight training.
  • Diet – The Gal Gadot diet for Wonder Woman grounds itself in three principles: eating meals focused on green veggies and protein; drinking 1 gallon of water each day; and making balanced choices through the realization ‘Your Food is Your Fuel’.
  • Body – Getting a Wonder Woman body requires an hour a day spent in the gym. However, getting enough sleep and the proper nutrition are vital to your journey. It’s not just about the 1 hour you spend in the gym, but the other 23 hours in a day, that are just as important.

Wonder Woman Workout

The goal for Wonder Woman was to change Gal Gadot’s body from what she was, into what they wanted her to become.

From that of a fashion model, to an Olympic High-Jumper.

Gal Gadot trained for years before becoming Wonder Woman. She combined cardio training, martial arts and weight training to achieve her look. The superhero workout she used was first designed for Gerard Butler in 300. Since then, Batman v. Superman director Zach Snyder gets the movie stars he casts to train at Gym Jones.

Gal Gadot Wonder Woman Workout

The Gal Gadot Wonder Woman workout transformed her into a superhero. Gadot’s workout routine starts with a cardio warmup, before engaging in 6-8 weight training and metabolic exercises. Wonder Woman’s trainers normally put her through a full body workout.

Full Body Workout

Interviewing her trainers, Muscle & Fitness published the Gal Gadot Wonder Woman workout in their Batman v. Superman special.

Featured in Poster: 1)Rowing – 5 min Warmup 2)Rowing – 5 min of 10 sec sprint/50 sec easy 3)Mountain Climbers 1min 4) Bird Dogs 1m 5)Burpee Broad Jumps 1m 6) Bird Dogs 1m 6)Mountain Climbers 1m 7)Burpee Broad Jumps 1m 8)Pull-ups 7 sets x 3 reps 9)Pushups 5 sets x 3 reps. (Note: 30m = ~100 feet).

Also, Gal Gadot’s trainers have the actress do rowing for cardio because it’s low-risk. Gal Gadot uses rowing because she can’t afford to get hurt, especially while on the set of a movie. If you prefer an alternate form of cardio, feel free to use that method, instead.

Variations: The poster uses a few modifications. Want to avoid doing bear crawls? Do Mountain Climbers instead. Substitute “Bird Dogs (#3)” for “Crab Walks.” Standard Push-ups, or Knee-Push-ups, are a good substitute, especially if you don’t have the rings Gal Gadot uses.

Gal Gadot Rings Workout where she uses them on the road for push-ups and pull-ups..

Here’s the Gal Gadot Wonder Woman Workout her trainers showcased in a 2016 issue of Muscle & Fitness:

Gal Gadot Workout Routine from 2016 Muscle Fitness
Muscle & Fitness 2016

Gal Gadot Workout Routine Featured in 2016 Muscle & Fitness: 1)Rowing – 5 min Warmup 2)Rowing – 5 min of 10 sec sprint/50 sec rest 3)Bear Crawl 30m 4)Burpee Broad Jump 30m 5)Crab Walk 30m 6)Bear Crawl 30m 7)Pull-ups 7 sets x 3 reps 8)Pushups 5 sets x 3 reps. (Note: 30m = ~100 feet).

Barbell Workout

Getting a sprinter’s body was the primary goal of Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman Workout. Her trainers also had her train with barbell exercises. The barbell exercises helped Gal Gadot achieve a toned Wonder Woman look. It was important to the director that she build up the muscles Wonder Woman would use in real life.

Quick Arms & Abs Workout

Gal Gadot uses quick workouts she can do anywhere. If she’s stuck in a hotel room, she still wants to be able to do something to stay long and lean. When in a hurry, she uses this quick arms & abs circuit.

Abs & Arms Circuit:

Do 1st exercise, then 2nd. Rest one minute. Repeat 3x more times:

  • 30 sec Push-ups
  • 30 sec Planks

Gal Gadot Paddleboarding Workout

Gal Gadot says:

If I’m staying in a cold country, or there happens to be no gym, I’ll exercise in my room. If I’m by the ocean, I’ll swim. Or, I’ll paddle-board, which I love because it keeps you in shape and it’s meditative.

Quick Full Body Workout

When she’s short on time, Gal Gadot says she uses a circuit, full body workout.

Quick Full Body Circuit

  • Squats
  • Deadlifts
  • Pull-ups
  • Med Ball Throws
  • Cardio intervals

For the Cardio intervals, Gal Gadot does a 2 minute all-out / 2 minute rest (treadmill, bike or rowing machine). So, go as hard as you can for 2 minutes. Then, go at a slow pace for 2 minutes, or rest entirely in order to get your breathing back. Note: The proper level of activity (during the rest phase) is to continue exercising at a pace where you’re able to carry a conversation easily. Repeat the circuit 2 or 3 times.

Wonder Woman Gal Gadot holding her sword, and posing intensely.

Gal Gadot Diet

Gal Gadot’s diet was created by her trainer. He had her focus on meals including green vegetables, as well as, lean proteins. The key to Gal Gadot’s diet was balance, drinking plenty of water, and moderation in everything. Gal Gadot spoke to Harper’s Bazaar about her diet, saying no one is perfect:

I’m a foodie and I love to eat. It’s important to look at food as your fuel. I look to food, and want it to give me the best body I can be. Of course, I have bad things like burgers, chocolate or ice cream.

She goes on to tell them her diet is about measuring and respecting what you eat.

I don’t restrict myself, I can eat anything. It’s all a matter of measurement. Just enjoy your food and don’t eat while you drive! Or when you’re on the phone. Give your food the respect it deserves, and enjoy it.

Gal Gadot Diet pictured in white dress.

Gal Gadot relished advice from her trainer when she started working out in NYC. He told her that weight training isn’t just about the hour you put in, while you’re at the gym. It’s just as important to focus on the 23 hours you are in the gym. Twight says he reminded Gal Gadot about something very important (sleep and nutrition), that:

Poor nutrition and inadequate sleep reduce the effectiveness of weight training by 20-30%.

Further, she learned to make balanced choices through the realization that ‘Your Food is Your Fuel’. With this in mind, she focused on a selection of leans and greens to embody the majority of her diet.

Leans and Greens

To get a Wonder Woman body, Gal Gadot notes the importance of meal selection. Her trainers taught her to balance each meal with equal parts lean protein and green vegetables. (Mostly leafy greens). Having a balanced approach means getting the most everything you eat.

Lean protein gives your body what it needs to tone your muscles. Leafy greens, in particular, have the most nutrition per calorie of any food. Trainer Thomas Bradley told her to avoid what might “appear” healthy. Examples of this includes green juices, which tend to be high in natural sugar. The most popularly marketed green juices use apple, mango and pineapple juice instead of more nutritious sources.

A better option is making your own green smoothies. This method allows Gadot to make sure she gets the nutrition she needs. They also make your body look better by reducing bloating. Popular among many female celebrities, The Beauty Detox Solution shows you how to eat this way.

The Beauty Detox SolutionGreen smoothies have become the most popular Hollywood diet, as a method for actresses to consume vegetables without the added sugar. Healthy meals should have plenty of green vegetables, like spinach or kale. These leafy greens are can easily be thrown into a drink without (surprisingly) changing the taste. Gal Gadot says:

I’m a big fan of a good diet and healthy lifestyle. You have to eat a lot of vegetables, drink a lot of water and stay active. I believe what we put in our bodies will reflect how we look on the outside.

Wonder Woman Gal Gadot from Batman v. Superman in 2016.
Drink Water

Gal Gadot’s trainer made sure her diet included drinking 1 gallon of water a day. She would fill up enough water at the start of each day. Then, she would make sure to drink all of it by the end of day.

Drink a gallon of water each day. Not only did I feel fuller, but it made me snack less. I felt so hydrated, that my physical endurance improved, too.

Gal Gadot Body Image

Gal Gadot admits to having a positive body image. She says we live in a world where women are judged as if they have to be perfect at everything. Being a mom to daughter Alma, Gal Gadot admits that having a great body after a pregnancy was a big struggle.

Gal Gadot Mother pictured with her daughter Alma in 2016.

Despite her struggles, Gal Gadot has achieved already in her short life. She has gone from studying law and serving in the military, to being a fashion model and winning Miss Israel. Gadot has lavished these transformations, from being pregnant, to playing Wonder Woman in Batman v. Superman.

Gal Gadot on Body Image holding a Wonder Woman doll.

She admits societal pressures from the outside world don’t help with female body positivity. Gal Gadot says that even though women are expected to be great at everything from parenting to their body image and workout routine, there’s a silver lining. Women are more empowered than ever. She told Fashion Magazine:

We’re also stronger, sophisticated and can achieve what we want. That’s what I would like my daughter to grow up knowing.

Fun Fact: When At First You Don’t Succeed…

Gal Gadot is a great example of the “When At First You Don’t Succeed, Try Again” motto. Her first attempt at acting was playing the James Bond girl in Quantum of Solace. Gal Gadot got beat out by actress, Olgya Kurylenko.

Gal Gadot plays Wonder Woman Batman v. Superman

A few years later, both Gal Gadot and Olgya Kurylenko tried out for the same part. Vying for the same role, Gal Gadot went up against Kurylenko and won the part as Wonder Woman!

Cardio Boxing Workout | Burn Fat & Lose Weight

cardio kickboxing woman kicking a trainer

Here’s a quick Cardio Boxing workout. It’s a fun cardio exercise for beginners, or a good warm up for advanced trainees. Cardio Boxing is an effective way to burn fat and lose weight. Set to music, this quick at-home or on-the-go workout helps motivate your brain.

Cardio boxing workout helps burn fat and lose weight

Cardio Boxing workouts promise to contain “stress-relieving” kicking and punching exercises. Time passes much faster when you’re having fun.

Cardio Boxing combines traditional boxing, kickboxing and cardio exercises. The result is a fat burning kickboxing workout you can do anywhere. If losing weight is your goal, the timing of your workout is very important.

Best Time For Fat Burning

The best time for fat burning is first thing in the morning. Your body has been burning fat all night, so it is primed to use that source for energy. If you can motivate yourself to work out 1st thing in the morning, your primary fat stores are used during a cardio workout.

Morning workouts are best done on an empty stomach. This ensures your body burns body fat. But, make sure not to go too hard on yourself. (Waking up shoots cortisol, a fat-storing hormone through your body. If you train way to hard, you won’t get the same fat burning effect. Instead, go at a moderate pace. Make sure you work out at a pace where you can carry on a conversation.

4 people doing cardio boxing

For the rest of the day, cardio workouts become less effective. Your fat burning ability takes longer to trigger. This is especially true because you’re likely to have food in your system. Don’t try not eating before your workout (unless it’s done 1st thing in the morning).

If you can’t workout 1st thing in the morning, then make sure to have a meal of protein/carbs before your workout. This will boost your workout performance, instead of dragging yourself through a low energy workout. It also primes your body to build muscle and burn fat. An afternoon or evening workout is a better time to build muscle. This is simply because you have protein and carbohydrates in your system, priming your body for muscle growth.

30-minute Cardio Boxing Workout

For a longer, 30-minute Cardio Boxing workout try the Cardio Boxing HIIT challenge. This cardio boxing workout can be done in the morning. But, it’s better done in the afternoon or evening. (You can do it any time. But make sure to have protein/carbs in your body beforehand, due to the high intensity and duration).


Adding Weights

As you can see, adding weights to the workout intensifies your training. Bodyweight workouts can be very effective, but sometimes more is needed to push yourself. Adding weights are a great way to intensify a cardio boxing workout.

When you push yourself to your limits, you will see results faster. Starting out, focus on your body’s form as you do each movement. Don’t use weights until you have got the exercises/movements perfected. Then, you can focus on perfecting your body!

Adding Weights a picture of a pair of blue dumbbells

Kelly Ripa Fitness & Diet Trends: SoulCycle

kelly ripa face

Kelly Ripa is on top of the many fitness and diet trends gracing her television show. At the top of her list is a new workout called SoulCycle. Many celebrities are into SoulCycle simply because it’s trendy. SoulCycle is a fun, high-intensity (HIIT) cardio workout. Known for being fit and skinny, Kelly is always looking for hot, new fitness trends, including the recent SoulCycle.

kelly ripa fitness showing a picture of her body

When not doing AKT in Motion, Kelly Ripa has been seen in New York gyms doing SoulCycle. The workout tones the lower body, while providing a full body cardio workout. The main focus is on cardio, and it also works the lower body (with the cycling). Dumbbells are added to make it a full body workout.

Kelly Ripa Fitness Showing off her legs

SoulCycle’s focus is especially on the legs, butt and thighs. Getting slim hips is another great perk of this workout. Celebrities are embracing the SoulCycle workout for many reasons. Not only are they getting a great workout, but it’s done in the dark so no one can see. According to a trainer SoulCycle has created a revolution, changing the entire way indoor cycling works.

SoulCycle is Kelly Ripa’s favorite way to work out. SoulCycle combines HIIT cardio with a fun, indoor cycling workout. Get an understanding of the new workout trend, by watching  some of the SoulCycle workout videos below:

Kelly Ripa & Physique 57

Kelly Ripa uses the popular workout called Physique 57 to stay in shape. Physique 57 is a low-impact, ballet barre type of workout. There are different workout videos for the arms, legs and other major body parts. The workout comes from the idea that it takes 57 minutes each day to completely tone your body. (There are 30 minutes courses, too).

Kelly Ripa Physique 57 Workout

In fact, Physique 57 is endorsed by Kelly Ripa who credits the workouts with toning and shaping her body. Physique 57 combines cardio, ballet barre, strength training and stretching to tone your body. The workout emphasizes sculpting your arms & legs to be long and lean.

Kelly Ripa showing off arms and legs that are long and lean

Kelly Ripa Workout With Keith Byard

Keith Byard is Kelly Ripa’s former trainer. Here’s her total body workout with him. Keith Byard’s workout starts with back, arms and shoulders. Then, he works Kelly’s legs and butt. Later, they work their way into abs and cardio.

Kelly Ripa notes that you can do all these exercises at-home:

Keith Byard’s workout advice is simple, but goes a long way toward getting better results:

Don’t forget to breathe! Don’t forget to breathe!

The more oxygen you breathe in during your workout, the more energy you will have. Pushing your body to the limit starts with breathing. By breathing intensely, you gain more oxygen, which helps blood flow to your muscles. He notes you can even do this as a home workout.

Kelly Ripa Diet

Kelly Ripa’s diet changed after she noticed some strange bruises on her body. She went to nutritionist Dr. Daryl Gioffre. Dr. Gioffre is an expert on helping people rid themselves of an acidic diet. By not eating sugar, flour or processed foods, Kelly Ripa was able to reduce the acidity of her diet.

dr. daryl gioffre kelly ripa's nutritionist image

Doing so, Kelly Ripa was able to get her body functioning properly again. Dr. Gioffre shares his 7 Tips to Transition Yourself from an Acidic to an Alkaline Diet Here. Our body, from eating plants, is used to being in an alkaline state. Because the modern diet shies away from fruits and vegetables, our body tends not to function well in an acidic environment.

Kelly’s goal is to get back to eating the natural way her body wants. An alkaline diet makes Kelly Ripa feel good. She says it not only helped get her body back in shape, but that others found her more pleasant to be around. Kelly Ripa says:

I’ve been working with Dr. Daryl Geoffrey, and he put me on an a high-alkaline cleanse. It has changed my life. I think it’s made me less of a pain to be around, too!

Kelly Ripa Height And Weight

Kelly Ripa’s height is 5’3″ and her weight is 100 pounds. Her height makes her weight seem rather low. While Kelly Ripa is 100 lbs., she recently dropped down to only 96 lbs. This happened when she wasn’t feeling well. So, she changed her diet. With a better, more alkaline diet, Ripa says her weight is back up to 100 lbs. (45.3 kg).

Here is a recent photo of Kelly with her family:

Kelly Ripa Height Weight Pictured With Her Family

Junk Food

Kelly Ripa becomes enthralled with junk food every so often. Especially, if words like “Salted Caramel” or “Hazelnut” are associated with it.

Kelly Ripa Diet Junk Food She Eats Peanut ButterAbout her favorite brand of peanut butter, Kelly Tweeted:

More ways to enjoy the holidays!

Ben Affleck Diet For Batman

Ben Affleck Batman v Superman Premiere

Ben Affleck’s diet for Batman helped him lose weight, while building muscle at the same time. To get in superhero shape, Ben Affleck reached out to nutritionist Rehan Jalali to design his diet. Based in Beverly Hills, Jalali is known for helping people get six pack abs with a common-sense diet. Jalali says the Batman diet was very similar to the plan they used for The Town (2009).

Ben Affleck Got RippedFor Batman, Ben Affleck wanted to look like a lean, but muscular, superhero. In order for him to go up against Superman (believable a human being could go vs. an alien), he had to appear as big as Henry Cavill. Only then, would it be believable that he had a fighting chance against Superman (Henry Cavill). Ben Affleck also had to make sure his diet was clean, to help him stay lean.

The goal was to get him a lean, muscular commanding presence on screen. The goal was to follow my book, the Six Pack Diet Plan. 75% of it is really diet and supplementation. It includes 6-7 high quality meals per day.

Eating protein/carbohydrates/fat at the right time of the day helped Ben Affleck get the body he needed. He also had to stick to his nutritionist’s 6 rules (described below):

Ben Affleck Diet for Batman

The Ben Affleck Diet for Batman comes from the March 2016 issue of Muscle & Fitness magazine. They interviewed Ben Affleck’s trainer, and revealed his nutritionist, who says in order to get in Batman shape, you have to eat really clean. The Batman diet is sourced from YouTube videos, Tweets and quotes from Rehan Jelani (author of The Six Pack Diet Plan & Ben Affleck’s nutritionist for Batman).

A typical day consists of 6-7 small meals, where what Ben Affleck is eating includes:


Breakfast was egg whites and oatmeal in the morning.

In the morning, Ben Affleck got his protein from egg whites. They also produce hormones that are fat burning in nature. When you eat egg whites, along with a slow-burning carbohydrate, any activity will send your body into fat burning mode. Ben Affleck ate oatmeal (the old-fashioned, steel-cut kind) as his morning carbohydrate.


Salad, Double protein, and vegetables at lunch.


Fish or Chicken at Dinner, along with Brussels sprouts, Cauliflower or Broccoli. Essential Fats.

ben affleck batman diet chicken lean protein and brussels sproutsNutrition Ratios

Ben Affleck’s diet plan focuses on having the proper nutrition ratios. From Jelani, Ben Affleck learned to eat:

  • 45% Carbohydrates
  • 35% Lean Protein
  • 20% Essential Fats

45% Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates came from slow-burning staples, like oatmeal, in the morning. The rest of the day was focused on getting carbohydrates from leafy, fibrous vegetables. They also added in brown rice, (sweet, white and red) potatoes and whole-wheat pasta for in smaller portions. Ben Affleck ate 1250 calories of carbs per day.

35% Lean Protein

lean protein food choicesLean protein is essential to Ben Affleck’s workout and diet. If you eat protein with too much fat, your body will avoid going into muscle building mode. Instead, Rehan Jelani says you have to stick to lean proteins like: sirloin steak, egg whites (some yolk), chicken breast, turkey breast and wild salmon. Affleck was allowed to eat 1000 calories of protein per day.

20% Essential Fats

essential fats Ben Affleck ate for Batman like almond butter and flaxseed oilEssential fats mean only eating certain types of fat. Specifically, you want to eat fats that your body can turn into brain boosters (like serotonin), or muscle building hormones (especially testosterone). Affleck got these essential fats from flaxseed oil, almond butter, unsalted/natural peanut butter, and nuts (walnuts/almonds). Usually, he ate essential fats in the late afternoon, or at night. (Ben Affleck was allotted 540 calories of fat per day).

Caloric Density

For Ben Affleck’s body type, they used a caloric density of 12-14 calories per pound of body weight. Note: these calculations don’t refer to body fat, so remove your body fat when calculating your optimal caloric amount. At around 210 pounds of lean body weight, Ben Affleck ate 2500-3000 calories per day.

One of Ben Affleck’s trainers, Walter Norton Jr., talks about Ben Affleck’s diet, designed by nutritionist Rehan Jalali:

Rehan designed a great diet. And, Ben followed it to the letter.

Ben Affleck Diet Rules

It’s amazing to see that Ben Affleck was able to gain weight, while losing body fat. Accomplishing both at the same time is all about the diet one chooses. Ben Affleck got a good diet regimen, and followed it meticulously. Here are his trainer’s rules for getting ripped, six pack abs:

  1. Cut the dairy. Milk is for babies. Let’s fate it. Milk makes you hold and retain subcutaneous water. You won’t see any definition if your body is holding too much water. Get used to almond milk, if you need to transition off milk gradually.
  2. Make sure your sodium is low. Don’t go too low. Sodium causes you to retain water. Your intake should be around 1500-2000 mg of sodium per day. Any more than this causes you to retain water, which hides your muscles in the abs.
  3. Do Cardio in the morning. Why? It causes you to burn 3 times more fat (on an empty stomach). If you can’t do cardio in the morning, then at least do HIIT training when you can. The goal is to get leaner, for better abs.
  4. Focus your diet on lean protein. Eat lean protein first thing in the morning. Eat it (along with carbohydrates) Examples include egg whites, protein shake, chicken breast. Protein is linked to feelings of fullness.
  5. No Carbohydrates at night. They turn to fat.
  6. Use CLA as a supplement. It creates a fat burning effect on your abs.

Ben Affleck Supplements

Ben Affleck isn’t huge on supplements. Instead, he focuses on proper diet and getting enough rest. Still, one can see from his trainer’s six pack abs rules Ben Affleck takes CLA.

CLA – Conjugated Linoleic Acid

CLA stands for Conjugated Linoleic Acid (see it here). CLA used to be a part of the human diet. We get it from meat and dairy. As cow’s diets have changed to grain sources, (cheaper than grazing), they no longer provide CLA. So, humans are no longer getting the CLA from their diets. Thus, Ben Affleck’s trainer has him supplement with CLA.

CLA Conjugated Linoleic Acid Supplement Bottle

Nutritionist to Ben Affleck, Rehan Jelani, says:

CLA allows you to burn fat. CLA has been shown to reduce abdominal fat, and lower your body’s ability for fat storing. if you allow it into your diet, it can It especially It targets abdominal fat because it stimulates brown fat, which is a good fat that helps you burn more calories.

Brown fat actually helps you burn white fat. Taking CLA helps stimulate the fat burning process. CLA attacks white fat cells, likely to be clustered around your abdomen, preventing your abs from showing.

Studies show that consuming 1.8-4.5 grams of CLA is the optimal dose for fat burning. Most CLA supplements yield 3g (3000 mg) per day. It’s more beneficial for people with active, healthy lifestyles.

Ben Affleck Diet Summary

Ben Affleck’s Batman diet is simple, and straightforward. Yet, there are many pitfalls to sticking to a diet like this.

Ben Affleck Nutritionist Rehan JelaliOn Twitter, Ben Affleck’s nutritionist (Rehan Jelani Twitter) warns:

  1. Don’t eat food out of boredom, as most people do.
  2. Don’t confuse hunger for thirst. #Hydrate #Focus #Discipline.

In summary, the Ben Affleck Diet For Batman is about:

  • Making sure you have protein/carbs in your body before each workout.
  • Focus on a 45% Carbohydrate; 35% Protein; 20% Fat diet plan.
  • Eat egg whites, and a slow burning carbohydrate in the morning. Ben Affleck worked out in the morning. So, he had to avoid eating fat. Eating fat after a workout prevents your body from digesting protein/carbs quickly. In turn, it takes too much time for your body to kick into protein synthesis.
  • Avoid foods that will cause your body to retain water, e.g. milk and sodium.
  • Avoid carbs, but eat protein and essential fats in the evening.

See Ben Affleck’s (Workout Routine For Batman) Here.Ben Affleck Batman Diet

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Ben Affleck Batman Transformation

Ben Affleck Batman wearing Batsuit no mask

The Ben Affleck Batman routine transformed him into the Caped Crusader for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. The routine was designed around getting Affleck into superhero shape. To help achieve these goals, Ben Affleck enlisted personal trainers Walter Norton Jr. (of the Boston Celtics) and Jamie Damon (Matt Damon’s cousin). They helped Affleck get bigger, while Rehan Jalali kept him looking lean. The Batman routine was shared in the March 2016 issue of Muscle & Fitness.

Batman v Superman Muscle & Fitness March 2016Although he didn’t even know it yet, Ben Affleck’s transformation into Batman started in 2009. Back then, when he was training for The Town, Affleck enlisted trainer Walter Norton Jr. (Formerly of the Boston Celtics). They continued to work together for years, including Ben Affleck’s movie Argo. When Ben got the “Bat Call” to become Batman, Affleck already knew what trainer to use.

Ben Affleck Batman wearing Batsuit no maskThe movie, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, showcases the struggle between two superheros, Batman and Superman. But, there was another contest going on while filming. Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill were competing against each other for the better body. Ben Affleck’s mantra (for beating Superman) during these workout routines was:

Intensity Creates Immensity

Ben Affleck Batman Routine & Workout

Ben Affleck’s Batman routine consisted of a 6 days on, 2 days off split. He was able to train for 15 months, prior to filming Batman v Superman. Much of his workouts were done while on the set of the movie Gone Girl. This meant waking up at 4 AM to do cardio, and a weight lifting session after a full day of acting! All of this work was so he could look physically intimidating, while wearing the Batsuit.

Ben Affleck Batman BatsuitThis meant most of Ben Affleck’s workouts were either early in the morning, or late at night. According to his trainer, Walter Norton, here are a couple of the workouts Ben Affleck used to get in superhero shape.

Batman Workout 1

(Shared by Ben Affleck’s trainer, Walter Norton Jr.)

  • AM: 30 Min Cardio (1st thing in the morning, on an empty stomach)
  • PM: (Below)

Warm Up

Elliptical21 minutes
Foam Rolling5 minutes

Activation Phase

Exercise Sets Reps
Off-Bench Oblique Hold212
Split Squat Iso Hold315
Seated Cable Row412
Plank410-sec hold
Physio Ball Rotation35/ each side
Swiss Ball Back Bridge420
Squat to Face Pull48-10-12-15

Strength Building

Exercise SetsReps
Bulgarian Split Squat56/per leg

Circuit Workout

Biceps CurlsCircuit10
Lateral LungesCircuit6/per side
Swiss Ball Shoulder BridgeCircuit8
Lat PulldownCircuit10

(Do 1 set of each exercise, then rest 1 minute at the end. Repeat circuit workout 3-4 more times)

The goal wasn’t to get Ben Affleck’s body really big, like the Hulk. The shift in the superhero workout regimen has gone towards a more “MMA” look. They want a superhero that looks like he or she is capable of delivering the acrobatic stunts they have come to be known for.  So, it was important for Ben Affleck to lose weight, while gaining muscle.

The idea was to avoid sculpting a physique similar to former Batman like Christian Bale or Michael Keaton. Instead, the Dark Knight was supposed to have the look of an imposing, powerful MMA Heavyweight.

Batman Workout 2

(Shared by Ben Affleck’s main trainer, Walter Norton Jr.)

  • AM: 30 Min Cardio (1st thing in the morning, on an empty stomach)
  • PM: (Below)

Warm Up

Rowing20 minutes
Foam Rolling5 minutes

Activation Phase

Hanging Leg Raises310
Biceps Curls315
Pallof Press315
Triceps Extension415
Hip Bridge410
Band Pull Apart420

Strength Building

Exercise SetsReps
Hammer Incline Press55
Stability Ball Leg Curl46
Pec Decks412
Dumbbell Shrugs58
DB Floor Press46
Single-Leg Romanian Deadlift36/each side
Hammer Curls46
Standing Calf Raise412

(Ben Affleck’s trainers only shared 2 days worth of training in the Muscle & Fitness interview).

Ben Affleck sometimes adds ValSlides to his workout. His wife, Jennifer Garner, is much more famous for doing this type of exercise. See the Jennifer Garner Workout and how to do ValSlides here. Ben Affleck describes his workout routine for Batman:

We knew going in that the preparation involved would be demanding. If the audience was going to believe I stood a fighting chance taking on a superhero, I was going to have to physically match the size and power Henry Cavill had dauntingly established in Man of Steel.

A Lot of Reps

Ben Affleck’s Batman trainer talks about how they got him The Dark Knight look:

With Batman, we had to get a physically imposing, powerful look. That takes a lot of reps. You have to be in the weight room, day after day, doing a lot of reps. So, it certainly was a process.

Affleck’s trainer goes on to say:

Because we knew we had to train for such a long period of time, we had to be a little more joint-friendly. But, we had to add muscle, so there was certainly an aesthetic, muscle building element to it.

According to his trainer, Ben Affleck’s results were due to his genetics, as well as his hard work in the gym.

Ben Affleck got very good at Chin Ups and Pull Ups. He added a lot of weight to his glutes and his legs that he hadn’t had before. His calves got a lot bigger. Certainly, he’s also got a great frame.

Ben Affleck Height and Weight

Ben Affleck’s height is 6’4″ (1.95 m). His weight fluctuates per movie, but he usually weighs 208 pounds (94.34 kg). For the movie, The Town, Affleck’s trainer says he went through 10 pounds (4.54 kg) of weight loss, dropping down to 198 pounds (6.8% body fat for The Town). For Batman v Superman, Ben Affleck gained 20 pounds (228 lbs. total), and got down to 7.9% body fat.

Ben Affleck Height and Weight For BatmanBen Affleck’s trainer, Walter Norton Jr., talks about Ben Affleck’s body during the days filming The Town:

He lost 12 pounds for The Town. He was stronger in every lift. And, he was physically bigger everywhere (except his waist). He put on a ton of muscle and lost a lot of fat.

Director Zach Snyder would have preferred Ben Affleck to work out with Henry Cavill’s trainer, Mark Twight. But, Affleck was more comfortable working with his trainer from The Town. The results he got working with Norton made him certain he could do it again for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Ben Affleck Batman Routine Batsuit & Body comparisonBecause of his large 6’4″ frame, Ben Affleck was able to gain 20 pounds (9 kg) of muscle to play Batman. This bulked Ben Affleck up to 228 pounds (103.42 kg). Still, he was able to maintain a lean, mean superhero look. Ben Affleck’s diet was crucial in maintaining a lean body, while gaining muscle. See What Ben Affleck Ate (His Diet For Batman) Here.


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