How Carrie Underwood Stays Fit

Carrie Underwood being interviewed

Carrie Underwood stays fit any way she can. She shares some of these ways in her latest Instagram posts. In one of the most amazing ones, she picks up her son and uses him as a weight for squats! The country singer also showed off simple workout moves, using only a towel. To stay fit, it’s fair to say Carrie Underwood gets in a workout any way she can.

Carrie Underwood Stays Fit

After giving birth to baby Isaiah, Carrie Underwood stays fit with the following philosophy:

Sometimes you have to work your baby into your workout, but that’s OK because the world is your playground.

Carrie Underwood Running With Baby Isaiah

Carrie Underwood Stays Fit With Bodyweight Workouts

Carrie Underwood stays fit with bodyweight workouts. Sometimes, this simply requires a towel and a hard floor. Other times, she just needs her baby child, or a mechanical bull, if one presents itself.

Carrie Underwood Bodyweight Workout

Valerie Waters created a tool called the Val Slide for “bigger butt” and “slim hips” style workouts. Carrie Underwood demonstrates the towel workout made famous by celebrity trainer Valerie Waters.

About doing squats, with her 10 month-old son, the country singer says:

Sometimes we just have to make it work!

When things are more organized, the country singer works out with a trainer. Carrie Underwood’s personal trainer, Erin Oprea, says diet and exercise are the crucial parts to losing weight. Whether it’s post-pregnancy baby weight, or you just have some pounds to lose, she says:

I’ll show you how to get in shape. Exercise is first. But, Nutrition is key. Put the two together and you’re going to be ready for high heels!

Before jumping on a mechanical Bull, she screams:

Yee Haw!

Carrie Underwood Diet

To stay fit, Carrie Underwood’s diet is mostly vegan. That doesn’t mean she doesn’t prepare her family tasty treats. Here’s her recipe for Overnight Oats (via Instagram):

Overnight Oats recipe

  • 1/2C oatmeal
  • 1/2C unsweetened vanilla almond milk
  • 2tbs almond slices
  • 1/2tbs chia seeds, pumpkin pie spice, and blueberries

Mix together and leave in the fridge overnight! Drizzle with a little maple syrup or agave in the morning.

Carrie Underwood being interviewedCarrie Underwood says her baby Isaiah impacts more than just her fitness routine. She says Isaiah also affects her glam routine:

Sometimes, getting ready takes a little bit longer. You just stop and see him, and want to love him!

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