Cardio Workout: 12 Minute Core and Cardio Focus

cardio workout

Cardio Workout: 12 Minute Core and Cardio Focus

Cardio workouts with lots of calisthenics are a great way to tone your body and burn body fat. The 12 Minute Cardio Workout packs a lot of exercises into a small amount of time. This makes sure that you workout fast. Cardio workouts are most effective when you workout briskly, with little to no rest between intervals.

You will be mostly working your core and legs in this workout. Especially, your glutes, hamstrings, quads, and calves. Although this is a light cardio workout, you can perform it faster and faster, to turn your body into a lean, mean, fat-burning machine! Cardio workouts are popular workouts because you can do them at home, or anywhere on the go.

cardio workout

Aim for doing 24 rounds of 25 second exercises. There is 5 seconds of rest between intervals. But, this is really just enough time to get into the next exercise. If you are a beginner, you can add more than 5 seconds of rest. Try to minimize the amount of rest between sets to keep your heart rate up. Use this cardio workout as a warm up, or your entire workout.

12 Minute Cardio Workout: Core and Cardio Focus:

1. Low Jacks

Hands behind your head, and come down low, engage your core and land softly.

2. Bicycle

Lie flat, and bring one elbow to the opposite knee.

3. Dancing Crab

Lie down like a crab, with hands and feet supporting your body. Touch the toe of your opposite foot (or touch your knee if that’s all you can reach). Repeat.

4. Ninja Jump Tuck

Get on your knees, then jump onto your legs. Then, perform a squat jump.

(If you can’t perform the first movement, its fine. Just step up, then do the squat jump.)

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