Candice Swanepoel Workout & Diet: Boxes And Circuit Training

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Train Like an Angel: Butt Circuit

candice swanepoel workout butt

Do 12-15 reps, for each leg, exercise. Go slow, and feel the burn as you go. Candice Swanepoel uses ankle weights (Get on Amazon) to amplify her workout. Ankle weights will add difficulty, but more quickly tone your legs and butt.

  • Side leg extensions
  • Middle leg extensions
  • Angle leg extensions
  • Back stretches
  • Side leg press-ups
  • Middle leg press-ups
  • Angle leg press-ups
  • Side leg lifts
  • Knee leg lifts (push from your glutes)
  • Knee stretches
  • Clams Pilates exercise
  • Leg circles (10 in one direction, 10 in the other)
  • Cross-over stretches

About her exercise plan, the Candice Swanepoel workout involves a lot of effort. She says:

I exercise a lot, 4 days a week if I can. I’ve been working out with a trainer for years, so my body is like a machine, which it needs to be – people don’t realize how physical a model’s job is. So, staying in shape helps me deal with work and travel.

Train Like an Angel: Arms Circuit

candice swanepoel arms

The Runway Arms Circuit uses resistance bands. Resistance bands give your arms a long, lean and strong look. Also, they’re easy to travel with, and you can attach them to anything. Look for Resistance Bands on Amazon that come with a door attachment. The attachment is great, especially if you don’t have a partner or trainer to hold the other end for you.

Resistance bands emphasize three planes of motion: front, side, and angle. This is to tone the front, back, and sides of your arms. As seen in the exercise video below, do 12-15 reps for each exercise. Go slow, and feel the burn as you go for that 15th rep.

  • Slight Incline bicep curls
  • Tricep extensions
  • Straight bicep curls
  • Decline bicep curls
  • Stretch (3-5 mins)
  • Wood Choppers

Continue to see the Candice Swanepoel Arm Workout in action:

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