Candace Parker Workout: Finding Ways to Get Better

Candace Parker Workout
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Candace Parker Workout

The Candace Parker workout is about always finding ways to get better, and focuses on core strength, lower body exercise, and explosive jumping techniques. Candace Parker, the first woman to dunk in the NCAA, and first player to win the WNBA MVP and Rookie of the Year award, in the same season, takes her job on and off the court very seriously. It’s a great workout for any female basketball player that needs a pro workout.

The 6’4″ forward is known for being able to move well for her height and size, which she attributes to her workout routine.

Candace Parker’s workout goals are to find ways to get faster, stronger, but also more flexible.  She finds that flexibility is the key to preventing injury.  Parker has found that stretching before workouts helps her muscles heal much faster. Core and lower body workouts further help her to make quick movements she does on the court, while helping to box out opponents as well. Being able to move well for her height and size are important motivations to always get better in the gym. Besides gym workouts, she also believes in picking basketball drills that she needs to improve on, and developing those in the off-season, as well.

Candace Parker WorkoutShe attributes her earliest success in sports to her time playing soccer. She was able to get comfortable in her body that way, while getting foot speed and quickness. Her initial dream was to be an Olympian soccer player. She was motivated to play basketball after seeing the success of her older brothers. From there, she started playing a lot of pick up games, where she was the only female.

In terms of Candace Parker’s diet, she adheres to the motto “You are what you eat.” At first she didn’t care or notice, but now notices differences in shooting, between when she has optimal nutrition and when she doesn’t. Candace Parker’s workout routine is also firmly grounded in the FILO strategy: “First one in, last one out.”

The Candace Parker workout is about taking as many things from the gym, that she can, and translating them into actions on the court. Candace Parker’s typical routine looks like this:

Candace Parker Leg Workout

  • Box Jumps (2 sets of 20)
  • Single-Leg Box Jumps (2 sets of 20)
  • Drop Lunges
  • Traditional Squats
  • Ankle band resistance training
  • Ladders

Candace Parker Core Workout

  • Hip Bridge Leg Exercise
  • Plate Ab Crunches
  • Cone Twists
  • Medicine Ball Twists
  • Medicine Ball Chops

Below is an example of a Drop Squat, one of Candace Parker’s core exercises:

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  1. Candace Parker’s workout is awesome, makes sense that she focuses so much on legs to get all those rebounds.

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