Cam Newton Workout

The Cam Newton workout is aimed at strengthening the quarterback’s core. This core workout was featured in Muscle & Fitness Magazine. They interviewed Cam’s strength coaches, who give us the Cam Newton workout for his core/abs.

The Cam Newton workout is interesting because he usually only uses one arm or leg at a time. He almost never touches a barbell, a key tool in promoting total body strength. This is because of the focus Cam’s strength coaches have put on core strength and rotational ability.

Cam Newton NFL Quarterback Abs Workout

Cam Newton Core Workout Routine

The Cam Newton Core Workout routine is designed by Carolina Panthers strength coaches Joe Kenn and Jason Benguche. The core strength and stability is important not only for NFL quarterbacks, but any athlete.

2 Kettlebell Power Pull2-34-6Circuit
Kettlebell Single Leg Squat2-35-8Do one set of
Single-arm Dumbbell Bench Press2-36-10each exercise, then
TRX Inverted Row2-310-15move onto the next one.
Single-Leg Good Morning2-36-10Rest 1 min and repeat circuit

(Click exercise links, above, for links to video demonstrations/explanations.)Cam Newton Core Workout Routine

Cam Newton explains why his core NFL quarterback workout is important:

The core is very important, as is overall body balance. Because there’s very rarely a time when you have a perfect pocket. You have to be able to control your body to make accurate throws, whether it’s a blitz or a pretty pocket.

Cam Newton Body Showing Abs

Cam Newton Workout Quote

Cam Newton talks about his workout, saying:

With my playing style, I understand that my body has to be ready to do more than just throw the football. I have to take my body through the rigors and be prepared to take hits and be strong enough to tote the ball 10 times a game if I have to.

Cam Newton Carolina Panthers Workout Quote

Cam Newton Height And Weight

Here’s Cam Newton’s Height and Weight:

  • Cam Newton’s Height: 6’5″ (1.95 m)
  • Cam’s Weight: 245 lbs. (111 kg)
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