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Butt Workouts: Tone Up Your Buns and Thighs

butt workouts tone buns and thighs

Butt Workouts: Buns and Thighs

Butt Workouts aim to tone your buns and thighs. You do this with exercises that isolate your glutes, quads and hamstrings. This workout will use Jump Squats, Toe Touches, Split Squats, Butt Lifts, Stair Climbs. If your looking for another butt workout, try the Kim Kardashian Workout: How to Make Your Butt Look Bigger.

butt workouts tone buns and thighs

Butt Workout Routine

Butt Workouts require that you push yourself by constantly moving. You will use your body weight to tone your buns. Focus on the glute muscles that you are trying to train. Make sure to let them do the work throughout your butt workouts.

Do 3 sets of each exercise. 10 reps of each exercise.

Butt Workouts (9 Min) Routine:

  • Jump Squat
  • Toe Touches
  • Split Squats
  • Butt Lifts
  • Stair Climbs

This buns building workout can be done by men or women. People often do lower body workouts twice per week. You can alternate lower body workouts with upper body workouts, so that you are working a different half of your body each day.

Jump Squat

Alternate each jump by using a wide, then a narrow base. Squat down, then thrust back up into a jump.

Toe Touches

Slightly bend down and touch opposite hand to opposite toe. Kick the leg of the hand your using out behind you. This works both your obliques and the side of your thighs.

Split Squats

Put one foot out in front, then explode up. With abs engaged, count 20 of these (10 each leg). Land softly each time to stay safe from injury.

Butt Lifts

This works your inner thigh and top of the glutes. Lift your left leg, and drive all your weight toward your right heel. This will support your body. Keeping your abs tight, raise your leg up into the air, then bring it out to the side. Do 10 and switch legs.

Stair Climbs

Stair climbing engages your butt while burning calories. It is a total lower body exercise that works your glutes, quads, and hamstrings.

Butt Workouts For Women

If you are going for bulk, stick to the recommended reps. However, women are often interested in toning their buns and thighs. If you are looking for a butt workout that involves toning your buns, then do more reps of each exercise. Also, you can increase the number of sets that you do to 5. Try to increase reps, and vary exercises to avoid plateaus. If the workout feels easy, you know it’s time to increase the load.

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