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Butt Workouts At Home: Abs, Legs and Glutes Workout

butt workouts at home

Butt Workouts At Home

Butt workouts at home are one of the most popular workouts people look for. Most think you would need to go to a gym to get a good looking butt. But, that’s not the case. The right combination of cardio exercise and free weight movements will do the job. This butt workouts at home video features a full abs, legs and glutes routine.  Set a timer for 50 seconds for each exercise, with 10 seconds of rest between exercises.

Most people aren’t happy with their butt. They either think its too big, too small, too saggy, or flabby. The butt workouts at home video will take you through Ninja Jumps, Dive Bombers, Alligators, Squat Jumps, Reverse Pullups, and Sumo Squats to help you feel better and shape your butt while working in the comfort of your own home.

Butt Workouts at Home: Abs, Legs and Glutes Workout

  • Ninja Jump Tuck then do 5 High Knees
  • 2 Dive Bombers Plank Drunk Chicken
  • 4 Knee-to-elbow raises, 2 alligators, 2 straight ons
  • 2 Pop push-ups, 5 Squat jumps
  • Reverse Pull-ups One leg out switch legs after 5 (use a couch or chair to stabilize your legs)
  • 4 Sumo Squats 4 Switch Lunges

Many people out there are afraid that these activities will enlarge their rears. But, like many myths out there, it isn’t always true. Your body two different types of muscle fibers: slow-twitch and fast-twitch.

Fast-twitch muscle fibers (think of bodybuilders) are made to lift heavy weights and grow larger. The slow-twitch fibers (think marathon runners) are made for endurance and can’t get very big. As long as you are doing an aerobic exercise, you’re relying on your slow-twitch muscles so your butt will not get bigger from cardio.

However, if you are using a lot of resistance in your cardio routine, then you will be using those fast-twitch bodybuilding muscles. In this case, your butt will get bigger over time.

butt workouts at home

If you want to get your butt bigger from these home workouts, increase the amount of resistance you do over time. Get bigger weights, or extend your body more on the free motion. Think of ways you can add resistance like ankle weight, or having a partner push against you for resistance. The harder the exercise, the more you will increase your butt over time.

Conversely, if you want a smaller butt, focus on the aerobic part of these lifts. Use your fast-twitch muscles by doing a ton of reps, but omit using heavy weights or resistance. For you, butt workouts at home should be about high reps, high intensity but low resistance. Doing Lunges, Step Ups, Hip Extensions, and Deadlifts will also help you shape your butt.

If you aren’t completely exhausted after this workout, try adding your own exercises to the workout and see if that changes your results. Also, if you want a smaller but, set your gym timers to longer periods of time, with lower resistance from weights. If you want a bigger butt, set the timers for shorter periods of time and use extra weights or bigger sandbags for more resistance training.

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  1. Amazing Article . Do squat variations are combined such as ski, sumo, pop, static, pulse and jump squats. It is intensive since you have to do exercises for 40 seconds and rest only 5 seconds. it really work for a Bigger Butt

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