Butt Workout For Women

butt workout women bikini model fitness

The Butt Workout For Women is composed of 3 simple exercises. The glute workout is designed to be done at the gym. Still, you can do it anywhere you like. It can be done as an at-home as well. At home, just use weights, or object you can find around the house. This will help add resistance. Adding resistance to your workout helps increases how fast you see results.

Butt Workout For Women

This butt workout for women is performed by bikini model Elnara of Bikini Model Fitness. The butt workouts is a gym-based, legs and butt workout. Thus, the workout will help you tone your legs and butt. The goal of the workout is to help you get a bigger butt. Athletic, sexy looking legs are the goal, as well.

Three Exercises

The three exercises in the workout are:

  1. Reverse Lunges w/Barbell
  2. Reverse & Across Lunges w/Barbell
  3. Smith Machine Reverse Lunges

There is no set amount of reps. Rather, try to get in as many as you can. That’s why the workout video is so long. You want to do lots of reps to get a long and lean body. If you’re looking for a set number of reps, aim for at least 12-15 reps. Do 3 sets of each exercise. If you don’t have any weights, try to be creative. You can even use milk jugs for resistance, if you have to.

As you can see, all three exercises are lunges. The important technique here is to keep your weight on your heels. Step through each exercise, focusing on your glutes as the weight transfers to your heels. Putting the weight on your heels makes your butt the focus of each exercise. This helps tone your butt and legs faster!

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butt workout women bikini model fitness

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