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Butt Building Workout With Vicky Justiz

Butt Building Workout

The Butt Building Workout is an at-home exercise routine for your booty. The workout will help to shape, lift and build your butt. Bikini Model Vicky Justiz shows you her favorite moves for building her butt. This is an at home butt workout that will help tone your butt and give you athletic, sexy looking legs (can be done at home, or do it anywhere). It’s good to add some ankle weights, if you really want to tone your booty.


Vicky Justiz, a bikini model from Miami, will guide you through this workout. The workout includes weighted kickbacks to tone your butt. Plank kickbacks are a great way to work your legs and butt. Feel free to stop when you need to catch your breath. Keep your core tight and your back straight through each exercise. This booty building workout will help shape your butt quickly.

The goal of the Butt Building Workout is to use butt isolation exercises. The workout includes some of the following exercises:

  • 20 Plank Side Kickbacks (kick each leg up and out)
  • 20 Plank Straight Kickbacks (20 each side)
  • 20 Curtsy Lunges
  • 20 Side to Side Hops
  • 20 Side Step Under Squats
  • 20 Reverse Lunges

(Rest when you need to, especially starting out.)

Vicky says that you don’t have to use weight for the kickbacks or lunges. But she goes on to say it’s important:

Adding weight makes it more challenging–you know–the weight really makes you build muscle on your butt.

Butt Building Workout: Step Under Squats

The Butt Building workout uses an exercise called Step Under Squats. This exercise may look easy, but it’s important to have proper form. Bikini Model Vicky Justiz says that when doing Step Under Squats:

Pretend there’s a bar here, and you’re going to squat under it each time. Make sure you’re pressing on your heels, keeping your core tight. Make sure your knees aren’t past your toes. Your weight should be on your heels.

By keeping your weight on your heels, you protect your knees, while isolating your butt. Try to go low. The lower you go, the better, until the point where your legs are parallel to the floor.

Butt Building Workout: Reverse Lunges

Another key exercise in the Butt Building workout is Reverse Lunges. Vicky calls them “Step Back Lunges.” Her advice for doing this exercise includes pressing off your front heel to avoid injury:

I don’t come all the way up because I like to keep my butt engaged. Make sure you’re dropping as low as you can. [So] you feel that butt working. Press off from that front heel.

All the exercises in the Butt Building workout try to isolate your butt. The more you isolate your butt, the less you need to get your legs involved in the exercise. This helps to make your butt bigger, while toning your legs. Try pointing your feet slightly outward to increase the load on your butt.


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