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Bruce Lee Workout: Secrets Revealed

The Bruce Lee Workout reveals the secrets to his routine. Bruce Lee is known for having a lean body, yet he was full of strength and agility. Lee was very secretive about his training. This is because martial arts centers around personal growth and inner strength, it’s not something you gush about.

Bruce Lee Workout

Bruce Lee’s workout was discovered by his daughter, Shannon Lee. Shannon Lee shared the Bruce Lee workout that she found in her late father’s possessions. The workout and training notes were featured in Muscle & Fitness (October 2014 issue).

The secrets revealed in Bruce Lee’s workout included his notes on power, agility, coordination, flexibility, endurance, agility and even rest. When it came to his workouts, Bruce Lee used the philosophical maxim:

Don’t allow your goals to be superficial. Think deeply about your motivations, and pursue them in ways that elevate your performance. Accept what is useful, reject what is useless, and add what is essentially your own, and apply it to your workout.

Bruce Lee Workout Secrets

Bruce Lee Circuit Training

The Bruce Lee circuit training routine was the foundation of his power. It was central to Lee’s overall strength, or what he calls “power.”

Clean and Press
Barbell Curls
Behind-the-Neck Presses
Upright Rows28-12
Barbell Squats
Barbell Row28-12
Bench Press
Barbell Pullover
[Do one set of each, moving onto the next exercise after 1 set. Rest a minute. Then, repeat the circuit one more time. (to reach 2 sets of each exercise) Click exercise links (above) for videos and descriptions on how to do Bruce Lee Circuit Training.]
Muscle & Fitness Bruce Lee Workout Routine
Muscle & Fitness

Bruce Lee developed a circuit training routine long before it was popular. He found that training all his muscles was a more balanced approach. For his goals, it was much better than focusing on a singular muscle group.

Bruce Lee Circuit Training Routine Abs

This is because Bruce Lee was focused on power and agility, but not massive increases in size. For anyone focused on a lean frame, circuit training is the way to go. By doing different exercises for different body parts, blood has to flow much quicker.

As your blood is flowing quicker through body, your heart has to work harder. Circuit training requires more pumping blood, increasing your heart rate. An increased heart rate during weight training (or cardio) is the key to fat burning.

Bruce Lee Workout For Lean Muscle Gains

The Bruce Lee Workout for lean muscle gains was something he created when he wanted to get bigger. Bruce Lee created a workout routine designed for lean muscle gains. This workout helped him gain 3/4″ (1.9 cm) to his upper biceps in just 44 days!


Barbell Squats310
Lying Triceps Extension46
Incline Dumbbell Curls46
Concentration Curls46
Weighted Push Ups310
Barbell Curls38
Overhead Triceps Extension36-8
Dumbbell Rotation4AMAYC
Seated Wrist Curls4AMAYC
Reverse Wrist Curls4AMAYC
Calf Raise520
[Click exercise links (above) for videos and descriptions on how to do Bruce Lee Workout for lean muscle gains]


AMAYC= As Many As You Can (i.e., To Failure)

Muscle & Fitness

Bruce Lee Total Body Workout

The Bruce Lee Total Body Workout is a collection of his notes that encompasses his exercise routine. These notes were found by his daughter, Shannon Lee:

Exercise SetsFormat
Alternate Splits3Circuit
Run In Place3Circuit
Jump Squats3Circuit
Shoulder Circling3Circuit
Bruce Lee High Kicks3Circuit
Waist Twists3Circuit
Side Bends3Circuit
Ab Crunches3Circuit
Hanging Leg Raises3Circuit
[Click links above for exercise videos/demonstrations. Circuit format means you perform only 1 set of an exercise, then move to the next one. There’s also a Bruce Lee Abs workout that demonstrates these exercises on the next page.]

Bruce Lee Total Body Workout


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