Brad Pitt Workout & Diet: Into Achilles For Troy

Brad Pitt Workout For Troy

The Brad Pitt workout and diet was designed to transform him into Achilles for Troy. Transforming into Achilles meant becoming a character idealized in many books and movies. Known for having an absolutely symmetrical body, Brad Pitt says this was the toughest workout he has ever done. Considering Brad Pitt’s Fight Club workout, that says a lot.
brad pitt workout troy
Brad Pitt reached out to Gregory Joujon-Roche, a top Hollywood personal trainer. Together, Brad Pitt and Gregory Joujon-Roche designed a workout that would get him the symmetrical look he needed for Troy. Roche, who charges $5,000 per week, also came with access to a masseuse, nutritionist, martial arts instructor, yoga instructor, and core trainer. Thus, when it came to transforming into Achilles, the Brad Pitt Workout has a huge support team.

Brad Pitt Workout Monday Routine = Chest & Shoulders

  • 1 hour cardio on Treadmill (@2% Incline) with Abs Intervals
  • 1-2 hours weightlifting: Chest / Shoulders Focus
  • 1-2 hours sword-training

Here’s the Brad Pitt Treadmill Cardio/Abs Routine. Brad Pitt’s trainer, Gregory Joujon-Roche suggests using a heart monitor to make sure you’re at the correct heart rate levels:

  1. Do 20 minutes on Treadmill (@2% Incline)
  2. After 10 minutes, make sure your heart rate is @75%
  3. After 20 minutes, stop and do these three core abs exercises: (Ab Circuit)
  4. Accordion Crunches
  5. Side Bridges
  6. Supermans
  7. 2 minutes treadmill @ 85% heart rate (160 BPM)
  8. Repeat Ab Circuit (x4 times total sets)
  9. Do 2 minute sprint between each ab circuit
  10. After 4th set of abs, end with run on treadmill for 5 minutes @87%

After doing cardio/abs, they would have specific body parts they would work on. They would start each weak with chest / shoulder muscles. Instead of having a certain number of reps in mind, just do sets of each circuit until you feel “you’ve killed it.” Here’s the Monday weightlifting routine:

  1. Dive Bombers
  2. Dumbbell Bench Press
  3. Advanced Chest Flys
  4. Cable Flys
  5. Military Press
  6. Shoulder Workout Plan: Lateral Flys
  7. Front Raises
  8. Barrel Flys
  9. Rep-Out Push-Ups (as many as you can)

When doing Dive Bombers, trainer Gregory Joujon-Roche says:

Stretch your abs and lower back, really open them up. Point your pinkie outward, and spread your fingers. This takes the tension off your neck, and puts it into your triceps and rear deltoids.

brad pitt workout troy chest

Brad Pitt Workout Tuesday Routine = Legs

  • 1 hour yoga / stretching
  • 1-2 hours weightlifting: Legs Focus
  • 1 hour martial arts
Instead of having a certain number of reps in mind, just do sets of each circuit until you feel “you’ve killed it.” Here’s the Tuesday Legs Focus Weightlifting Routine:

  1. Single-Leg Squats
  2. Lunges with a Kick
  3. Lateral Shuffle Cardio Interval (3, 1-minute bursts)
  4. Duck Squats
  5. Leg Extensions
  6. Mountain Climbers Cardio Interval (2 sets of 15 each leg)
  7. Calf Raises
  8. Hanging Leg Raises
  9. Skater Lunges Cardio Intervals  (20-30 jumps each side)

Martial Arts: Hold a 10 lb. dumbbell for all these moves:

  1. Jab-Cross Combinations (25 reps)
  2. Jab-Cross-Roundhouse Kick (25 reps)
  3. Jab-Cross-Roundhouse Kick-Jab-Cross-Hook (20 reps)
  4. Snap-and-Roundhouse Combo (50 kick)
  5. Roundhouse Kicks (Rapid Fire 50 kicks)
  6. Thai Knee-Abs

Brad Pitt got to do martial arts with Greg Joujon-Roche’s assistant, Steven Ho, who played Donatello (stunts) in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.