Brad Pitt Fight Club Body: How To Get It

Brad Pitt’s Fight Club body is one of the most revered physiques of all-time. Running an underground fight club, Brad Pitt was in the best shape of his life. Use Pitt’s workout routine to get in the best shape of your life. Here’s how Brad Pitt transformed his body to play ‘Tyler Durden’ in the movie Fight Club.

Monday – Chest Routine

Training for the movie, Brad Pitt would spend each day focused on one body part. The workout charts are sourced from his interviews with Men’s Health UK. Each workout chart shows the routine he used for that day. Brad Pitt starts with Monday, his chest day. If you’re interested in learning about the correct form needed for each exercise, click the links to learn:

Tuesday – Back Routine

On Tuesday, Brad Pitt’s routine focused on his back. For each day, the instructions remain the same. Regarding how much weight to lift: find a weight where you can complete at least 15 reps. You should be fatigued at this point, and need to rest for 30-60 seconds before continuing. If you find the 15 reps to be too easy, you’re not lifting enough weight. Make sure to go up in weight, (heavier) the next set.

Brad Pitt rested for 60 seconds between sets, to allow his muscles to recover. If each set feels a lot harder, then you know you’re not resting long enough. On the contrary, you’re resting too long when you lose “the pump.” (The pump is what weightlifters call it when blood flows into the muscles you’re working). If you rest too long, you begin to lose this support, as less oxygen can get to the muscles you’re working.

Wednesday – Shoulders Routine

Thursday – Arms Routine

For arms, Brad Pitt used a Nautilus curl machine. If you don’t have access to that equipment, simply substitute the exercise with E-Z Bar Curls (inner grip) as shown. Then, move onto the 2nd exercise (switching to an outer grip) and using cables, to change the resistance method. Using multiple grips helps work all your biceps muscles, making them grow bigger over time.

Friday – Cardio Routine

  • Treadmill for 45+ minutes at 65%-75% maximum heart rate

Brad Pitt only did cardio once a week. Yet, cardio is listed at the end of each routine. This is because everyone requires a different amount of cardio to achieve a lean body. Pitt found that he only needed one cardio workout per week. This is atypical. Most people will need to add more cardio to their workouts to lose weight. So, it’s advised to do 15-20 mins of HIIT cardio at the end of your workout routine.

Brad Pitt Fight Club Routine

Because he had a hard time adding muscle, Brad Pitt’s Fight Club routine spent each day on only one body part. He found working multiple body parts per day was counter-productive, because of his body style. If you have a hard time adding muscle, then Brad Pitt’s Fight Club routine is the type you should be using.

Getting A Brad Pitt Body

As you can see, you don’t have to spend a ton of time in the gym each day. You don’t have to train like a maniac. It’s more important to obsess over what you eat. Any excess calories will make it harder to get a body like Brad Pitt. See here for more on the Brad Pitt Fight Club Workout & Diet.

Brad Pitt Fight Club Body

If you find it easy to gain body weight both muscle and/or fat (“easy gainers”), then it may be harder to achieve a body like Brad Pitt’s. You will have to reduce your caloric intake to match his body’s metabolism. Getting a Brad Pitt body will also require more cardio for “easy gainers. See the Brad Pitt Fight Club Workout & Diet: Tyler Durden Routine for more details on this.

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  1. Hey Chris Nice workout, i just have One quistion. I am a mesomorph body and i was wondering if i should perform it like, do one set and then jump to the next exercise or finish every exercise, to get the best results?

    Thanks In advance.

    • As a mesomorph, you have two options. It depends on your goals. To gain muscle, do all sets at each station to fully, entirely work that muscle to exhaustion. Eat a lot of food to get bigger over time. For fat burning, you want to do this circuit style like you describe.

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