Body Weight Workouts: 12 Min Upper Body Routine

Body weight workouts upper body

Body Weight Workouts: 12 Min Upper Body

Body Weight Workouts are a great way to stay in shape. You can do them in at home, or outside. This body weight workout focuses on a 12 minute upper body and abs routine. This program will use tricep dips, bear crawls, swimmer abs, chest flys, and crunches. The Body Weight Workouts: 12 Min Upper Body programs aims to build your:

  1. chest
  2. triceps
  3. shoulders
  4. abs

Body weight workouts upper body

Each round lasts for 50 Seconds, followed by 10 Seconds of rest. Then, take one minute off in between rounds. Today’s workout requires a jump rope and a dip bar, or something similar you can find around the house.

Body Weight Workouts: 12 Min Upper Body Routine

  1. Pushup Triceps Dip w/Equalizer
  2. Bear Crawls
  3. Swimmer Abs
  4. Chest Flys and Press
  5. Crunches

Body Weight Workouts: 12 Minute Upper Body Day 2 Descriptions

Below is a tutorial on the Body Weight workouts: 12 Minute Routine

Get A Dip Station or Use Elevated Objects

Resistance training makes your at-home cardio workouts much more effective. Use a weight that allows you to maintain proper form, but also challenges you on each exercise.

If you don’t have a dip station, try to find a suitable elevated object around your house. You can use a couch or bed frame to elevate yourself for some of these exercises.

For the Chest Flys, if you don’t have dumbbells, you can do push-ups. Of course, you will want to swing one arm further out at a time. This will help to mimic the dumbbell Chest Flys. The goal, here, is to work the outer areas of your biceps. If you can’t find anything, have Amazon ship a dip station to your door. It’s worth it!

dip station for at-home cardio workouts
Use a Dip Station For This Body Weight Workout

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  1. Good Workout. Tougher than it looks. I didn’t have an equalizer, so I just did dips between two desks at work.

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