Blake Lively Workout & Diet: Get Her Long And Lean Legs

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Blake Lively Tuesday Workout Routine = Core & Legs

Blake Lively Tuesday Workout Routine: Circuit: 3-4 sets

  • Warm-up: Bicycle or Elliptical 15 minutes warm-up.
  • Diagonal Walks with Mini-bands (10 sets per side)
  • Butterfly Steps (5-10 each direction)
  • Lifted Heel Squat (15 reps each side) with Tricep Kickbacks
  • Standing Leg Rotations (10 reps each side)
  • Cross-Back Lunge with Medicine Ball Pulses (6 lbs. with 3-5 reps per side)
  • Reverse Lunge with Dumbbell Press (see next page)
  • Side to Side Speed Skaters (see next page)
  • T-Push-ups (see next page)
Here’s a video with Alicia Strom (trainer Bobby Strom’s wife) looking at how Blake Lively got her long and lean legs:

Blake Lively Exercise Illustrations

blake lively workout reverse lunges

blake lively workout T push ups

Blake Lively Wednesday Workout Routine = Rest/Cardio


Blake Lively would usually rest halfway through the week. She was allowed to do some cardio, if she wasn’t too sore. Her trainer says:

I like the bicycle or elliptical machine for toning the lower body. Your feet don’t leave the pedals so you are constantly pushing against resistance.


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