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Bikini Abs Workout: 20 Minutes With Chelsey Novak

Bikini Abs Workout

The Bikini Abs Workout is designed as a great way to tone your abs. This abs workout is instructed by Chelsey from Bikini Model Fitness. Start with 30 leg lifts, to get your lower abs warm. Then, do 30 crunches to work your middle region. Don’t be afraid to take breaks.


Your trainer, Bikini Fitness Model Chelsey Novak, says it’s important to stop and catch your breath. This is an at-home abs workout that you can do anywhere. The workout will tone your abs and obliques in order to to give you the bikini model look your working towards. Here is the bikini abs workout video:

The goal of the Bikini Abs Workout is to do around 1 minute or 30 reps of each abs exercise. Exercises in the Bikini Abs Workout include:

Round 1:

  1. 30 Leg Lifts (reps)
  2. 30 Crunches (reps)
  3. 30 Oblique Crunches (timed)
  4. 1 Minute Plank with Leg Kickbacks (timed)
  5. 1 Minute Side-Plank (timed)
  6. 1 Minute Plank with Leg Kickbacks (timed)

Rest one minute. Then, go to Round 2.


Round 2:

  1. 30 Crunch and Twist
  2. 30 Crunch and Twist (switch legs)
  3. 30 Crunches
  4. 50 Leg Raises
  5. 1 Minute Plank with Leg Kickbacks (timed)
  6. 50 Crunches
  7. 30 Leg Reaches
  8. 1 Minute Side-Plank (30 sec each side)
  9. Push-Up Position Hold (30 sec)

Chelsey Novak, from Bikini Model Fitness, says it’s important to go slow. It’s more important to feel the burn in your abs, than it is to go fast during the Bikini Abs workout:

Honestly, it doesn’t matter what pace you do it. It’s better to go really slow and feel the burn, rather than go really fast and not feel anything. So, basically, feel the burn.

Bikini Abs Workout: Crunch and Twist

The modification that Chelsey uses a lot is the “Crunch and Twist.” She does them all on one side, before going to the other side. One modification would be to do alternating crunches. The Crunch and Twist exercise gets you get bikini abs by working not only your abs, but your obliques as well.

Basic crunches, or ab crunches, are the core of the Bikini Abs workout. Perform basic crunches by raising your upper body off the floor using your abs. Make sure your hands are only lightly touching your head. Use your abs, not your hands, to do crunches.

Here’s a video to see a detailed explanation of the Crunch and Twist along with some modifications.

Bikini Abs Workout Advice

This Bikini Abs workout uses a lot of crunches and planks. About planks, Bikini Fitness Model Chelsey Novak says:

I like planks a lot because it really focuses on your core. And not just one side, it basically focuses on the whole thing.

Talking about how to look your best, Chelsey says about bikini modeling:

When you have no sodium, that’s when you look your leanest. I used to do the lemonade diet, the ‘don’t eat before a photo shoot.’ But, I realized that if you have a lot of high protein before a shoot it really helps with showing your abs, as well as, drinking water. The cliche stuff: If you eat super good, but don’t go to the gym, you’re not going to get results. If you go to the gym, but you eat bad, you’re not going to get any results.

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