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Best Exercises For Your Butt: 3 Exercises To Shape Your Booty

Best Exercises For Your Butt

The Best Exercises For Your Butt are those that isolate your glutes. Bikini Model Vicky Justiz shows you her top 3 exercises to shape your booty. Her top 3 exercises for your butt are: Reverse Lunges, Curtsy Lunges and Bouncing Squats. These exercises will help to shape, lift and build your butt.


Here’s the best exercises for your butt:

The goal of the Butt Building Workout is to use butt isolation exercises. The workout includes some of the following exercises:

  • Reverse Lunges
  • Curtsy Lunges
  • Bouncing Squats

Best Exercises For Your Butt: Reverse Lunges

The #1 exercise for your butt is Reverse Lunges. Read more about why lunges are good for you here.

For Reverse Lunges, Bikini Model Vicky Justiz says:

Keep your back straight, abs tight. You should be going really low to make sure your butt does the work. You work your thighs and butt…Butt is engaged the whole time, its screaming. Just do as many reps as you like, or however many you need to. Then, do the same amount with the other leg. Don’t leg your knees go past your toes.


Best Exercises For Your Butt: Curtsy Lunges

The Butt Building workout uses an exercise called Step Under Squats. This exercise may look easy, but it’s important to have proper form. Bikini Model Vicky Justiz says that when doing Step Under Squats:

Another type of exercise I like to do is the curtsy lunge. This really targets your butt, especially the outer muscle. Keep squeezing your abs tight. Go as low as you can to work your butt. It’s really important to feel your butt working throughout the exercise.

By keeping your weight on your heels, you protect your knees, while isolating your butt. Try to go low. The lower you go, the better, until the point where your legs are parallel to the floor. To see the Curtsy Lunges in action as part of a workout, check out Vicky’s Butt Building Workout.

Best Exercises For Your Butt: Bouncing Squats


Another key exercise in the Butt Building workout is Reverse Lunges. Vicky calls them “Step Back Lunges.” Her advice for doing this exercise includes pressing off your front heel to avoid injury:

With feet hip width apart: Squat down then come back up. Go down, really bounce, come back up. Sit your butt back, so you feel it squeezing every single time every single rep…Back is straight. Abs are tight. Dropping it low. Feel the squeeze, come back up. Press up through your heels. Don’t let your weight drop forward.

All the best exercises try to do the same thing: isolate your butt so you can focus on toning your glutes. You can do these exercises at-home, or anywhere you want.

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