Become Beyonce With This Dance Workout

Become Beyonce with this dance workout. With this dance video workout, you may not even realize that moving to the beat is burning your body fat. Get your alter-ego Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez or Janet Jackson on, while burning calories at the same time. Becoming Beyonce, while working out, just got easier.

Whether your favorite song is Crazy in Love, Single Ladies, Halo, Partition or Drunk in Love, you can add dance moves from those songs to your workout. This is what inspired the “Become Beyonce Dance Workout.” A personal trainer found that working out is more fun when you can channel your favorite singer.


Candace Craig, a personal trainer at Club Life in Miami, created what she calls the “Vixen” workout. Utilizing top singer/dancer moves, the Vixen workout is a spin on traditional workouts. Vixen workout trainer Candace Craig says she has her clients channel Beyonce, or any other celebrity they want to channel.

She personally likes to channel Jennifer Lopez while working out. While doing so, you workout at the same time. Five minutes into the video, you’ll find the famous Beyonce Step. Doing your favorite singer’s moves is a fun way to workout. Plus, you get to burn those calories as you dance!

Beyonce Dance Workout

The Beyonce Dance Workout includes moves from famous singers, especially the ones you see in their music videos. Acting like your favorite singer or dancer, while working out, just became a lot easier with this video.


The faster you can move to the dance music, the more calories you can burn. Finding faster songs, while utilizing the moves in the dance video, will take your workout up a notch. Remember to keep the workout fun, but try pushing yourself with new moves and songs.

The Vixen workout is an example of how Candace Craig channels her favorite singers into dance workouts. The Vixen workout now has classes in Miami, Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, and other parts of Florida. Be careful with the Vixen workout, though. Before you know it, you may be ready to become one of Beyonce’s background dancers!

Become A Beyonce Background Dancer

How do you even become a background dancer? BuzzFeed shares how 2 background dancers got their start. They’ve worked with Britney Spears, Ke$ha and Katy Perry. Their dream is to one day become a background dancer for Beyonce.


Wondering how a Beyonce background dancer stays flawless on stage? Beyonce background dancer, Miss Ksyn, shares some of her secrets with NY Mag’s online blog, The Cut. She shares how they get ready for the shows.

Becoming a Beyonce dancer is tough. But with the dance workout above, you can do so in the comfort of your own home, or anywhere else you like. Channeling your favorite dancer provides you with workout motivation your unlikely to find elsewhere. So, imagine that you’re your favorite singer or dancer, and get moving!

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