Batman v Superman Ben Affleck Workout

Batman v Superman Ben Affleck Workout

The Batman v Superman Ben Affleck workout required two different routines. First, Affleck got big for his role with a muscle-building workout. Then, he used a fat-burning routine to get lean. To become Batman, Ben Affleck shaped his physique with a combination of these two different workout routines.

Batman vs Superman Dawn of Justice in Batmobile

In Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Ben Affleck shows off an awesome, new Batman suit. His goal was to also show off his muscles, underneath. He wanted to look bigger, going up against his new adversary. Superman, played by Henry Cavill from Man of Steel, was working out, as well. Ben Affleck worked with Bean Town trainer, Walter Norton Jr.

Batman v Superman Ben Affleck Workout

The fat-burning routine Ben Affleck used for Batman is featured below. To get in shape, Ben Affleck used the routine (below) during the 2 months prior to filming. The purpose of Ben Affleck’s cutting phase was to achieve a lean body. Maintaining muscle weight from his previous workout routine was important. Before losing weight, Ben Affleck’s Batman workout was all about muscle-building.

ben affleck batman suit at Comic ConBen Affleck knew burning fat is the key to looking ripped. If he didn’t cut down on body fat, getting ripped wouldn’t matter. Filming for Batman v Superman finished in December of 2014. The movie Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice premieres March 25, 2016.

Ben Affleck Batman v Superman Workout

Ben Affleck Batman v Superman Workout standoff

Ben Affleck used the Batman fat-burning workout 6-7 days a week. He would often use Sunday as a rest day. Other times, he would add extra cardio to his routine. The key, according to his trainer, is about how you feel. If your body needs rest, listen to it.

Monday Workout (Weights):

Clean 530 Superset #1
Squat55 1 min Superset #1
Seated DB Press3830 secsTwo-Handed
Deadlift351 min@75% of max
Box Step-up61030 secs10x per leg
Frog Hops4200 Superset #2
Bear Crawl440meach set Superset #2
Turkish Get-Ups32030 secs

batman v superman workout 2016 movie

Tuesday Workout (Cardio):

Tuesday is a pure cardio/abs day. Ben Affleck used these workouts to maintain a fat-burning metabolism. It consists of both:

Abs Workout:

Batman Superman Ben Affleck Workout PhotoWednesday Workout (Weights):

Cardio1 10 Min-Warm Up
Wall Squat2530 sec
Air Squat21030 sec
Goblet Squat251 min
Back Squats3Max Reps 60 secs90 sec135 lbs.
Deadlift3Max Reps 60 secs90 sec135 lbs.
Seated DB Press3Max Reps 60 secs90 sec2x 35 lb.
Biceps Curls312-15-Superset #1
Hammer Curls312-1560 secSuperset #2
Cardio110 Min-Cool Down

batman v superman workout routineThursday Workout (Cardio):

Thursday is another cardio/abs day. This consists of:

Abs Workout:

ben affleck as batman

Friday Workout (Power):

The Friday workout is a special power/endurance workout. The 5 “55” workout is where you do 55 reps of 5 different exercises in a circuit format. A “circuit” means you do one set of each exercise. Immediately, move onto the next one exercise.

When, you’re done with 1 set of each exercise, you’ve finished a circuit. The rep range goes down by one, each time a full circuit is finished. So, Ben Affleck would do 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 reps of each exercise.

Air Squat10BodyweightCircuit 1
Pushups10BodyweightCircuit 1
Walking Lunge10Bodyweight Circuit 1
Sit-Ups10Anchor FeetCircuit 1
KB Swings1044 lbs.Circuit 1
Bench Press10135 lbs.Circuit 2
Goblet Squat1053 lbs.Circuit 2
Pullup10BodyweightCircuit 2
Box Jump1024" boxCircuit 2
Deadlift10135 lbs.Circuit 2

So, do 10, then 9, then 8, then 7, etc. 6-5-4-3-2-1 reps of each, immediately moving onto the next exercise in the circuit. If needed rest up to 1 minute, after each circuit is complete. Also, take a minute of rest between “Circuit 1” and “Circuit 2.” You may find this useful when starting out. Ben Affleck’s trainers would skip most of the rest between sets. (As he increased his fitness levels)

Saturday Workout (Cardio):

Saturday is another cardio/recovery day. This consists of:

Batman v Superman Superheros staring at each other

Sunday Workout (Rest):

For Batman v Superman, Ben Affleck would often rest on Sunday. If his body felt like he needed rest, he would take it. When he really wanted to push it, he would do extra cardio. This would often consist of doing both:

Batman v Superman Workout Schedule

While filming Batman v Superman, Ben Affleck got in shape with personal trainer Walter Norton, Jr. During his transformation into Batman, Affleck had to work hard to get into true form. Ben Affleck’s superhero workout required a lot of heavy lifting. But, to achieve the right body, his schedule also used cardio and circuit training.

batman v superman dawn of justice

Ben Affleck As Batman

Here’s a recent trailer of Ben Affleck as Batman:

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Update: This workout is outdated. Please see the Ben Affleck Batman workout routine here.


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