Audrina Patridge Workout & Diet: Hills Star Body Box

audrina patridge body boxing with trainer

Audrina Patridge Workout

The Audrina Patridge workout combines cardio, boxing, Pilates and resistance training. The former “Hills” and “Dancing With The Stars” celebrity works out 5-6 times a week. She focuses on cardio boxing, body weight training, and Pilates three times week. Then, she spends the other two days doing strength training and working on her core.

audrina patridge workout routine

The key to Audrina Patridge’s workout is short intervals of cardiovascular intensity, layered with intervals of resistance training. This leads to the total muscle exhaustion needed to force your body to make changes. Also, her trainer her has taught her how to “Body Box.” This involves bouts of shadow boxing, followed by body weight training in rapid succession.

audrina patridge body boxing with trainer

Audrina Patridge Workout Routine

Audrina Patridge is constantly thinking about fitness. She says that by making it a part of her everyday life, it feels ‘normal’ to go to the gym. Her trainer, Jarett DelBene says:

We alternate rounds of boxing combinations that include punches and kicks with circuits of body weight–only strength moves. It’s high intensity, so you burn lots of calories while you’re firming up. And because the exercises don’t use any gear, Patridge can stick to them whether she’s on the road or at home.

The secrets to the Audrina Patridge workout plan include:

  • Focusing on Full body (multiple body parts), high intensity workouts.
  • 5-6 days a week of cardio, 3 hours of cardio total per week.
  • 2 days a week of strength training
  • 60% cardio, 40% weight training

audrina patridge workout

Each Body Boxing/Strength Training Workout includes the following routine:

  • Warm-up
  • Round #1 Body Boxing
  • Body Weight Strength Circuit
  • Round #2 Body Boxing
  • Body Weight Strength Circuit
  • Round #3 Body Boxing
  • Body Weight Strength Circuit

Monday Workout Routine = Body Boxing and Pilates