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The most famous athletes showcase their workouts for you. A list of fitness tips, articles, background stories and videos from your favorite athletes.

Odell Beckham One-Handed Catch

Odell Beckham Workout: One-Handed Catches

Odell Beckham's workout shows there's a lot of work behind his one-handed catches. As a wide receiver for the New York Giants, Odell Beckham...
Lardarius Webb Baltimore Ravens

Lardarius Webb Workout: Baltimore Ravens DB

Lardarius Webb's workout features footwork and strengthening exercises for his lower body. When not training with the Baltimore Ravens, the defensive back works with...
tj ward nfl football player Denver Broncos

TJ Ward Workout: Denver Broncos Safety

TJ Ward's workout uses 3 primary drills to improve his NFL game. As a safety with the Denver Broncos, TJ Ward says his most...
Patrick Chung Workout Patriots

Patrick Chung Workout: Patriots Safety

Patrick Chung's workout was shared with NFL media. He spoke about the top 3 drills he uses to be a shutdown safety for the...
Richard Sherman Workout Exercises

Richard Sherman Workout: Legion Of Boom

The Richard Sherman workout transforms him into the best defensive back he can be. The cornerback says there are three drills central to Legion...
Antonio Cromartie

Antonio Cromartie Workout

Antonio Cromartie's workout uses 3 football drills to make himself better. As a defensive back in the NFL, he has to work out hard...
Patrick Peterson NFL Defensive Back Training

Patrick Peterson Workout: Defensive Back Training

Patrick Peterson's workout centers on developing his footwork. Playing for the Arizona Cardinals, Patrick Peterson's playing style is all about wanting to dominate on...

Tyrann Mathieu Workout: Honey Badger Training

The Tyrann Mathieu workout shows what it takes to be known as the Honey Badger. Mathieu will show you some of the DB training...
Demarcus Ware Denver Broncos

DeMarcus Ware Workout: NFL Pass Rusher

DeMarcus Ware is the ultimate NFL Pass Rusher. His workout focuses on building a strong core. Doing so allows him to get by offensive...
30 Min Total Body Workout Woman Exercising

30 Min Total Body Workout: Two To Choose From!

For optimal health, a 30 Min Total Body workout is what you should aim for. Doing a cardio workout, at least five times a week, will help you get a better body. Using modifications, these workouts can be used as light cardio workouts for beginners
NFL Cheerleader Workout Legs

NFL Cheerleader Workout And Diet

The NFL Cheerleader workout and diet varies from team to team, but here is what some of them have to say. Shape Magazine interviewed...

Tom Brady Workout | NFL Quarterback Routine

The Tom Brady workout involves a myriad of personal trainers who help him in different ways. They include Gunnar Peterson, Alex Guerrero and Tom...

Russell Wilson Workout: NFL Quarterback

The Russell Wilson workout for an NFL quarterback was recently featured in Men's Health. The trainer that designed his NFL Quarterback workout, Todd Durkin C.S.C.S., also trains elite NFL quarterbacks like Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees. The Russell Wilson workout helped him gain 8 pounds in the spring before he won his first Superbowl (208 pounds up to 216 pounds).

Cam Newton Workout

The Cam Newton workout is aimed at strengthening the quarterback's core. This core workout was featured in Muscle & Fitness Magazine. They interviewed Cam's...

Vontaze Burfict Workout

The Vontaze Burfict workout is an NFL linebacker workout for the lower body. Burfict's workout was featured in Muscle & Fitness Magazine. They interviewed...