At-Home Cardio Workouts Day 5: 12 Mins of Cardio

At-Home Cardio Workouts Day 5 is here. At-home cardio workouts are a great way to stay in shape. Resistance training, while doing cardio, makes your workout much more effective. You’re now on Day 5, the last day, so give it your all. Today’s workout continues to work the legs and core.

Go for at least 1 round of 12 minutes. If you can do more, go for it! It also gives your arms and chest a boost at the end. If it is too hard to do any exercise with weights, that’s OK. Just don’t stop moving!

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At-Home Cardio Workouts

Before doing the at-home cardio workout Day 5, a good warmup helps. Warming up reduces your chance of injury, plus it gets your heart pumping, and the calories burning. It’s good to get your heart rate up before starting this workout. Here’s a Super-Easy Warm-up workout to get your heart rate going.

Cardio Workouts Day 5

Cardio Workouts Day 5 is a total body circuit. Each round lasts for 50 seconds, followed by 10 seconds of rest. Then, take one minute off in between rounds. Today’s workout requires a sandbag, or similar weighted object you can find around the house. It’s a six minute workout, that you do twice, to get to 12 mins. Adding resistance increases blood flow throughout your body, promotes natural HGH growth, and burns more calories.

At-Home Cardio Workouts: 12 Minute Cardio Day 5 Routine

  1. Jump Squats with an Obstacle
  2. One Leg Alternating Burpees
  3. Pulse Squats Close Base into Deep Squats Wide Base
  4. Fly PushUps
  5. Toe Touch Half Burpee
  6. Sand Bag Row to Reverse Pull Up

At-Home Cardio Workouts: 12 Minute Cardio Day 5 Descriptions

Jump Squats with an Obstacle

Start this exercise in standing position. Do five jump squats over a sandbag, or similar obstacle. Then do 10 more stationary jump squats, or however many you can do in the remaining time. Jump Squats will work the fast-twitch fibers in your glutes, hamstrings, and quads. This will tone your legs quickly.

One Leg Alternating Burpees

Start by doing a standard burpee. Then, do a motion similar to the last exercise, jump squats, but only use 1 leg. This will tend to get your legs burning and your metabolism raring to go. Fold your hands together, in front of you. Then, do a squat. Now, only go half-way up. Then, come back down and quickly repeat.

Pulse Squats Close Base into Deep Squats Wide Base

Pulse squats focus on fast-twitch movements. This is a variation of squats that gives them more of a cardio punch. The constant squat variations you do through these at-home cardio workouts will help make sure you don’t plateau. By doing the same, normal squats your body gets used to the workout. By constantly switching things up, your body continues to get more stronger.

Walkover Pushups

Sliding, or Walkover Pushups, require you to do walking push-ups. Here, just reach out as far as you can comfortably to your left or right. After reaching out in one direction, bring your other hand there. Put your hands in a diamond position, then do a standard pushup.

Toe Touch Half Burpee

Perform a half burpee, then touch your toes. This means you never have to stand up.  Just stay in push-up position for this lift. Then, touch your opposite hand to opposite toe. Switch hand and toes each rep. This will work your core, especially your lower abs and obliques.

Sand Bag Row to Reverse Pull Up

For this exercise, you can do either rows or pull ups. If you are doing rows, use a sandbag, or similar weighted object. Pull the object towards you, working your lats. If you do pull ups, use a dip bar or other stationary object. Again, focus on making sure your lats are doing the work.

At-Home Cardio Equipment: Get A Sandbag

For an at-home cardio workout, you need the proper equipment. Get a sandbag, like the Super Sandbag (from Amazon). If you don’t have access to a sandbag, try to find a suitable object around your house. If you can’t find anything, have Amazon ship a sandbag to your door. It’s worth it!

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