Ashley Greene Workout|For A Sleek and Toned Body

Ashley Greene Workout
The Ashley Greene workout combines circuit training and cardio to shape her body. Greene is famous for playing Alice Cullen in Twilight, and her newer movie roles in CBGB, Wish I Was Here, and Burying the Ex. With all her hard work, Ashley Greene maintains a sleek and toned body.
Ashley Greene Workout
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The Ashley Greene Workout is about hitting the gym hard 6 days a week for 2 hours. Greene does an hour of circuit training, usually followed by an hour of cardio.

Some days she will do other cardio, such as hiking or kickboxing. Ashley prefers to work out in the early evening. On occasion, though, she works out with her stylist Joseph Chase, at 8 am in the morning.

ashley greene workout body in formal attire
Ashley Greene in New York


Ashley Green now works with trainer Jason Walsh. Working out at his club, Rise Nation in L.A., Ashley Greene takes the popular VersaClimber cardio class. The class is popular in L.A., especially if you’re looking to tone your legs and arms. Ashley moved to L.A. to pursue her acting career at 17, and has been working hard ever since then.

Ashley Greene Workout Routine

The Ashley Greene workout routine is all about using supersets to work her core and lower body. Her trainer, Jason Walsh, makes sure she does so at a fat-burning, high pace. The workout routine focuses on keeping your heart rate high while lifting weights.

Ashley Greene with a friend

Instead of the typical workout where you lift weights, then take a break, trainer Jason Walsh keeps Ashley Greene constantly moving. He explains the workout routine by saying:

I limit the rest between exercises, so the strength moves double as cardio.

Ashley Greene’s personal trainer, Jason Walsh, shared one of her recent workout routines with Women’s Health Magazine (She was the cover of the November 2014 issue). Here is the Ashley Greene workout routine:

Circuit Workout Routine

Here is Ashley Greene’s circuit workout routine, which is central to her workouts with personal trainer Jason Walsh. Notice that you do all exercises in Superset #1, just one time through. Then, you repeat that superset two more times.

Ashley-Greene-Circuit-Workout-RoutineSuper-setting everything means your always moving to a different exercise. (Rest 1 minute after each superset if you really need to). Your heart should be pumping quickly, to take advantage of fat-burning while performing this circuit workout routine.

Cardio Warm Up15 minSlow, steady paceSuperset #1
Walking Lunges115-20 Reps (each leg)Superset #1
Jump Squats130 secs30 secs restSuperset #1
Pushups120 repsUse knees if have toSuperset #1
Ball Chest Throw120-30RepsSuperset #1
Repeat Superset #12More Times(Rest 1 min)
Squat To Press115 RepsSuperset #2
Bulgarian Split Squat110-15Reps (each leg)Superset #2
Lateral Lunges110-15Reps (each leg)Superset #2
Kettlebell Deadlift110-20RepsSuperset #2
Hanging Leg Raises110-20RepsSuperset #2
Side Plank130 secHold each sideSuperset #2
Repeat Superset#22More Times(Rest 1 min)

When you’re done with all three sets of Superset #1, you move onto the next circuit in the routine. Perform Superset #2 a total of three times through.

Cardio Workout Routine

Also, the Ashley Greene workout includes an an hour of cardio every day too stay fit. A cardio workout routine at Rise Fitness looks like this.  

Cardio Warmup5 minSlow, steady pace on any machine
Cardio15 minVersa Climber, Treadmill, Cycling, Rowing or Rock Climbing
Flow Yoga15 min(Optional)
Cardio15 minVersa Climber, Treadmill, Cycling, Rowing or Rock Climbing

The cardio workout routine involves a warmup, vigorous exercise, and sometimes flow yoga in the middle. Ashley Greene works out with trainer Jason Walsh at his L.A. studio, called Rise Nation.  


This is gym is famous for including VersaClimbers and Rock Walls in their cardio routines. Ashley’s personal trainer, Jason Walsh, explains the rise in popularity of the VersaClimber in his cardio class, saying:

You utilize your upper and lower body, and it’s non-momentum based, so you literally do all the work. There are so many moves you can do on the VersaClimber. We’re utilizing the beat of the music. The classes are really fun.

In January 2015, Ashley posted her 33 minute workout pic to Instagram, which shows she climbed 3661 feet.

So I guess this is my number to beat ????. @climbrisenation A photo posted by Ashley Greene (@ashleygreene) on

Ashley Greene Twilight Workout

The Ashley Greene Twilight workout involved a lot of circuit training and running. The actors would challenge each other to see who could do each exercise the best. Ashely Greene says:

I get bored easily doing the same repetitive things. We did circuit training at a gym while filming Twilight.

When they weren’t competing, Ashley Greene’s Twilight workout included cardio, weights and core moves. For her abs (obliques) and back, Ashley Greene says:

I did side planks for my obliques, which are one of my trouble areas. And traditional planks tone your back so you don’t have that little bit of fat hanging over your bra, ugh!

Ashley Greene performing a Side Plank for her Oakley Ambassador campaign:


Body Image

On body image, Ashley Greene prefers a strong, fit physique. Including lots of weights into her workout routine, Ashley admits she has the tendency to bulk up a bit. She prefers this type of strong & toned woman’s body, saying:

A lot of people like to be super tiny, but I don’t want a child’s body. I want a woman’s body that is extremely fit. It’s so much sexier!

Ashley Greene

Switching Things Up

Since switching things up is central to keeping Ashley Greene motivated, she does a lot of different sports. Greene told Women’s Health and Shape Magazines that her favorite activities include:

  • Running
  • Swimming
  • Kickboxing
  • Surfing
  • Pilates
  • Yoga

Of all these activities, Ashley likes to run and hike L.A.’s hills and canyons. She told Women’s Health she likes the outdoor nature of running because:

You put on your headphones and go off into your own little world. If you’re running outside, and have a beautiful view, you have this sense of being free.

Ashely Greene Twitter

 Ashley Greene 10K Mini Marathon

In June 2014, Ashley Greene participated in a 10K Mini Marathon. Although she admits she’s not much of a runner, preparing for a marathon inspired her to work hard every day. She did leg workouts to help strengthen her legs for the marathon.

My knees would always start to hurt when I’d start running, so I had to learn how to start using my glutes more.

Here’s a pic of Ashley Greene’s legs, as she was taking in her last day of living in New York.

ashley greene legs mini-marathon
Ashley Greene


Ashley Greene Workout Trainer

Ashley Greene’s workout trainers have changed a lot over the years. She says she used to workout with Tracy Anderson, and many other trainers in her trek between NY and LA.


Currently, she works out with Jason Walsh at Rise Nation. She likes that Walsh is always changing things up. Ashley Greene admits to getting bored of her workouts easily.

So, she prefers a workout trainer that is constantly adding new things to her workout. Switching it up is what helps Ashley Greene stay motivated to work out.

Ashley Greene Workout Videos

Here are some Ashley Greene workout videos:


Ashley Greene Workout Motivation

Ashley Greene’s workout motivation stems from always setting high goals for herself. When she became an Oakley Ambassador, she said:

I am my biggest competition because I am always trying to set a new goal, and always trying to reach it.

Another key, she says, is always having friends around you like to work out. She says working out with friends can really keep you motivated to get better. In a Women’s Health interview, Ashley says what to do if you don’t use a personal trainer:

If you’re not working out with a trainer, work out with a friend.

Ashley Greene


Having friends around you keeps you from listening to your mind’s own excuses to take a day (or two) off. Surround yourself with friends who like to work out. Ashley told Women’s Health:

I am lucky enough to have friends who are always [down for] different fun activities.

Her fitness philosophy also centers around changing things up. She is especially into kickboxing and hiking.

I do a lot of 4 or 5 mile hikes. I’m a big fan of the beach. My trainer kicks my butt every time I go in.

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Ashley Greene got into martial arts from a young age. She followed her older brother with whatever he did. So, she says:

When he [Ashley’s older brother] got into martial arts, I did too. And, I really loved it.

It’s very important to make diet and exercise a lifestyle choice. Ashley admits she has a competitive nature, which drives her:

The biggest thing that drives me to get after it is that I’m extremely competitive… My parents didn’t let us sit in front of the TV for hours. So, I grew up learning to love [being active].

Ashley Greene Workout Playlist

The Ashley Greene workout playlist also motivates her to work out. She says:

Music is a really powerful medium. If you listen to your favorite songs, it pumps you up and gets you in that mindset.

When Ashley Greene was asked about her workout playlist, she said it includes:

  • Beyonce
  • Macklemore (the song “Jimmy Iovine”)
  • Bruno Mars
  • Lady Gaga
  • Paramore
  • Eminem
  • Lil Wayne
  • Snoop Dog (song ft. David Guetta)

Although this playlist is a bit dated (because her interviews go back to 2010), Ashley Greene has one important piece of advice about any good playlist. Make sure your workout playlist motivates you to work out harder. It may give you–what looks like–some swagger, too.

Ashley Greene Twitter

For Ashely Greene, you know you have a good playlist when:

It’s like having a trainer yelling in your ear.

Ashley Greene Workout Sources / More Reading

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Ashley Greene Height & Weight

Ashley Greene’s height is 5’5″. She initially wanted to be a model, but was told she was too short to be one. So, she pursued acting instead. Later, she became an Oakley Brand Ambassador. Ashley Greene’s weight is 115 pounds.


Ashley Greene Workout Summary

Ashley Greene Workout Summary

  • The Ashley Greene Workout combines cardio & circuit training 2 hours a day, for 6 days a week.
  • By doing non-stop circuit training supersets, Ashley’s circuit training doubles as more cardio.
  • Ashley says that having a workout playlist that motivates you is like having “having a trainer in your ear.”
  • If you don’t use a trainer, make sure to enlist friends to help ensure your workout goals are achieved.
  • Prevent boredom by switching things up. Try a Kickboxing Workout Video Kickboxing Workout Routine, or get outdoors to embrace nature and try something new.


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