Arms of Steel | Superhero Inspired Bodyweight Workout

Arms of Steel Bodyweight Workout
The Arms of Steel Workout is a Superhero Inspired Bodyweight Workout. The goal of this arms workout is to help you get stronger arms by doing at least 3 rounds a day. Doing this, the Arms of Steel workout will help you quickly build stronger arms.

With this workout routine, the focus is on your biceps and triceps. You also work your shoulders, chest and abs. Getting Arms of Steel requires finding, and sticking to, a good workout. Since you can do it at-home, or anywhere you like, sticking to it is easier than other workouts.

Arms of Steel Workout

The Arms of Steel Workout is a part of the Bodyweight Workouts Section. Workout motivation is the key to sticking to your routine. Get proper motivation to do this workout, by thinking of how Superman looks, and know that you’re training like Superman by doing the workout.

Arms of Steel Bodyweight Workout

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For a beginner, do 3 rounds of this circuit workout. At intermediate fitness level, go for 5 rounds. If you’re advanced, do at least 7 rounds, and time yourself each time. Try to get better, by going faster, while maintaining proper form. The Arms of Steel Workout Routine uses:

  • 10 Push-ups
  • 20 Forward Punches
  • 10 Thigh Taps (Plank position)
  • 10 Shoulder Taps (Plank position)
  • 20 O/H Punches
  • 10 Tricep (Diamond) Push-ups
  • Rest after each set, or do Rotating Punches (Speed Bags)

More advanced: Do thigh tap pushups and shoulder tap pushups, instead of just doing the taps in plank position. For video instructions on how to do thigh taps pushups see here. For video instruction on how to do shoulder tap pushups, see the previous link.

Circuit Training

Circuit training means that you do each exercise for one set. Then, you can rest or move on to do the entire circuit again. Do one set of each exercise, then move onto the next exercise. Using your own bodyweight becomes harder the more circuits you do.

Beginners should rest for up to 2 minutes between each round. Reduce this amount of time to increase your fat-burning potential. You will find that shortening your rest periods turns this into a HIIT workout. HIIT workouts are the best way to burn fat. Increase the fat-burning aspect of circuit training by slowly minimizing the amount of rest between circuits.

  • Level I: Do 3 Circuits
  • Level II: 5 Circuits
  • Level III: 7 Circuits
  • Advanced Goal: 10+ Circuits

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