Aquaman Workout: How Jason Momoa Gets Ripped

Aquaman Face Jason Momoa

The Aquaman workout shows how Jason Momoa gets ripped. Jason Momoa uses the Gym Jones method to get in shape. Gerard Butler used the same workout for 300. Henry Cavill used the Gym Jones method for Superman. This is because all three actors have the same director/producer, Zack Snyder.

Aquaman Workout Jason Momoa Arms Holding StaffSnyder likes his superheroes working with Mark Twight using the Gym Jones method. At Twight’s gym, the focus centers on functional strength. This means doing the types of exercises that mimic what a superhero would do. If a superhero is going around saving people, then the workout needs to reflect that.

Aquaman Jason Momoa ChestMomoa stars as “Aquaman” in Batman v. Superman (2016)Justice League (2017) and the self-titled Aquaman movie (2018). Amber Heard co-stars as Mera. Jason Momoa talked about his fitness routine to Men’s Health saying:

You put on a lot of weight quickly. You also burn a lot of fat. Pick a heavy weight and it will get you shredded and build a lot of muscle.

Aquaman-Workout-Jason-Momoa-exercise-Man-Makers-for-lats-shoulders-and-coreJason Momoa needed to look like he had the strength of a superhero from Atlantis. Thus, The Aquaman workout had to include a lot of functional moves. Getting ready for Aquaman meant a fitness routine of at least 2 hours a day, 5-6 days per week.The actor’s attitude about this type of workout is summed up well by something Jason Momoa said on his Instagram:

Ready to crush it. Time to climb. Insane sessions Pushed to my limits and then there’s always more, Mahalo.  pushing & getting ready to bleed for your art.

Aquaman-Jason-Momoa-Arms-Lats-training-functional-strenghtJason Momoa mentions his trainer, Mark Twight, in an Instagram while doing ropes exercises. Twight is responsible for the hard bodies you see in 300, Batman v. Superman and Aquaman. Jason Momoa says:

Working my a$$ of with @wfmft crushing it on Saturday. Your an amazing artist teacher and dear friend. It’s been along fucking road I can see the end Thanks for pushing me and help putting humpty back together again

Aquaman Workout Jason Momoa Six-packIn Momoa’s Instagram, @WFMFT is Jason Momoa’s trainer (Mark Twight’s) Twitter handle. Momoa’s co-star was on the other end of this rope. On his Instagram, @Hotlantayoga, talks about their secrets to a good body. For the Justice League workout, they focused on working hard, resting and repeating. He talks about it, and working out with Momoa, saying:

I’m here to give you the magic formula. Slay the monster. Rest. Repeat. Hahahahaa!! No shortcuts! So much work but the results are worth it. Thanks J for the opportunity, it’s my honor to be at the other end of the rope.

Jason Momoa’s character is half-human, half-supernatural. Playing the role of Arthur Curry, his dad is a human and his mom is the Atlantean Queen, Atlanna. This is from whom Aquaman gets his abilty to breath under water, as well as, supernatural strength, agility and speed. He used the Gym Jones method, with trainer Mark Twight, to get in functional shape.

Jason Momoa and his Trainer Mark Twight

Jason Momoa Body Six-pack Abs

The Aquaman Workout shows Jason Momoa doing shoulder work to build up his physique.

Jason Momoa Arms

Jason Momoa build his arms for Aquaman by doing a lot of rock climbing. He supplemented all this climbing with exercises in the gym to build his arms. He didn’t really focus on arms exclusively. Rather, he used total body moves that incorporated his arms into the routine.

Jason Momoa Chest flexing in Gym with his Wife Showing Off His ArmsRock Climing is Jason Momoa’s favorite exercise. Here’s a video Momoa posted–while climbing–to Instagram in 2016.

A video posted by Jason Momoa (@prideofgypsies) on

Jason Momoa Back Exercises for Aquaman

Jason Momoa had to strengthen his back, not only for Aquaman, but to be able to do all the rock climbing he was doing for cardio. To do so, he did several exercises with his trainer Mark Twight. Here is Jason Momoa’s Instagram showing his trainer doing the weighted front-handed pullups.

Here is Jason Momoa doing the same exercise (via his Instagram):

To supplement his rock climbing workouts, Jason Momoa would also do one-handed overhead pulldowns. He would try to do as many as he can with one arm, then switch to the other. This is the Gym Jones method. You try to reach exhaustion as much as you can. This ensures you’re working out as hard as you possibly can.


Also, this shows how Jason Momoa’s workout is considered a functional workout. His one-handed overhead pulldowns mimic rock climbing. By strengthening himself in the gym, he’s able to perform better outside, on the mountain. Here is Jason Momoa’s Instagram showing his one-handed overhead pulldown back exercise:

A video posted by Jason Momoa (@prideofgypsies) on

Here’s a pic from Momoa’s Instagram showing him doing “Front Levers” exercise:


Jason Momoa Abs/Core Exercises for Aquaman

Jason Momoa doesn’t do a lot of exercises that focus specifically on his abs/core.

Jason Momoa Abs Aquaman WorkoutInstead, he uses a lot of total body movements. These exercises utilize the functional strength he needs to play Aquaman. After all, Momoa knows burning fat is key to a great six-pack.

Aquaman’s trainer Mark Twight likes to talk about will. His workouts are just as much mental, as they are physical. Here’s a full video that strings together all of Jason Momoa’s workouts for Aquaman.

Jason Momoa Aquaman Workout Routine

Jason Momoa’s workout routine featured some crazy rep counts. Here, Momoa cries about having to do 10 reps, then 9, then 8 reps…all the way down to 1. Then…1 rep, 2 reps, 3 reps…all the way back up to 10.

Jason Momoa Gym Jones Workout Routine For Aquaman

When asked about his Aquaman workout routine, Jason Momoa says:

You’ve got to have it both ways. Balance. I’m an early riser, I work out really hard. I push myself, and I get the job done. Then, at the end of the day, there’s a Guinness waiting for me.

Henry-Cavill-Jason-Momoa-Justice-League-Superman-AquamanMuch like The Rock, Superman and many other superheros, Jason Momoa is an early riser. He goes on to explain how his workout routine while filming was even extra-grueling:

Doing Conan, those were 15-hour days. You’re doing stunts all day long. And, you have to wake up at 5 AM, just to lift before filming. Same thing with Justice league. people think it’s easy.

Aquaman Jason Momoa Arms Guitar

Jason Momoa Diet

Jason Momoa Diet for AquamanJason Momoa’s diet for Aquaman is the standard superhero diet, with a twist. It consisted of eating a lot lean proteins and leafy green vegetables. The difference is simply that Momoa cannot live without Guinness. When asked about his diet for Aquaman, Momoa says:

Steady diet. Lots of meat veggies and Guinness Just a little. You need iron to lift steel. Right???

Jason Momoa, and his wife Lisa Bonet, focus on eating healthy when they’re together. When apart, she says it’s harder to keep him focused. But, when Momoa has a big movie coming up like Justice League or Aquaman, that’s all the motivation he needs.

Jason Momoa Diet Quote For Aquaman GuinnessWhen USA Today interviewed him about his workout and diet for Aquaman, Jason Momoa says all he needed to do was:

Just eat my meat, drink my Guinness and lift some heavy weights. Train hard, train hard, train hard.

When pressed to see if he really drinks while getting in shape he told Men’s Health:

Eat as much lean meat and green veggies as I can, and save the calories for Guinness.

Jason-Momoa-Diet-for-Aquaman-Fresh-FishWhen asked about his favorite lean meat, Jason Momoa says he opts for eating ocean fish. Especially when he can catch it himself! Momoa says his favorite is:

Pure and Fresh Aku.

When he’s doing 2-hour workouts in the gym, plus rock climbing for just as long, Momoa must add extra calories in his diet. Training for Aquaman was fun, yet grueling. His diet was a method not only to gain muscle, but to replenish energy for the next workout.

Aquaman showing off his favorite lean protein & workout food:

Dried Aku Aquaman favorite food dietGetting in Shape for Conan

Back when he was filming for Conan, his trainer said the greatest obstacle was “getting 25 pounds of muscle on a guy with such an athletic frame.” To get in shape for Conan, Momoa says he had to eat a lot of chicken and vegetables. At the time, Momoa spoke to Ask Men, saying:

I’d eat a chicken breast and hit the weights for 1 to 2 hours. I’d also eat peanut butter and honey if I needed the energy. After lifting, it was another chicken breast. That was all before doing 2 hours of cardio and stunt training.

Aquaman Diet

Even though he was working out on all cylinders and eating a lot of protein, Momoa says you have to find the perfect balance. For Momoa, the Aquaman diet meant working hard but also getting to play hard.

We did that six days a week. It was hardcore, and I would push myself to the absolute limit. But, it was so that I could cheat a little at the end of the day.

Asked about his goals for Aquaman, Jason Momoa says in a Ask Men interview:

I’ve got to get really shredded. I can’t drink as much beer as I normally would like to! For Game of Thrones, Kahl Drogo was great. All I did was lift, eat pizza and drink Guinness. Now, I have to watch my girlish figure.

So, he definitely had to cut back for Aquaman. Yet, he did drink Guinness as seen in (Jason Momoa) Instagram photos throughout 2016-2017.

Jason Momoa Aquaman Body

Jason Momoa showing off his sense of humor about how he looks different from the original Aquaman.


Jason Momoa Height & Weight

Jason Momoa’s Height is 6’4″, and his weight is 214 lbs. For Conan, he was able to get up to 235 pounds. Momoa looks to have gotten even bigger for Aquaman with his workout, but no data has been given.  He is 37 years old, and of Hawaiian / Polynesian background. Jason Momoa’s married to Lisa Bonet (2007), and they share 2 kids.



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