Adele Fitness Woes: Something We Can Relate To

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Adele’s latest fitness woes are something we can all relate to. Adele recently shared a photo, showing how hard of a time she was having while working out. Just like the rest of us, the #1 hit singer showcases a harsh reality: Getting in shape isn’t easy.

Based on Adele’s 2016 photo, she’s in desperate need of some workout motivation. Starting a New Year’s Resolution is the most popular reason to get back in the gym. But, this strategy seldom works in the long run. You need to find something that truly motivates you. Adele entitled this Instagram picture:

Adele Fitness Woes At The Gym. She's in need of some workout motivation.

Getting Ready…

Workout Motivation: Trick Your Brain

There’s often a mental hurdle we have to overcome in order to work out. We have to trick our brains into working out. Your brain’s (DNA) has deviously spent thousands of years looking for the easiest way to get something done. It’s always looks for the easiest way out of a situation.

Your brain has an uncanny ability to convince you to take the easiest way out. It will always bring you to the couch  So, workout motivation is needed to combat this. You need to find a reason to get off the couch. It will help you to stick to your routine in the long run. Here are some proven strategies for tricking your brain into working out.

Adele’s Fitness Needs | Workout Motivation

When it comes to going to the gym, we all need some workout motivation. So, lets find some workout motivation for Adele’s fitness needs. These affirmations help overcome any mental hurdles you may have.

commitment workout motivation for Adele

umph workout motivation try and triumph

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Everyday Ways To Work Out Find Your MotivationWhen it comes to going to the gym, we all need workout motivation. Find Your Mantra. Empower Yourself By Sticking To Your Routine.

5 Minute Rule

The “5 Minute Rule” is one of the easiest methods. It involves tricking the brain into thinking there’s only going to be minimal effort. You tell yourself:

I’m only gonna work out for 5 minutes.

When it comes to the 5 minute mark, you’ll likely be motivated to continue. It’s always the initial push (“getting there”) that’s really tough. You have to just get yourself to the gym. Once you’re there, have the mindset to just go for 5 minutes. Most likely, you’ll find it isn’t so bad. If everything seems a “go,” continue exercising for a longer period of time! The “5 Minute Rule” works for diet & weight loss motivation, too:

Reward Yourself

Reward yourself after your workout. The more positives you associate with  your routine, the more you’ll want to exercise. It’s important to eat a good meal after every workout. This is the time your body is primed for fuel. If you’re going to eat something sweet, post-workout is the best time to do so.

Studies have shown your body is much less likely to store fat right after a workout. Instead, your body converts glucose into replenishing fuel. Whether you eat something sweet, or not, there are plenty of reasons to exercise.

50 Reasons To Exercise List of Reasons

If Adele Goes To The Gym, So Can You. You Just Need To Find The Right Workout Motivation. Don’t Let Your Brain Trick You. Find Lasting Inspiration, and Get In There!

Adele Face Close-Up WIth Makeup