7 Min Light Cardio Workout

light cardio workout

7 Min Light Cardio Workout

The 7 Min Light Cardio Workout is designed as a warm-up, or for beginners. It is easier than most workouts because you only go for 20 seconds.  Then, you get to rest for 10 seconds. Repeat 3 times through.

As a cardio workout with lots of calisthenics, you will be mostly working your legs in this workout. Especially, your glutes, hamstrings, quads, and calves. Although this is a light cardio workout, you can perform it faster and faster, to turn your body into a lean, mean, fat-burning machine!

light cardio workout

If you find it too easy, then focus on your movements. The higher you lift your knees and arms, the more fat burning you will do during the workout. On jumps, the further you jump the harder the workout becomes. Increasing your arm movements, and focusing on quick movements will burn more calories. Also you can jump up to 30 seconds of activity, or jog briskly instead of resting between sets.

1) Knee Touch x4 + Bum Kick x4

2) Jump Over

3) Heel Kick x4 + Step Back x 4

4) Prisoner Squat Jumps or Jumping Jacks

5) Scissors

Push to do 3 rounds. This light cardio workout is fat burning and lean muscle building.

Calisthenics, or body weight exercises, are great fat burning workouts. There is no clunky equipment, and no expensive gym membership.
Calisthenics also make an unexpected fat burner. The speed and intensity with which you perform each move transforms the exercises from a light cardio workout into calorie torching super maneuvers.

This light cardio workout is also good because it uses exercises that incorporate large muscle groups. You are swinging your arms constantly, while engaging your legs and core. The more you engage your entire body, the more intense you workout.

Full body, cardio workouts are proven to be one of the most effective ways to burn unwanted body fat. As a light cardio workout, there will be periods of  light cardio mixed in with periods of high intensity cardio. The better you get, the more you should increase those long bouts of intense cardio. Focus on your movements, make them longer for a fuller effect.

The harder you workout, the more you are leading yourself towards an all out fat burning attack.

Popular uses for the Light Cardio Workout:

  • light aerobic exercise
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