30 Min Total Body Workout: Two To Choose From!

For optimal health, a 30 Min Total Body workout is what you should aim for. Doing a cardio workout, at least five times a week, will help you get a better body. Using modifications, these workouts can be used as light cardio workouts for beginners. Try alternating these workouts to stay motivated, have fun and challenge your body.

30 Min Total Body Workout Woman ExercisingGoing at high-intensity, total body workouts make great fat-burning routines. Total body workouts usher you towards optimal health! Here are two, 30 Min Total Body Workouts to choose from.

30 Min Total Body Nike Workout

The first is a 30 minute Total Body Workout is led by Nike instructor Marie Purvis. A top female athlete and Nike Master Trainer Marie Purvis shows you her 30-minute cardio workout. Purvis shows you modifications of each exercise for beginners.

Her total body workout combines running, plyometrics, and cardio exercises into a 30 minute workout. Called Nike’s “Trainer-in-your-pocket,” here is the 30 Min Marie Purvis workout.

The first 30 min total body workout starts with a 4 minute warm up. It includes some stretching. The 30 min total body workout includes:

For the “Traveling Forward” exercise, Marie Purvis says:

Walk your hands out, do a pushup, then walk your hands back. Keep those legs straight!

When doing Side Lunges, the instructor explains:

Focus on keeping one leg extended, while the other one bends.

For the Ski Jumps, Marie Purvis says:

An athletic movement, you’re trying to go for distance.

Talking about modifications for “Tricep Pushups,” Marie Purvis says:

If you can do tricep pushups on your toes, do so. Otherwise, drop down to your knees to do them.

30 Min Total Body CafeMom Workout

The CafeMom workout is a 30 min total body workout. If the routine gets too tough, just take a break. Or, run in place until you’ve got your breath. Look for modifications (the blonde in back is doing easier versions) as you need them.

This total body workout for women focuses on HIIT training. HIIT (high-intensity interval training) workouts help to burn fat, even after you’re done with the workout. HIIT workouts boost your metabolism, keep you heart healthy and regulate hormones.

Like the first workout, this workout starts with a warm up. Then, it quickly moves into the actual training. This 30 min workout includes:

30 Min Total Body CafeMom Workout for Women
Take A Break When You Need It

The CafeMom trainer motivates her participants by admitting:

You can’t lose body fat around your belly without moving. Lying down is not going to make it happen. You gotta get up and move.

For the Mountain Climbers, remember to:

Bring each knee forward, up towards your nose.

Note, that you should work both sides of your body. Don’t just do punches with one side. You’ll likely want to use your dominant arm. But, it will help your body to work both sides.

For the Uppercut Punches, she says:

Use your back muscles and your waist. Feel it come from your heels, and out through your center.

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