15 Minute Abs Workout : Vicky Justiz

This 15 Minute Abs Workout shows you how to quickly work your abs. Bikini Fitness Model Vicky Justiz shows you how to get sexy abs in 15 minutes. Throughout the workout video, Vicky Justiz focuses on really squeezing her abs. Squeezing the body part you want to tone makes sure that you’re training the right area.


Squeezing your abs is the secret behind getting sexy abs fast. It allows you to be efficient, by focusing on the right body part. It’s easy to do an abs workout where you use your bodyweight to do most of the action. Instead, you want to focus on squeezing your abs. This will tone the right area:

By focusing on your abs, and squeezing at the top of the motion, you guarantee you’re working the right part of your body. In time, this will really show.

Since 15 minutes to do abs is a short time, you must focus on squeezing to get the job done. If you don’t squeeze the area you’re working, it’s likely to be a less effective abs workout.

15 Minute Abs Workout Routine


The 15 Minute abs workout routine in table format:

Crunches AMAYCFocus on Abs
Side CrunchesAMAYCDo Each Side
Flat CrunchesAMAYCWorks Obliques
Side CrunchesAMAYCKeep Back on Floor
Crunch n' SqueezeAMAYCFocus on Squeezing at Top
CrunchesAMAYCLegs in "V"
Flat CrunchesAMAYCLegs Flat
Crunch Up TouchesAMAYCTouch Your Ankles
Side CrunchesAMAYCDo Each Side
Crunch n' SqueezeAMAYCReally Squeeze
CrunchesAMAYCGo all out, Arms out

As people are at different fitness levels, Bikini Fitness Model Vicky Justiz doesn’t have a set amount of reps. Instead, AMAYC = As Many As You Can

Here’s the 15 minute abs workout routine list. Make sure to focus on squeezing your abs each time. This helps make sure you’re working your abs, not your body’s momentum, neck or other body parts.

  • Crunches
  • Side Crunches
  • Flat Crunches
  • Side Crunches
  • Crunch n’ Squeeze
  • Crunches
  • Flat Crunches
  • Crunch Up Touches
  • Side Crunches
  • Crunch n’ Squeeze
  • Crunches (you’re almost done, go all out!)

Vicky alternates the last two abs exercises. First, she focuses on the squeeze at the top. Then, she extends her range of motion with arms out. Go back and forth when you feel your abs burning, but don’t stop.

Squeezing the abs makes sure they are getting the most benefit from the workout. Extending your arms slightly changes the exercise to work the upper abs and lower abs a bit more. The Flat Crunches work your obliques, the lower abs, more.

15 Minute Abs Workout Descriptions

Here are some 15 minute abs workout descriptions/explanations from the actress in this video, Bikini Fitness Model Vicky Justiz. Read Vicky’s descriptions and study the pictures for 15 Minute Abs form.


For Crunches, Vicky says:

Breathe, focus on using your abs. Make sure you squeeze as you come up to the top. Do as may as you can without stopping.


Side Crunches


For Side Crunches, Vicky says:

Make sure your upper back is laying on the ground. Squeeze your abs to go up…Go slow, squeeze, and back down.


Flat Crunches

For Flat Crunches, you keep your legs on the ground flat. You can widen them to give yourself an easier exercise. Keep them Shoulder width to make it more challenging, and really work your obliques. This differs from the other crunches only in that your legs are flat. Vicky says:

Now, we’re going to do more crunches, but keep your legs on the ground.


Crunches n’ Squeeze

For the Crunches n’ Squeeze, you go back to doing crunches the way you started. Your legs are back in a standard “V” position. Vicky knows this is a hard motion, so she says:

When you’ve done as many as you can, with the squeeze, go back to normal crunches.


Crunch Ups Touches

For Crunch Ups Touches, Vicky says:

Bend your legs in your crunch with your arms out, you’re gonna try to touch your heels. So, Crunch up and back down. Try and touch your ankles. So, touch, squeeze for a second, and back down. Keep your head up. Really squeeze your abs.


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