10 Minute Trainer Workout: Get In Shape Fast

10 minute trainer tony horton workout

10 Minute Trainer Workout

The 10 Minute Trainer Workout gets you in shape in as little as 10 minutes a day. The exercises are so effective, it takes only 10 minutes a day. There are several 10 Minute Trainer workouts to choose from, each will help get you into shape. The workouts all have a specific function.

The 10-Minute Trainer Workout will:

  • Get you the body you want in as little as 10 minutes a day.
  • Build muscle, lose weight, burn fat in no time!
  • Lose fat even faster by adding the resistance band and cardio belt, free with the program.
  • 10-Minute Trainer was made to help people get better results in less time.

Get in shape by working out for just 10 minute a day. Find the 10 Minute Trainer DVD Workout (on Amazon).

10 Minute Trainer DVDs

DVD 1: Yoga


The Yoga workout focuses on strength, and giving your entire body energy, flexibility, and strength.


DVD 2: Cardio

Burn Fat

The cardio workout burns fat fast. Powerful movements designed to get your body’s fat-burning furnace going.


DVD 3: Total Body


Total Body has you do 10 exercises in 10 minutes. The key is that each exercise works multiple muscles.


DVD 4: Lower Body

Leg Strength

Time to whip your legs into shape, with the resistance band that comes with 10 Minute Trainer.


DVD 5: Abs


Work your abs with Tony Horton’s super-charged routine. He will have your core shredded fast.


Other workout programs often require you to do long programs. But, the 10 Minute Trainer gets down to business fast.

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10 Minute Trainer: What is it?

10-Minute Trainer is a time-saving fitness program that lets you build a lean, toned body in as little as 10 minutes a day. Tony Horton’s super-efficient workouts combine full-body sculpting with fat-burning cardio so not a second is wasted. You can lose weight, get fit, and still have plenty of time left over for the rest of life’s demands.

10 Minute Trainer: Real Results

10 Minute Trainer Produces Real Results:




10 Minute Trainer: Why is it so effective?

Tony Horton’s Super Stacking Technique focuses on a total body workout. Multitasking your muscles, you get a lot more done in a short amount of time. Many workouts start with cardio, and then working different body parts one at a time.

10 Minute Trainer does is so effective because you do everything at once. This includes:

  1. Fat Burning Cardio
  2. Total Body Toning with Resistance Bands
  3. Core Flattening Ab Work

10 Minute Trainer FAQ

“How Does 10 Minute Trainer Work?”

By stacking multiple muscle groups together, you can get a lot done in 10 minutes. If you have time, you can keep doing more by combining multiple, 10 Minute workouts. It’s so much easier to motivate yourself by telling yourself you’re only going to do 10 minutes. Often, you’ll find that once you’re 10 minutes into a workout, you want to go further.

You can do one 10 minute workout each day, or combine two or three workouts for faster results. And you’ll also get a nutrition plan with quick, simple-to-prepare meals that make fat loss even easier.

“Who is Celebrity Trainer Tony Horton?”

Celebrity trainer Tony Horton, known as the “Master of Motivation,” has helped celebrities, professional athletes, and everyday people get in shape. Changing people’s bodies for 20 years, he has adapted the secrets of fitness professionals into exercises anyone can do.

As a master instructor and motivator, Tony Horton demonstrate exactly what to do during each workout and keep you inspired so you’ll want to work out every day. Celebrity trainer Tony Horton is with you every step of the way.

“How Was 10 Minute Trainer Developed?”

Tony Horton is famous for the P90X set of workouts. He took the best from that workout, and turned it into short bursts of 10 Minute workouts.

To get a lean, defined body, Tony Horton simply does these workouts to transform his body. He took this knowledge out of the gym, where he trained with top bodybuilders, and developed it into the nation’s top-selling home fitness program.

“Who was this workout designed for?”

10 Minute Trainer was designed for:

  • Busy people who don’t have a lot of time to workout.
  • People who are looking for extra motivation to get fit.
  • Those people who are interested in losing weight and toning muscles at the same time.
  • People who don’t want to buy a lot of fancy equipment
  • Those are looking for an exciting at-home workout.

“What workouts come with 10 Minute Trainer?

The 10 Minute Trainer Workout includes these 5 workouts:

  • Cardio Workout
  • Lower Body Workout
  • Yoga Flex Workout
  • Total Body Workout
  • Abs Workout


“How Does 10 Minute Trainer Saves You Time?”
The 10 Minute Trainer saves you time by getting your workout done fast. If you want to do more than one workout, you can. But if you only got 10 minutes, you can be assured it’s going to be an intense 10 minutes.

10 Minute Trainer Workout Extras

The 10 Minute Trainer workout includes these extras/bonus workouts:

  • Pro-Grade Resistance Band
  • Customized Workout Calendar
  • Rapid Results Guidebook
  • 10 Minute Recipe Guide
  • Accelerated Results Calendar
  • Additional “Rapid-Fire” Workouts for faster results
  • “Fountain of Youth” Yoga workout
  • 24/7 Online Support
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee


Why 10 Minute Trainer Workout?

10 Minute Trainer gets you in shape fast, and with minimal time required. Other fitness programs require lengthy exercise sessions to see results. But with its incredibly efficient workout routines, 10 Minute Trainer can transform your body in as little as 10 minutes per day.

Requiring only just 10 minutes a day, there’s no excuse for not losing weight and getting fit. Tony Horton has used the 10 Minute Trainer to get athletes, celebrities, and everyday folks into shape. The he 10-Minute Trainer routine combines moves from resistance training, cardio, and yoga. Each 10-minute routine works several areas of the body at once.

Do You Have 10 Minutes A Day? Get In Shape Fast!

Get in shape by working out only 10 minute a day. Find the 10 Minute Trainer DVD Workout (on Amazon).

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