Megan Fox Workout Diet: 5-Factor Workout Key To Success

Megan Fox Workout

The Megan Fox Workout got her body super slim right after giving birth to her first son, Noah, on September 27, 2012. She was inspired by Harley Pasternack’s 5-Factor workout. To get in shape after having her first baby, Megan Fox worked out with Harley Pasternack 5 times per week. She lost the baby weight by doing the 5-Factor workouts and 5-Factor diet.

megan fox workout

Celebrity Trainer Harley Pasternack

The Megan Fox diet plan involves eating simple recipes with 5 ingredients that take 5 minutes to make. Along with her diet, the 5-Factor workouts were the key to her success. Her trainer, Harley Pasternack is co-host of the new TV show, The Revolution. Pasternack preaches about his 5-Factor workout, where you only need to do 5 simple circuits a day. Harley Pasternack says each circuit takes about 5 minutes (your cardio sessions can go longer if you wish):

harley pasternak celebrity trainer

We do 20 repetitions of each upper body, lower body, and abs and cycle through those three exercises non-stop, repeating that circuit four times. Each day of the week she would come in and we’d do different body parts.

The Megan Fox workout succeeds in its simplicity. You only have to do a few minutes of cardio, followed by a few targeted body exercises. These exercises vary by body part, so that some muscles are being used while others are resting. Quickly varying what body part you work, minimizing rest between sets, and doing cardio (before and after) are the keys. These keys help to make the Megan Fox workout short, but very successful.

Here’s the breakdown, followed by Megan Fox’s workout routine:

  • 5-Factor Megan Fox workout:
  • After doing the 5-10 minute Cardio Warm Up, do each circuit, repeating 3 more times.
  • Upper Body Circuit-(4 sets of 20 reps with no rest between sets).
  • Lower Body Circuit– (4 sets of 20 reps with no rest between sets).
  • Core Set– (4 sets of 2o reps with no rest between sets.)
  • Cardio Cool Down (5 mins)

Megan Fox Workout Monday Routine

Here’s the Megan Fox Monday workout routine. Do each exercise listed in the table for (4 sets of x 20 reps).

Monday Workout:
  1. Choose from: Running/ Jogging in place /Side Shuffles / Grapevines / Backwards running / Treadmill / Elliptical / Stair Jumps / Hill Climbing (5 min)
Cardio Warm Up15 mins0 secs
Dumbbell Bench Press4200 secsDo each exercise inCircuit #1
Seated Shoulder Press4200 secsthe circuit once,Circuit #1
Bicep curls into O/H press42060 secsthen repeat eachCircuit #1
Dumbbell Tap Squats4200 secsexercise 3 more timesCircuit #2
Jump squats42060 secsto reach 4 total setsCircuit #2
Upper Body Crunches4200 secsThen, proceed to thisCircuit #3
Mountain climbers42060 secsabs circuitCircuit #3
Cardio Cool Down15-30min0 secsGo between 5-30 mins

megan fox pregnant

Harley Pasternack designed the Megan Fox workout. There were things he had to do to keep her pregnant body safe during exercise, but he used the same exercises that any of his clients would use:

We used the exact same exercises as we did pre-baby. We just focused more on the process and adjusted our program to suit her specific needs and limitations. We tried to have her do minimal impact. Post-baby, there shouldn’t be a lot of jumping up and down.

(Megan Fox worked her way up to these repetitions, you may have to start by doing less repetitions)

Megan Fox Workout Tuesday Routine

Here’s the Megan Fox Tuesday workout routine. Do each exercise listed in the table for (4 sets of x 20 reps).

Tuesday Workout:
Cardio Warm Up15 mins0 secs
Dumbbell Chest Fly4200 secsDo each exercise inCircuit #1
Single-Arm Dumbbell Rows4200 secsthe circuit once,Circuit #1
Triceps Extensions42060 secsthen repeat eachCircuit #1
DB Stiff-Legged Deadlift4200 secsexercise 3 more timesCircuit #2
Skater's Lunges42060 secsto reach 4 total setsCircuit #2
Forearm Plank4200 secsThen, proceed to thisCircuit #3
Side-Plank with Pulse42060 secsabs circuitCircuit #3
Cardio Cool Down15-30min0 secsAs much as you can

megan fox obliques

The key is that you work all sides of your muscles. You could do crunches all day, but you won’t see results if you don’t work the sides as well. This is why the Megan Fox workout uses Tuesdays to focus on her back and obliques.

The workouts we did are like all of my other Five Factor workouts. They are five phases: a minimum of five minute cardio warm-up, a lower body sculpting exercise, an upper body toning exercise, and finally, a five minute cool down.

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